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All the contents of this blog is written only in this blog. Images and graphics are properly credited, and some are owned and self-made by the blogger herself. All posts are 100% original and are not copied, therefore only I, the blogger of this blog have the right to repost it in any other website. I also have the right to put in my post anything I want to share to my readers and visitors.

This blog is a personal blog and at the same time, a commercial blog as well. Advertisements are wholly accepted as long as it does not have anything to do with adult or pornographic websites. However, products of advertisers that caused you trouble is not under my responsibility – for I only share what I know and who wants to be advertised in this blog, it is upon you to decide for yourself and to be careful whenever buying this or trying things out. In such cases though, I will try to help you contact the advertiser to fix any misunderstandings or problems.

Any violent reactions on blog posts or grammatical errors should be corrected through contacting the author through instead of posting through comments.

All posts were made with all respect, with all my heart and with effort.