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Hair loss solution!

One of my greatest fears is to grow old. When we get old, we have less strength. It will be the days that the less we will move for we are too old to, and at old age of course we lose hair and our youth. But over the time I have overcome this thought and started to believe that youth never dies because it is within the heart.

Plus, even if you go through those our technology have done so many discoveries to keep ourselves young. Just like with losing hair, I’ve read reviews of provillus which prevents this kind of sickness – loss of hair.

And out there I know there are many other more discoveries because of technology.
But like I said, nothing really stays forever but the good heart and what matters most is that you lived your life at your best. If you want to stay young, maybe provillus can help you to. Just remember to consult your doctor too if you want to try this, because in some cases like with pregnant women they can’t use this.

Car recovery and life recovery..

The storm “Ondoy” has caused so much trouble in my country. I mean, it destroyed houses, it destroyed lives and hopes. But we need to keep hoping for a brighter tomorrow after all this.

When I was at home, I didn’t miss watching news at that moment because I wanted to know what was happening around me. And like I said many were damaged, houses, appliances and even cars were floating! I was so stressed out just by at the thought.

So I hope everything will be okay. I hope car owners find cheap car roof boxes they can use to fix their broken down cars. And most of all, I hope all of us affected can keep up and face tomorrow with a smile and move on, staying strong.

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Personalise now!

All vehicles have number plates, different numbers that give vehicles their identities. But did you know what’s cooler with these? The thing is, you can personalise them the way you want to! Yes, you can use your desired number plates. And just like these number plates, you can have yours now. And that’s thanks to Northumbrianumbers.

Credit: Google Image Search

Someday I hope I can do this with my car, and wouldn’t you? That would be really awesome since I’d easily know which car is mine in the parking lots and of course it’s really personalised!
Look at how cool this one is, he-he.

Go get a leather

leather skirts! Girls love dressing up; a bunch of clothes every time they go shopping really makes them feel great. And as a girl, one of the things love are skirts, and one of my favorites are leather skirts! And as told here, there are many reasons why leather skirts are great to wear.

Other than that don’t they stand out from other skirts? They’re pretty unique and when I wear them on rainy days, I don’t get wet much like that when I wear cotton made skirts. You can just pair it up with your set of boots and you’re on the go!

And they’re easier to pair with your leather bags too, if I get some time shopping I’ll surely check out! This may be a great gift for your mom, your girlfriend or sister if you’re thinking of a gift to give right now!

Music downloads

Who doesn’t love music? I’m sure everyone does. When I was little, music was my best friend and even up to now. I love singing and as well as playing musical instruments. I wouldn’t say I’m musically inclined but when it comes to music, I’m always ready. I once tried playing the flute, the piano and of course the guitar and I was a singer back then. But I stopped my passion for singing because of my computer addiction. However from time to time I still listen to new songs I hear from the radio and download them from the World Wide Web.

Luckily, there are Music MP3 downloads we can find online. Some for free, and some paid but what matters is that you get good music! You just have to be very eager in looking for good resources for The Best Mp3 Downloads. If you like I can share to you some of Many good MP3s for downloads, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to.

Oh well, at times like this stormy days we’re going through I guess listening to some music can lighten our hearts a bit.

Towel wraps anyone?

Christmas Gifts?
Christmas is fast approaching; I can’t believe that time flies so fast. A year ago, I was just a newbie here in blogging and since then I didn’t expect I’d earn online. Now that I’ve managed to earn myself a bit of money, I plan to give great gifts to my friends, relatives and my cousins. So what can you suggest?

Posylane Terry Towel WrapsI’ve been looking for towel wraps because I remember my aunt once gave me one last Christmas. And it was of my favorite color green! I want to pay back and give a terry towel wrap as a present. I also saw personalized duffle bag which was really cool! I bet my cousin would love it, she can take it whenever she wants to sleepover here at our place!
Posylane Duffle Bags!

Oh well, there are many stuff online I can buy or maybe I can withdraw and buy offline. But yeah, the things I mentioned are a good find too, not to mention that they're very affordable. I wonder if they’ll like it. How about you, what do you think will be good presents for Christmas?

Affordable Double Buggies!

When you go to the mall, and you have a baby sometimes it can be tiring carrying them. But thanks to the innovation of technology buggies were invented! Now they even have double buggies. Luckily you can find cheap double buggies online.

Double Buggy - Credits: Google Image Search
They come in different styles and colors too so you have a lot of choices!

Free templates!

In my other blog, one of my problems is having a decent theme every month. We all know readers get bored of seeing the same layout again and again so once in a while I try to change layout. However, this task has been very hard for me since I need to cope up with my feisty schedule at school.

So what I did was I searched for free website templates, and I’m glad I found this website, ZeroTemplates, that offers Wordpress themes for free! Their website tag says it all! “You pay zero”. Other than that they offer Joomla templates, Drupal templates or themes and more html templates. You get all those for free, how cool right?

They also share tips, and information regarding web design. I love this website for sure! I honestly learned everything I know with regards to html through reading online tutorials from websites like these. I’m happy some people make websites as such, aren’t you? So if you need free templates this is the place for you! Or if not, they’ve got loads of tricks you might find useful to have more add-ons to your layouts.

Fashion and Pearls

Girls love fashion and fashion is a must for most girls. Its how girls express themselves, by dressing up and being artistic on how to. Do you agree? Well I do. Speaking of fashion, here’s another way for us girls to stand out even more…


Pearls! Aren’t they just lovable? When I was little, my mom used to make me wear them. I always pondered on how cute they were, what they’re made of? How where they even made? Well, I never got an answer but I do know is OrientalPearls can give you great designs of pearl jewelry. And what’s cool, is that they’re affordable!

You can also buy pieces of pearls if you feel you want to make your own pearl necklace, earrings and more. But if you want, you can go ahead and buy their pearl necklace, earrings and more. I’m sure you won’t regret it because their designs are great! They’re erfect for casual attire, cute attire or whatsoever.

So what do you know about pearls?
Do you think they’re great?
I do, but I also want to hear from you!


Planning to move your company or business to another place? If you are, here’s the solution for you!

Moving Plus Storage – they offer help for you have more storage if you are relocating, and best of all they make it all easy and fast for you! You can also find tips that will be of great use for your plans on moving and more.

Everything is already in their website and voila! You’re ready to go! Thanks to their information and help for you to move safely from places to places with your things. They’ll give you less hassle and your valuables can also me insured too if ever there are problems. So why choose others? Check them out now!

Sims and Lincity

Sims 3 is the latest games of the Sim Series games. It was one of my favorite games when I was in high school. I like it very much because you get to dress up your characters, personalize their look and almost experience how to live life as a grown up in a span of days! It’s really fun playing this game. Just very unfortunate I have to reinstall it because something wrong with my laptop recently. But overall, Sims 3 is a great game, especially now that it has lots of improvements from Sims and Sims 2.

Sims 3

I remember Sims 2 even had a version where you can own pets! Ha-ha. Well anyways, I found another game called Lincity. I’m not familiar with Simcity which it resembles, I do know Sims (like I mentioned above). I also tried playing Tycoon City on my mobile phone, but back to topic – I want to try out this game!!! But of course I want to know more about first before I buy it or download it. How about you? What’s your favorite computer game?

For Christmas

This Christmas, what I’m really getting or buying for myself is a PSP but actually I also want…

Credits: Google Image Search
an iPhone! Although I know I won’t be able to get it, maybe next year when I save enough again or maybe it’ll be cheaper, until I can afford it! How about you? Do you own one? I heard about an online shop where they sell such gadgets, after I get my PSP I’ll save up again to buy this!

iPhones are really cool and great, because it has better performance than those on phones and it's one of technology's latest gadgets. I'd love to have one someday...

Want to watch movies?

Are you a movie lover? If you are then I have something for you! It’s a website, website that all movie lovers will really love. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to OnlineFreeCinema! It’s a great website with the latest movies, and the greatest ones. You can watch them now with no hassle, their service is really great!

They also have new movies daily! So every time you check their website, it’s sure there will always be something to watch. If you don’t have time anymore to go outside and would rather sit pretty or be a lazy couch at home here’s the thing you need.

You will definitely love this website, so check it out now!

Monitor your employees

In offices, most of the time computers are only allowed to be used for work. However, there are employees who manage to bypass security to visit websites online that doesn’t have anything to do with work. Some are uncaught, and this was what we learned during first year college in Ethics – such act is very unethical.

So how do we prevent this? Easy as one, two three! And that’s thanks to ActivTrak and their Employee monitoring tutorial. If you’re having problems with stubborn employees who surf the net without your knowledge for facebook, plurk or twitter then you can find out now their little evil schemes.

Beware now employees; you can’t hide any monkey business anymore!

Be unique with Patek Philippe!

Today we live in a new era, and in a world that cares about fashion. And everything has fashion for clothes, shoes, caps, and of course wrist watches!

Not only does a wrist watch help to add up to your outfit for the day but also helps you keep track of time. Just like Patek Philippe watches, they’re not just unique but also handy to keep yourself on time. They offer great designs, and there are times they give out very affordable prices you wouldn’t be able to resist! Why? Well because their designs are outstanding, and in their website they have everything from support, a blog and you can call them anytime for inquiries or any problems!

They will indeed give you the finest watches, so check them out now. I assure you their products won’t fail you but awe you!

Freedom from stress

I’ve talked about in my other blog that I’ve been having stress. So I had to relax for a while. Other than that, I was informed about a San Diego Therapist. I wish they had such in our country so my stress will be no more. Fortunately, they do have a website. And consultation is for free. I might need this. So for you out there who needs to recover from stress, I suggest you check them out.

Stress is bad. Image Credits:Google Image Search

Computer tips and more

Right now, I’m having trouble with my laptop. So I guess, I’d be using my computer for a while again. But because I haven’t used it, I haven’t kept my computer’s performance well.

It’s great that there are websites that offer computer tips! Where we can get everything we need. I admire this websites because they share their knowledge. I’ve been into some which really helped especially when I had troubles. Some not only provide tips but sources for great downloads, and some downloads that are free! Cool, huh?

One thing’s for sure, the World Wide Web has really done so much innovation. It has made it possible for all of us to have more access to information that before, we could only find in libraries. Thanks to Mr. Internet, accompanied with Mr. Google and our cool great websites life has become easier!

Opensource and Free software

Today everything seems to be expensive. And so students like me taking up Information Technology who can’t afford softwares that we use at school are having problems. Luckily there are places or what we call “open source” to get freeware applications that are of the same quality as the paid ones. One example of this was Dev C++. When I was in first year, it was really helpful because I couldn’t afford Microsoft C++ 6.0. It worked just the same and I loved programming even more because of it. And now, our professors share to us about Sharpdevelop and Monodevelop since we’re taking up C# for this semester.

We’re lucky there are websites like these. I hope in the future, prices of software will be affordable for students like me.

Some of the Top Illustration Programs

When I used the computer, one of the first things I ever did was use MS Paint. I was only five back then, and of course using MS Paint already made me happy. But like technology, my love for MS Paint changed as it technology changed its way.

Today, as a web designer newbie and a student there are many top illustration programs to use. Too many that we can't count anymore. But one thing I assure you is that they’re all great and helpful.

My first pick that I think everyone is familiar of is Adobe Photoshop. From Adobe Photoshop CS to Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve loved this program. They provide a user-friendly interface and many add-ons. Most of all, they have the very powerful tool “pen tool”. This helps me to draw easier rather than manual drawing with MS Paint. Their layers’ options are also really helpful. Easily, I am able to create layouts, designs and even animated gifs! Who won’t love it? Even in our school, most of my classmates favor Adobe Photoshop because it’s enjoyable plus there are great designs out there, especially brushes to add to your program.

Not only does Adobe provide Adobe Photoshop, but also Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Stock Photos, Adobe Illustrator and, there are more.

Moving on, we have Corel Photosuite. What we use in school is mostly Corel Draw. The latest version is Corel Draw X4 and I tell you, it’s awesome! The features are cool, almost like Adobe’s. They have this tool close to the status bar that you can already see your work even without choosing Print Preview. They also provide great designs such as the Contour tool, this give a very cool effect to vectors or shapes. Other than that is their power tool, to make your works even more fascinating! The power tool is a tool that allows an image to be inside a shape and maintain the shapes side. It’s like the shape acts as a container. They also have Object Management which makes arranging your objects to what should be in front or behind.

These are the great paid programs that can help you make great graphics and illustrations but there is also a free one that I know and is almost as good as these ones are.

This is the program called GIMP. You might wonder what it means; well it means “GNU Image Manipulation Program” which used to mean “General Image Manipulation Program”. GIMP is really awesome because firstly, it is 100% free. Yet it still provides many add on. You can even make animated images with GIMP, and imagine you’re not paying anything while you can do enhancements to your artworks!Isn't that superb?

Now that I’ve share to you some Top Illustration Programs, try them out now. Each of them will surely help you enhance your talent, make your works even more better and as for web designers like me they’d help a lot to have better designs, and thus, great websites. And for students, it is a way for them to discover everything about graphics.

Change your life!

During my stay in the blogging world, I’ve discovered so many things. I discovered how to make my own website, layouting, write well, and meet friends and lastly earning money on my own.

When I learned you can earn online I was really ecstatic at the fact I can earn while having fun. It was really great. But recently, I stumbled to this website. It’s very enticing; they’ll share to you how you can prosper even more online!

So what are you waiting for? They’re really a help if you really want to earn big money from the World Wide Web. And surely, they’ll change your life.

I really hate the rain =,=

I always get wet and my shoes always get wet as well as my feet =,=
And because of that, I'm clueless today what to wear tomorrow. It'd be okay if we didn't have class tomorrow like before but our Philo had to be on Wednesdays morning. And tomorrow, we have to participate in some recitation thingy. We don't know anything about his topics! @_@ although I'll try to research later, I'm just a bit lazy, errr, really, lazy :))

So, I hope this rain will go away except for the cool air :>
Makes me feel Christmas is coming closer, but if the rain continues to pour
everyday, my cold will become worse. I always can't breathe well because of it.

"Rain rain go away...DONT COME BACK for now =P"

Oh well, at least there are RAINBOWS after every rain!:D

I feel the sun more nowadays no matter how HOT the weather makes me feel irritated..

Kay,short post. Just updating here to keep this blog alive and kickin!<3

Freebies and More!!!

Hey everyone, I found a cool website with lots of freebies and good stuff!

There have almost everything!

for cheap prices, some even for free!

So don't hesitate and check them out now:)

Need traffic?

I recently joined this website, pretty much like EasyHits4u but I like their website's cool website interface. You should try it out too!


BTW, hooraay for my blog! This is my 100th post for this month :)

Be personalised!

Since I just talked about cars awhile ago, here’s another thing that popped out my mind. Wouldn’t it be cool to have personalised number plates?

Get Personalized!

That’s right, isn’t it great if you have a car personalised just for you with your nickname or pet name instead of ridiculous plate numbers? I’d want that if you ask me. And I think it’s some way you can express yourself! It’s cool to be unique and different among all the others in a fashionable way.

Halloween craze

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to join many activities such as Trick or Treat. I always wondered how cool it would be to wear Halloween costumes with awesome designs and stuff. However, it wasn’t that popular in our country. So, what I did was watch instead in television and saw how enjoying it was, well, pity me. But I’m still hoping I can experience it one day!

But let me share to you what I’ve read, and how trick or treat started! Trick or Trick or Treat!treat has been a tradition in other countries like United States of America. It all started during Middle Ages and it was said to be like the same with "souling" when poor folks went door to door during November 1 or what they call “Hallowmas” receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day.

So now, every Halloween children stop by houses and shout out loud “trick or treat!” the house owners choose between two. If they choose “trick” they get a prank from these youngsters and if they choose “treat” they give candies, all types of candies! Isn’t that yummy? Oh, I wish I’ve experienced that when I was younger.

Along with trick or treat, some also celebrate Halloween by having a Halloween Party. In most schools in other countries they do this annually. One gets to win for having the best costume! Of course, it too must be the scariest! Then, while the party is going on there are also great food designed to scare you. Once, I saw in a magazine a candy that looked like an eye, how freaky is that! But if it’s really good, why wouldn’t I try tasting it. Yeah, I love candies – who doesn’t, right?

Well, wherever these two started it sure is a fun way of celebrating Halloween! And if you notice, it even reminds you that Christmas is just a month away!

Cars are great!

In my other blog, I told everyone about my dream car. And now, here I am again blabbing about the car of my dreams. Recently, I’ve been seeing cars in our neighborhood and some were really cool. They were new models and some were of my favorite color, green.

I’ve also seen new sets of car models through searching google. Whew, and there are lots of great cars indeed! I hope one day I get to buy my own car. That would be one of my happiest days.

Happy I was too, when I got to this website that offers everything about new cars! They’ve got the latest cars, to the oldest. Plus if you’re looking for secondhand cars that fits your budget and is still in good shape, well, they’ve got that too! I hope this site will still be up when I can buy my car, how about you guys? Isn’t it cool? Check them out now!

Dream Car!

Get yourself some pain relief

A long day at school is really tiring. Often, because I walk I get ankle pain. But I can’t just do something with the pain clinics at our school are always empty. So, instead I just go home to make myself better. What I need is to get something to cure this aching foot, but I really don’t know how.

Luckily, I stumbled at this website that helped me find out what I can do with it. Other than that, they also have many heal-n-soothe reviews. Not only do they tell you about the common pain ailments but also how to cure them. I guess it’s true everything is found in the World Wide Web now.

Most importantly, websites like this should be noticed. They inform us people who are in need to cure pain we feel that keep us from doing better at work, or school. It’s because, everyday we all seem to busy and too tired to even do anything about our health.

In their website, they have many tips to avoid and relieve most pain we feel from all the stressful tiresome days. And if your case is already severe, they can lend you the things you need to know to heal the pain you feel and get cured.