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nakakainis pala eh!

kailangan ba talga nun. mahal mo nga kinaiinisan mo naman! edi sana dmu nlng cnbing mhal mo db? kalokohan! mhal mo nga dmu nmn lam qng kelan ngsbbi xeo ng 22o, at ang dmi mong ineexpect sknya at gusto.. bat dmu nlng xa mhalin bilang xa? tnggpin ang mga dgs2 sknya at mgng msya ka n bnbgo nya un pra sau! tma ka! nakakainisaq! sna dmu nlng aq mnhal qng gnyan lng.. qng mssktan lng dn aq. slmat nlng! ;[ *umiiyak!*

The Little Lady

i am happily (think so) taken by Christian. Green lover, pink lover, rainbow lover, photoshop addict gal just like the other people around you may know. But i'm quite different, know why? Cuz I just am. Hahah I also love music, and i also love writing (that's why i blog) and of course, drawing! Even photography, but not that much anymore, i'm too busy for school ya see (owz) I'm takin up I.T. and hopefully, I'll be graduating soon. I am also an otaku, anime rooocks!

★ Mondays★ GLOBE (>o<) && their customer service. ★ Volleyball ★ Not getting paypal :( ★ Sleeping ★Criticism

There's so many to start with. Let's just say i love NICK SHOWS
esp. Spongebob, Avatar and Drake and Josh.
I love music and playing music.
I love badminton.
I love Adobe Photoshop Cs beyond (LOL).
I love to draw.
I love to write.
I love to smile :)

Things I wanna do?

FanListings Joined

So much for the details..
If you want to know me more, just
add me up in friendster and etc..

he never reads this anyway. ;[

i hate myself.
i'm sorry for bein like this..
i'm sorry for bein so narrowminded...

i'm sorry, i'm sorry i feel so bad ;'[

i was hopin u cud make me feel better but i'm always wrong..

i'm sorry i hurt you too because of the pain i am bearing for an uknown reason...
maybre tomorrow this will fade away.. but please don't leave me tomorrow, not any day!

;[ i love u so much...
that i hate myself so much for hurtin u just
because of my own reasons...

so sorry...

Gone eeEMOtional ;[

i'm glad i finished readin my book for my book report in filipino ;]
but in the end i am still not happy at all ;[ (crap)
i thought i was over my tantrums but i guess i'm still not.. who wouldn't be.

According to IV-5 account:
[kEviN] CAT tRoOp lEadEr, pEo wLa lng pRng hNde.. hEhe...
[ChRiStian] aToYs ng Bayan!
[jOhn] LOLO ng trEpOr dTi, ngAun kEa? hehe...
[jOvEr] mY gTas pa sA lAbi! jOwk! pEo SUPER cUtE & mAbAiT yAn! ^_^
[cArL] EINSTEIN ni sR pAsCuAl!
[nAthAniEl] nAt2 fOr sHoRt.. mR. "wHat's tHe pOiNt?"
[jAy-iAn] BUNSO ng fOrpAyB! pAcUte? hEhe..
[AIRNESTO eStE ErNesTo pLa!] mHngin dAw xa, dB mAam AURE? hehe..
[rEx]siMplY da bEsT! txtm8? hehe..
[sHeLla aNn] dEcLamAtOr nMen yan!
[gRaCeLyn] sOpRanO ng fOrpAyb
[gRaCe jHoy] ATE ng fOrpAyb..
[jEsSebEl] pUrE & fRsh dAncR!!
[jAniShia] jAni sBe ni mAam hErRera..
[mAry aNne] gagOng gUpit 4 d' mOnth, pEo sH!t, gNda n2 sObra!
[jEmaima]mEmai, bEaUty & bRains
[cHeRriE]SPRINTER ng fOrpAyb
[RoMeElyn]nEgGie ni dAve..MARIMAR
[pAtRicia] pazway 4 d mOnth, pEo lkAs mg3p nyan, mgnda..mchOrva..
[jEnNie rOse] sLba ng 3-3.. cHiCken nOoDle sOup?? hehe..
[miChelle] MASANQUE ni pAsCual..
[hArLene] mgnda.. mchOrva.. hehe..
[zErRadiEne] sTiCk daw xBe ni POGI
[nEsHeLle] mUy hErmOsa ng fOrpaYb!

that in bold, is my boyfriend. haha.
isn't that just so nice?
syota un ee, ano ko tanga?
syota ng bayan boyfriend ko shit!
haha.. yes, hard feelings..
sensitive ko ba?
eh sino bang di mabuwibuwisit,
boyfriend mo boyfriend ng bayan??
haha... terms.

tapos di man lang
nagparamdam nung gabi
si syota ng bayan!

eeeh, i'm so tired.
believing i finally found
someone who
whenever we are to go to school,
whenever he tells me he'll text me or call me
whenever he promises somethin'

UNLUCKYNESS, i am, not to have
any of persons of such kind.

Why wouldn't i feel so upset
after readin all that and
why wouldn't i feel like this
when your boyfriend didn't
even try to text you,
didn't even try to find out if
you're feelin ok..

this is all that i ask of a guy,
to take care of me,
and let me feel your presence
because if i don't i fall.

but it's my damn fault.
guess 'i never learn do i?'

i feel so much pain right now.

it isn't supposed to be this way..

i guess God's just makin me feel
the burden of jealousy that according
to my boyfriend, he had felt when i was
'flirtin' with other guys (which i never even did)
and when he said i liked other guys other than him...
(which again, i never did)

He even told me once that his
used-to-be-crush HUGGED HIM
and told him how naughty he was..
haha, well it's nice of him telling honestly
but it just made me feel more..

i don't think there'd ever be a happy
love story in my life..

so cruel neh?

anyway, we got no school again tomorrow.
i'm cryin right now, does that make sense?
i am no way of planning of sleeping cuz i can't.

i've gone indeed emotional..

i guess mom's kinda right, i should think
of MYSELF too.

i wish i could be really the flying ninja i dream to be.
so then i could fly away, far far far away...

then there'll be no need for sleepless nights
full of tears and fears..

a fear of being alone,
no one ever understood me..

fix me.


tanga tanga nang DEPED!!
dpa inannounce agad na walang pasok..

ayun! ngpakabasa kami sa ulan..
nahulog pa ko sa kanal..

;[ nakakbuwiisit!

nkakayamot yung bagyo!!
di nakikisama!!
di nalang nilakasan yun ulan nung nandun na kami sa skul!
lumusong pa ko sa pagkadumiduming baha!!
meh nakita pa akong hito eh, kamusta yun?
pero masaklap talaga nahulog pa ko sa kanal eh..

"pumasok ako para mabsa x[ "

ayun sabi ko ke Christian, hayst. Buti nga pala nakauwi na sya,
nag-alala ko nung ngtx si mama (nakiki-mama na eeh nu?) na wala pa sya
tapos aftr 15mins nung ngreply ako nandun na pala xa.. *sigh*

nakakainis pa ayaw gumana nung radyo sa mp4 ko n2luyan ata kc nabasa..
pati cp ko eh nbasa, ngloloko un keypad, nanghiram pa ko ng cp mtex ln c mama (haha)
basa pa gamit kooo! LAHAT.. masaklap dun e, pti mga hiniram kong notebook nabasa...!!

tapos naghintay pa ko kanina ng pagkatagal tgal!
tapos di pa pumasok si ama!! masaya na sana kung mag-isa ako eh! kso hndi! badtrippp!!

tinatamad na ko magbookreport sa filipino.. asar..

mainte pa fster..
di ko pa nabigay sulat ko kay christian..
namimis ko pa c christian..
wala pa cp ni christian!

hay buhay..

gusto ko ng ulan pero ayoko ng bagyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sore eyes o_O

haha, skeeewlmate ku me soreeyes.. feeling q ako dn magkakasoreeyes,, nanakit mata ko eh,, haha.. wag naman puuu.. exams pa namannn.. x]

tayo'y magtagalog muli! hehe.

  • sa wakas, natapos na ang delubyo ng pag-iisip sa UPCAT.. dahil tapos na upcat, yes! haha. ayoko nagiisip eh.
PERO.. Exams na sa Thursday at Friday, at NCAE sa 28
...grabee hectic naman ng pagiging portyir (talagang ganun!)

Nga pala, happy monthsary namin ni bf ku (mahal koooo)..
`galing ah.. 8 monthz.. to break the record! nakanang.. hehek..
``saya nga eee..

"sorry na i love youuu!"
haha, ayun pinaka di ko malilimutang linya ni Christiannn..
tama bang pumunta ng disoras ng gabi sa may amin at isigaw yun?

iba talaga magmahal nu? grabeeee... wiiiii

nakakwindang na masaya.

aaah.. hahapit nanaman ng mga boookreport sa filipino, review-review.. taz.. maagang uwian.. taz.. lalala..

sana masaya nalan lage..

wiiii ge..
nakalimutan ko sasabihin ko eeh...

sana matuto na ako magayuz ng template sa blogger.. nakakayamot layout ko ee..
gusto ko sariling hirap pagod at effort!! hahak.. lakas ko mangarap website ko nga di ko maasikaso eeh..


ge nanyt..

hapi 8th monthsary ulet samiin nang mahal kong si christian a. bautista... mwahbyuu. ;]

i hate this day.

this is by far, one of the most useless day ever.

upon realizing my blog is craaappp for nobody leaves comment to it.

-that my boyfriend didn't even try to text me (again and again)

-that my mp4 got broken for some unexplainable reason.

-that i am damn nervous for that UPCAT exams to take tomorrow that will take 5 hours.

-than i didn't effin review because it's making my head go crazy.

and i'm gone crazy.

life is so lifeless, one minute your sooo joyous the next second you're frail.

that if there's anything good they'll take it away from you in an instant.

I hate it.

rain <3

the rain used to remind her of sadness,
-of endless pain and worries,
but today was full of happiness,
"nothing can be better than this" ;]

it rained as they walked,
and then she ran.
with no hesitation he followed.
"so much fun"

he told her sincerely,
that he wanted her,
she said positively
"yes" it made them both feel better.

they smiled,
and look at each other's eyes...
they felt the warmth inside.
they saw it with no lies.

and there was the best kiss,
ever had entirely,
couldn't measure the bliss,
what a feeling, really.

there was a moment of silence,
as he stepped away,
she giggled and laughed,
as he started to and stopped.

and they went home,
both with loving hearts <3
i guess you'll never know,
until it starts.


aww i suck doin poems right now!

today, i showered in the rain wit my prince.
i loved it. ;]
i wish i could freeze every moment.


now i got to be busy wit effin book report..

aww weell. and i got to review for effin upcat too.

poor blog ;[ nobody comments to.


anyway, sorry for not postin, also..

hope minasan had a great day today like i did!

;] yes, concluded.

life is so random x]

life is so superficial.


uy kamusta naman un? binalik
ko yung blog ko sa dati! kasi
mas pleasing to the human eyes.

nagsimula narin ang UPCAT rev.
nung Sat but I didn't sign up.
self-review ako at wala pang

kagabi din ay puno nang drama!


effin life!
so damn complicated
but i love it still =]
...weird nu?

tsk ngaun lang
ako sinipag magcomputer
ulet eh (i've never been so unaddicted)

kung kailan may pasok na bukas.

honestly, i haven't done any of my
assignments (oh well, susulatin lang naman eh)

and i even forgot ung sa arts. xD

hehe maligayang araw ng pasig
sa lahat ng pasigueƱio. salamat
at walang pasok *bow*

also, wala na kong pera
kakaload. lintek naman oh!


kailangan ko pa naman ng
pera sa 5.

(wait nagtext mahal ko.. x] )

tagal nang chikka.

ngaun ko lang gagawin mga nagppgwa ng friendster nila saken
sina tanie, jeva, marra, michael, uly..
aayusin ko pa ulit yung kela anna at grace kasi nagbago ng
coding ang fster...

at gusto ko din magdownload ng mga bagong mp3s..

bagong programs..

at gusto ko rin ayusin ang sarili kong fster accounts
(at tatlo ang account ko, kamusta di ba?)


but i'm to effin lazy still.

sakit ng mata ko. pabalik balik pa migrain ko.

`pain get lost!


ok. chaO.

xD ahaha...


sa english
kaya tuloy
feeling ko
di ko na gusto

mapunta ba
naman ako
sa pinakadulo't
walang katabi kundi
ang bulletin board
na napakapanget tignan..

`paano nalang kapag
magsusulat ako?
di nakakainspire! xD

wak nan sna
pwehu un
nun za

isa parin ung
math na un eh.
puyat pren
aku as usual..
at reason?
lintik na math

di sa ayaw ku
sa math,
kaso ayaw saken
ng math eh.


kaya eto.

aun na last
assign na di ku
pa nagagawa ee.

tapos na lahat.


unang araw
palang ng pasok
patayan na..

kasi pinagquiz kami
agad. "basic" math daw
yun - e ala nga ko magetz e!

huhuhu.. (T_T) *wawang.nadine*

toz kung
kelan nan
gusto ko umulan
hindi umulan..

peo masaya

"almost perfect"

ika nga.

di bale na,

"all ends well"
naman eh.

namimis ko magfster.

pero nagpepenitenxa ako eh..

for 1 week no fster..

kaya ko toh. x]

sana di ako
tanghaliin ng gising..

ah cgeee..

xD uy tagalog ulet. haha.

Minsan, ang buhay ay sadyang madrama. xD haha.

Minsan, ang mundo ay sobrang galit sa'yo.
Papahirapan ka,
sasaktan ka,
paparusahan ka,


bukas, ayos na.
Masaya na ulit, wala nang
iyakan, wala nang
sakit, wala nang drama.

Pero - paulit-ulit ng ganitong

Minsan, nakakasawa na din, hindi ba?

Pero, masarap parin mabuhay,
despite sa sakit na at pahirap nito
sa iyong human body,
at mentally.


at kahit papano, may dahilan
parin mabuhay, nabubulag kanga lang
sa sobrang emosyon...

isa pa, kung sabihan ka nila nang masama,
wag kang makinig kung alam mo kung sino
ang tama - lalo na "kung ikaw ang tama"--linya ng anghel ko.

wag kang papadaig, dapat, laban kung laban...

mahina ka man, atleast di ka kagaya nila na
ginagamit ang lakas sa pananakit nang iba...

o_O wow, tagalog itO. ahha.. geh na.. tntmad ako..

pasukan na sa Lunes.. huhuhu xD

- - -

(^_^) pick a little star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day..

but it didn't actually rain =]
today was great, i spent my whole day
wit my family. so it's great. i `kinda missed
spendin my time wit `em.
today i wasn't just wit my pc.

that's really sumthin,
cuz usually, i sleep late,
wake up late,
and just do it wit
the computer!

`actually, my computer
is my ex husband. haha. lol

- - -

and i'm glad
the nokia
pc suite worked,
now i'll be able
to post sum of
my new pix at fster,
cooler now cuz they
can store 100 pix..
- - -
the other
reason why
i didn't
hang out
wit the pc
today cuz i
had load,
and was txtin
`lotsa new friends!
but actually chiara, the most
because charisse texted when
my unlimited txt expired
`awww sad ;(
also sherlyn i even mistaken
her name as sheryl, she was
my ex-bestfriend, when i was
in first grade. Gawwd, i remember
me back that time..
`people we`re fightin

over me, wahaha..
i remember how

that felt, so torn!

and ofcourse,
my honey. (the only reason i did have load.)
- - -
we went to the church
me accompanied by almost
the whole family
`tito panget (tito mark)
`tita helen
`baby deanne (`nak!)
only papa wasn't wit us cuz
he preferred to stay at home.
then we headed to the mall,
we didn't stay too long but
we had interesting conversations
even before we went to the church
i was hangin out
wit my fave uncle (tito mak)
i `kinda missed hangin out
wit him, i was too busy wit
my own life and so was he. (wit DotA!)
deanne is `kinda fun takin care
of too and tita is really nice.
so much more wit mama.
- - -
dad and mum
bought me my new
school bag, i love it! <3
so much.
then i told them
about a girl from
section 3 demoted to
section 13. how's that?!
that must be so
mine was so
much more wit
that, right?
then mum&dad
told me not
to compare
myself wit
those kind of
people cuz i should
compare myself
wit the better ones..
so now,
i think they
finally understand me.
it's for me to do
my best now this
last year of mine
in high school!

- - -
we had donuts and ate
some jollibee stuff.
(i never get tired of jollibee do i?)iloveit. (with all my heeeart! XD )
- - -
btw, last night
i watched shrek 3 again,
wit tita, tito panget, deanne
and mama.
then we watched Duplex,
that story is wacked!
Drew's movies are really
goood! haha and fun.
- - -
and i just fell inlove
wit my prince (honey!)
even more, it's hard when
he's actin too possesive wit
guys around me, but i'll get
used to it i know, and so would he.
what's good is that our trust should
never fade, so our love too!
it's hard makin him believe but
i'll try my best to be felt.
i know i hurt him a lot,
specially when i talk to
other guys, i don't know how
and why but `em tryin
to be just me, and i don't do
anythin bad? i don`t cheat,
i hate those, so i hope one day
he'd believe me that
he's the only guy in my life...

`other than my dad and GOd.

- - -

i had a weird outfit too, oh, so girly if you could've
just seen me. but i still look cute. haha. i hope
tomorrow will be the same. and i hope it won't rain.

`i love the sun
- why can't it just be cold weather wit the sun, neh?

- - -

last one week before school starts!!
`june 04, 2006
is the date!

`june 07, 2006
Thursday! - - 5moz! wow, hope we stay long as forever.

- - -

God Bless you all,

Nanyt! (Got tiz expression from tito mak)
and advance Momow (Morning, it's another term for me of Good morning =] deal wit it.)

- - -
i knew i had to go here
before fster, so i could tell `lotsa stuff.


- - -
btw, Sayonara to Kuya Isda (Kuya Joseph - Christian's friend, been close to me too. )
it's sad yet i hope he'll be happy, he is so dramatic but i hope he finally gets over his dramatic self. but he's really nice despite the fact he's dramatic! hehe, really nice to talk wit. but it's weird whenever we see each other he chickens up and won't talk to me. haha. he's so much talkative when textin and on the phone. hope he'd have a safe trip goin back home! and hope he gets the chance to come back here.

i'm too lazy to blog XD

yea, and since nobody comments or sumthin'

but today
despite the
fact that
i'm not in
section 8 (awww)

anu naman??
atleast di ako
LUTO katulad
nung isang
evil minion!


and i'm

ko nanaman
si Tf Gian (solid!)

tska si Lola (MaryAnn?)
ko daw sbi ni
Nanay (Celeen)

Buti na lang
sabi ni Christian
daw kami ng
maaga sa skul
para magenroll..

kasi mga classmates
ko 1pm dumating
kaya mga hindi na


namiz ko na
silang lahat...

nagmistulang reunion
kanina, pagalagala kami
sa rizal high..

tapos, mga 3pm
naguwian na..

dumaan kami
ulet sa rum
para tignan
yung lyrics
nung hs mus.


napakaulyanin ku

huhuhu (T_T)

in short,
papalitan ko yung cd

worth 350 ata un.


pero nung andun kami.

ang sya kc..

*secret* haha.

tapos labas
na ng main..

pa tito kong
ungaz (haha juk)
at kbgan niya..

sa totoo lang
ayoko siyang
(thinkin about the ugly past)




ok lang =]

wala xang
paki dun.


sabi ko palamig
lang kami eh

eh lintik
ang init
din pala

(alang shopping)

mas maganda
pala kung dun
bibili nang school
ang mura!


tapos paglabas
umuulan pala XD

naligo kami
sa ulan ^^


tagal ko
di nagagawa yun!

ang saya.

kaya lang
sana nagawa ko
gusto ko
gawin sa ulan...

kaya lang xadong

tapos, nakaabot
na kami sa wakas
sa skywalk..

pinatay yung

ayun lang
sa munisipyo
ni Eusebio
at malamang
isa sa dahilan
kung bakit
sa kanyang

niya na



pero pagpunta
naman namin
sa rhs nung
umaga naka
bukas yun eh..
naglakad lang
kasi kami..

para kahit
ang oras
ng magkasama



at asaran
at "bilog".

high nga pala
ang air pollution.

namiz ko ang
ganun kapag

ang fresh
air pollution.

namiz ko
din ang melon
at burger
na favorite
namin ni Christian..

sayan di kami

gusto ko
din nun eh
kaso sabi
ni tian baka
daw marumi..

parang nanay ko
lang kung magsaway..


but mas gusto
ko nga ganun eh..




pag uwe

natulog lang
sila mami.

as usual
ang itay ko

- ah
paki ko.

i'll make
my last year
in highschool
the best.

i've got
the feelin naman
na mas masaya
toh eh.

nga pala
ni nenen
adviser ko.

=] ogehh!
yan na.

--honey saalaaamat sa paglibre mo sakin ah!
--mommy saaalaamaaat sa lahat.
-- iii-6 .. a treasure to keep, kahit included ang evil minion na luto. haha.


another boring day -_-

Today nothing unsual happened.
XD .. i'm using netscape 8.1 now, well, not bad!
I wish we can download ie7 through, i heard
netscape doesn't support some things that ie does,
like, glowing texts?...

anyway, my cuzin is crazy...and yesterday was crazy - but fun!

"don't forget this day Ms. Aryan Theresa Lungan! .. May 11, 2007...
crazy cuzin! makin me crazy too XD"


that's all. i forgot what i wanted to post.

i'm minding you..

Sorry honey.. XD
if i always get doubts,
and if i get pissed of when you
get jealous...
let's not talk about them, but us..
just us..
in this mad world..
there could be no other you
in my heart,
there could be no other
answer to my prayers..
I LOVE having YOU around,
seeing you with me,
hearing your voice..
makes it all perfect
~no matter what i do,
i can't say NO..
because all i can say is YES..
I want you,
I need you..
no more questions,
no more opinions,
I just do.

-post last May 7 was deleted XD -
- bye bye sad blues -
- today is a happy day-

awfully weird.

~nadine here! (who else?)

anyway, today was - pretty much.. normal?

But for the first time of my life last night, I slept 9pm
-that's really early o_O (yea, believe me when i say so)

then i also woke up 9am...

and all we i did was play with my cute little pups..
"pudding" haha.. that's what i named my puppy
~weird ne?

I just remembered about the food called "pudding"
like "that!" and there!

~it was so freakin hot, i really hate summer yknow..

then dad was using the computer, so i didn't have the
chance to go online earlier. He was browsin songs
to play at imeem usin my account, i keep wonderin
why he can't log in using his account ...i really wonder why?

So I enjoyed myself..
playin with the puppies...

when i got tired i took a bath.

then dad finally got tired, then i stepped in the pc.

i did nuthin much
just the usual...
friendster, blogger, imeem, yahoo, google.

there. XD

- then at 5pm we went out.

I really hated what i was wearin, it was plain PINK.
and I looked really fat. also, i hate the way
my ugly pimples show up my pretty face XD


Whatever, so, we went to the church (Pasig Immaculate Church)
as usual.

I was wishing of seeing my prince
- instead, I saw, my first ever crush! nyak!
Adriane .. a.k.a .. Kuya Kenji..

there, I saw moments of flashbacks...


He looked kinda cute, I'm wishing I was the only one who saw him.

well, I'm over him ~ and i don't know why i ever did
but I'm just glad i did, cuz i'm happy with my prince.

then we went inside the church, there was a large crowd.

My prayers:

Please help me not think about Christian for the moment
*atleast, not every second, i could think of him once a day, not the whole day please...
but tomorrow is an exception ~ happy monthsary ~ yey!

it is driving me crazy ~ not that i don't want to
think about him, it's just that, i'm starting to forget my
own priorities for my own little sexy self... haha XD

honestly, i don't even want to think of any other guy
than him, that's something i want to keep.

Also ~ i hope he'll be the same, not thinkin of other
girls cuz it would be really mean if he did, and if i he did,
or would, or does, i'd dump him - no matter how
hurt i will be cuz it will mean he's not deserving...
for the sexy little pretty me... (i am vain)



i pray, that whatever rumor my friend told about
the sections, aren't true ... i'm begging You.
I want to make up to my parents so bad, so, so bad!
and i don't want them to feel so bad either.



we stayed pretty long and i was kinda irritated cuz
we used to stop by the church for about 15-20 mins only.

there -

then we went to Pure Gold for shoppin...

we had Shawarma ...
it was really messy eating that thing
so i hated it. but i managed to eat it all up. it was good really, but just so messy to eat XD
then, i bought some fishballs, i asked the fishball girl
(haha, that name stinks, but it's what i could think of XD sorry miss.)

-to make it chilly but when i tasted it, it was not even mild chilly! i hated it. oh well.
-then we went to the grocery..
-then... ends!

*there're so much more but
i want to do something else now,

i hope anyone comments. =)

Good night everyone, I hope I get to sleep earlier!

tomorrow's a big day ~ or not XD

just like a star..

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands
honour to love you

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind

You've got this look I can't describe,
You make me feel I'm alive,
When everything else is so au fait
Without a doubt you're on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can't find the words to write this song of your love,

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind

na, na, na,na,
naaa naaaaaaa
[ Lyrics found on ]

na, na, na,na,
naaa naaaaaaa

Now I have come to understand The way it is,
It's not a secret anymore,
'Cause we've been through that before,
From tonight I know that you're the only one,
I've been confused and in the dark,
Now I understand,

I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this With anyone but you,
I wonder why it is,
I won't let my guard down to anyone but you
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands.

one and only you (your song)


It took
one look
and forever lay out in front of me

One smile
then I die
only to be revived by you

There I was
thought I had everything
figured that
goes to show there too much I know
bout the way life plays out

i take one step away
and I find myself coming back
to you
my one and only
one and only

Now I know
that I've known lot of things at all
except the fact that I am yours
and that you are mine

if you told me that it wouldn't be easy
and Oh,
I'm not one to complain

repeat chorus
(except the last word)

repeat chorus

(^_-) why post this?

this is a song i'm very related to...

*** i try to go away from you
and the feelings, but you keep
me coming back to our sweet
begginnings. I am weak, and
you are the strength that
no matter what I do I can't
do anything, cuz whatever I do
... you are my EVERYTHING.

*** it's always a wonder how
you can make me smile by just
saying the simplest words
"i love you" and to that "i
will never leave you"...
i'll stay..

XD a new day.

I'm finally okay again!
and my Dramachine stOpped


So i'm finally oUt of words...
I just want to eat, sleep, and enjoy
my last days of vacation because
school will be comin back SOON..
really sOON.

i'm really nervous bOut that. School..

I'm glad I'm back to normal me,
this is the normal me right?

Happy. XD

Thanks to my prince...
and well...

advance happy monthsary this 7th of May!


- end -

Love XD

LOve is only a feeling...

But a feeling in need,
a feeling destructable indeed!

I hate falling inlove XD

Yea it's great, the love, true faith
~but until when?

For a moment - pleasure
and then next...

a sadness never to measure..'s like killing yourself slowly inside...

but love, is a great feeling..

it is heaven and hell at the same time...

I wish I never knew it, but I need it and I want it...



amp amp amp!

i feel so sick nanaman!


oh yeea !
..another poem =)


i want a guy who will love me,
give me affection,
w/ a never ending attention
- a guy of my dreams.

he will always be there,
makes me well when I'm sick;

I want a guy who loves himself,
but can love me at the same time.
I don't care if he can sing,
as long as our hearts can rhyme.

I want a guy who will listen,
someone who will make me feel loved;
someone who will make me feel special,
someone who will care a lot...

- - -
a poem for...



oh yeea...
>>happy birthday Jeichelle and Tito Mark!!!
i always wrote a song
when i felt sad,
i always wrote a poem
when i felt bad.

i thought then,
it would be okay,
but after all,
it never went away.

the melancholy,
it paralyzes me,
the anxiety,
it won't let me be...

further more questions,
and more unknown,
no use of suggestions,
more sadness shown...

the feeling stays,
i want to get rid of,
sarcastic ways,
i need to shut off...

would you be my knight?
or be my savior..
from this cold night,
from this strange behavior...

i feel lost,
and even more, depressed.
would you like a toast?
i think i'll be dead.. T.T

- - -

tula nananaman..
nagi2ng emo na nga rin tlga kuh..
kmuzta un dba..
ang daming words na nagaappear sa utak
ko na gustong public.

may kulang ='(

anxiety XD

sad though..hihi^^
but it's the way i feel right now..
i posted this in my fwenster cuz i knew nobody wud see it here...
nobody goes here >_<

--- i Like bein in the dark & the rain,
so no one will see me cryin..
i try my best to ease the pain,
but i always see myself dyin.

i need affection,
i don't need perfection,
i need attention
i really hate this emotion...

everyone thinks i'm happy
but i never really was,
i had always been empty.
i don't have what everybody has..

i am weak but i give out strength,
i smile all the time yet it's a trick
-when i show them a joy of no length,

i try to never whine...
i cry when no one sees me,
and i really feel cold i am dyin though nobody knows,
i have the sorrowful story ever told...

i wish every feelin inside would just end,
for me to feel at ease.
that way, i won't have to pretend,
and then the pain would cease...

--- see, i told you it's sad.

i'm feelin anxiety for...nvm