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The Truth

The truth is I think I'm tired of doing this, I mean all the blogging stuff. Haha! I don't know, maybe I should take some break :) Google already started it after all, it's time to 'chillax' and have fun with my gadgets <3 I wish I will still be able to get a new laptop though.

As for this blog, this will be perhaps, my last post. It's full of spam lolx. I really do wish Blogger visioned this coming and implemented an Akismet type of plugin or maybe I'm just lazy to research.

Ah, don't worry, I'll stop blogging on my blogs (sort of) but still try on other blogs, lightly. Not the too much posts kind.

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So many spams~

Blogger should have an Akismet plug in. I've been getting spam email saying I've got spam comments from this blog. I haven't posted because..

I don't want to explain this all over again. Today is father's day. Well happy dad's day to yours! To mine, I don't know. I don't want to care for irresponsible people who doesn't care about their family :P

And that is all!

I was pretty sure that shouldn't have been fixed because now, you're EVIL again :)

Good grief.

Blogging more often, yes?

No. Actually, I'm making scheduled posts just so I can keep this blog alive. Also, my alexa rank for this blog needs to improve. I can't afford getting another advertisement placement on Adgitize so for now I will just post here 4x a week or so. I hope I do survive.

I do miss the old times. I don't have anything much to post with the fact I'm just at home. As much as I want to go out my sidekick is not available lols. I wish his summer job would end already /tears.

It gets boring here and it's like the same thing every day except the date. Wake up late, sleep late, wake up late, go online, blah.

Today is our monthsary, lol~