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The love for books!

Even though I'm more in front of the computer, one of my favorite past time is reading! And it's one effective way I make myself fall asleep..

Now, thanks to technology ebooks were born. Since I can't afford the real ones, I get ebooks and read them the same - isn't that cool?

And recently, I discovered this website where you can find free ebooks and audio books and some that are really affordable! I love it!

Reading gets better now!
Here's a solution, go check out funny video here! Haha, it made my day. After how tiring and sad this day has been, sometimes the cure is a good laugh. They've got other funny videos you should see.

This is why I love the internet, there are many cool stuff and great things that can amaze you and make your day a blast from being the worst! Don't you agree? Such as websites like these that I found!

Get your logo now!

If you're someone who plans to start a business, for sure one thing you put in mind is establishing an icon your customers will never forget - but what happens if you don't have enough to hire high-standard graphic artists? Well, don't worry about that because there is a Low Cost Custom Logo Design company that I know of..for sure, you'll have a logo in no time!

I want a new hobby

This March, we might get an oven and I can't wait to start a new hobby! I guess staying in front of the computer too much is sometimes dreadful...I'm thinking of getting new kitchen mixers. Yeah, guess! Oh, I want to cook or bake. I guess..something new!

On the list!

Alright! My tito is home and their house is almost close to uhm, organized. It's all because of Ondoy's fault! I wish he'd get a 22 monitor for the desktop computer. I seriously can't wait to see it working again!!! It's my first love :3