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Need to find ideas or something?

Most of the times, students like me have a hard time researching online because of some topics which are hard to find online. As for others, they too spend hours of surfing the net just because of looking something. Sure, search engines are a great help but what happens when they can’t find anything for you at all?

It takes too much of our time, and we all wish everything we need is just organized in one place. Like in real life, like in the library. They did say computers made lives easier, right?

That's when a web directory can save your day if that’s the case. Web directories offer best results for specific findings. They gather up a list of websites for you regarding one subject making it easier for you to get to other websites, to the information you really need. They collect a list of websites which are related to each other, and articles which were made by fellow online people like you are. They’d recommend you even better resources, and answers to some questions you can’t seem to find.

This is a great help, especially if we are doing things in an urgent manner. Also when are in a hurry, and if we are having a hard time searching. Plus the articles are fully supported by their writers, meaning to say, they did not make up things. They are actually giving you more ideas and knowledge regarding a certain topic.

One example of a free web directory online is Yahoo Directory. They have all categories already laid out for you to check out with ease. They also give out to you what’s the latest news, and information regarding about it.

Another one is which will be a great help for business minded people. In their website, you can check out articles and helpful advises for starting business and even on how to improve your business. They give out pointers and business ideas you might have missed all of your life.

Overall, I think it’s a good thing web directories existed. They help make it easier for people when they look for websites easier.

Mac Os and Netboot, anyone?

Most people prefer having their desktops or laptops in Windows OS. Yet, did we ever think Mac Os is also great? Yes, if we look at the bright side Mac Os offers a unique platform unlike the usual. Many would say it’s not user friendly, but we can’t say that unless we tried right?

In other countries, people even prefer Mac Os because of course; they offer features that Windows Os does not have. It wouldn’t hurt to try that at all.

One of the cool things I found about Mac Os is about their Netboot service which can be improved easily. Yet beforehand, we must know things of how can we make Netboot work faster, and be better than the usual. One reason as shared to me was the RAM memory. Like any other computers, RAM is very essential; it’d be very good if we have a RAM with a high memory.

Another thing would be because of how you partition. Well, if we look at it Mac Os really has little difference with Windows. Except for some flaws, and some aces against its rival OS.

Summing up, Mac Os isn’t bad at all. It has a variety of features and to try out something different is pretty cool once in a while. Mac Os, may it be the arch nemesis of Windows that we’re all into is always an Os you will never regret to try.

I miss this world :P

I'm so, so, SORRY :(

I haven't been responding, or hitting back to your blogs for I was too occupied with school. I gotsss an 8pm sched, so I usually get home by 9 in the evening. Plus the loads of school stuff, you know, student thing. And even in my other blog. I will make up as soon as I get free time you can call really "free" LOL. So you probably saw new posts, but those
weren't really personal posts :|

Me misses you all with all my heart and soul! *drama*

Anywho, me likes to thank Jhelz for the lovely award!

Passing to : YOU, and you and you :D

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People across the world

When I was in high school, I was fond of joining forums. Well, that’s how I started my interest for blogging and web designing stuff. Those were the days; I was talking to foreigners rather than the people of my country. You see, at that time I seldom knew anyone who was into using internet. Most of the people I knew since outdated.

Yet today, things have become different. I met some people my age even younger now talking to all sorts of people. Some even talk to Korean! Well, what’s good in this all? You get to discover how it is like in a different country like a different world. Then there’s World Chat, a website that allows you to chat for free. Here, you’d meet people across the world. Discover their cultures, and how their country is like without spending a dime to get a plane!

You see, stories are as much as exciting as how it is in real life. You might even meet friends, and maybe they’d take you for a tour in their country! Wouldn’t that be cool? Have fun, interact with different people across the world!

The Gamer's Crib

One of my favorite hobbies when I am left with so much free time are playing games online or those sort of games with an adventure. I also played games with consoles like Xbox 360, Playstation 2, and the rest. What surprised me most is that I am not the only one hooked into gaming but a bunch of other people, about my age or older.

What I’m talking about is this website, GamersChat. It’s a website with gamers like I am. You get to meet people with the same interests as you have, or maybe, even meet someone with new games to share to you. You’ll meet a bunch of friends, and maybe a best bud online you can play with your favorite games. You might even learn techniques in your game, or even discover some secrets of games since you’re talking with a bunch of gamers here. So try now, you might enjoy your time.

Manage your loans, with no problems.

Usually, most of us are too busy with work. The cause, we tend to forget due payments, electricity bills, house expenses and most especially our loans. That leaves most of us in debts, having problems from where do we get money to pay those? How do we manage time, if we’re all too occupied with work and house chores?

Fret no more, because luckily there are websites like Home Loan Modification that offers a great help. Stop Foreclosure, reduce your mortgage payments. In that way, you will no longer have more problems added to the pile of works at your office to be done, or your full load house chores. HomeLoanModification will help you be able to cope up even if all of us today seem hopeless because of the world crisis. Best of all, their help for you is for free. No more stress because of those stacked debts, just live your life happily with HomeLoanModification by your side to help you.

Get rid of those pranksters

Everyday, we receive calls from friends, classmates and relatives. But other than those calls, unexpected or not there are what we call prank calls. Now, don’t you find these prank calls really annoying? What’s more is that they won’t stop. One minute they call you and then a few more minutes you get a ring from your phone finding out it’s another of those pranksters fooling around.

Eventually, you would want to find out who are these pranksters who are calling you and has been wasting your time. There’s Caller Wiki. It’s an online help to find out the people behind those annoying calls. All you have to do is search their phone numbers in the website and you’ll be able to catch who is behind this evil scheme of making prank calls to you. They welcome all Caller Complaints, and you can Report Callers who have been bugging you and have been kidding around.

This way, those prank calls will end and your life will be at peace. Not to mention, the idea of no calls at night. No worries to think of about your safety anymore, once you find out who’s been tormenting you with childish pranks on your phone.

Prank Calls

Tired of prank calls? I guess so, who wouldn’t be? We always wonder where we get these annoying phone calls. Our phones ring suddenly, we are anxious who’s been calling only finding out it’s one of those kids fooling around.

Good thing there’s Phone Info Source. All you have to do is give the Phone Number Info to their website, and then you get the Number Information you want. Yes, easy as 1 2 3, you can find out who’s been making prank calls to you. Then, no longer will you have those disturbing thoughts if someone’s stalking you or what. You gain your safety, finding out who these prank callers are.

This way, you can find out who’s been playing with the numbers of your phone. You can report them now to the police once you find out who they are. Thanks to Phone Info Source. No more worries, and you’ll surely be at peace.

Iphones, Ipods, 3g Iphones

Most people of today are into music, especially the teenagers. Here and there, you see them with earphones or headsets singing as if no one’s around, but that’s how they express themselves. Yet, you know what else this hobby gives others? For business men, they give a source of income.

Since iphones allow music to be taken anywhere, they are in demand in stores. Don’t you think it’s a good start for a business? There is a website that offers an iphone wholesale. Not only do they have iphones wholesale offers of other gadgets are also available. They also have ipods wholesale offers, another set of gadget to be used to let the music play!

This way, not only can we enjoy the best out of music, games and other add-ons of iphones, but also share the chance of the others to do the same and earn through the iphone wholesale offers available in the world wide web. So why not try checking them out, I’m sure you’ll find other loads of cool high-tech gadgets there for your own and to sell.

Technology before to netbooks

The trend of our technology is very fast. Looking back, there had been so many changes that took place. Remember? It all started with the abacus; afterwards, many machines were invented by great people who took interest in improvement for our technology.

Then, computers came. Many things to be done were discovered with its help. Internet, softwares and other computer activities were learned. Not so long after this the laptops came in. Making it easier for our jobs to be done not only at a place but everywhere, anywhere that has a wifi connection. And just recently, netbooks were discovered.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy these hi-tech gadgets. Yet, chances are really are still just there. Yes, an acer aspire netbook would probably look expensive. But looking at its price comparison from other laptops, it is costs a bit less. Plus it has more add-ons than the usual. So rather than sticking to a laptop computer, why not try check out these netbooks? They might be of help especially if you are having trouble with your computers since you can’t bring them where you go.

Once in a while, change can do well. Maybe it’d challenge you as you try to save up to buy something really is worth to buy.

Talk about Golf

Getting tired of basketball? Don’t like volleyball or any other strenuous activities? Well, why not try golf? One safe game you might enjoy. Yet before that, let me inform you a bit about golf.

Golf started in 1600’s in Scotland, later in USA and New Jersey until it reached farther countries.The word "golf" actually means “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Prohibited” but in later years women were then allowed to golf too. Like any other games though, golf requires practice and effort to learn. It also has instructions as usual, and of course rules to follow.

Furthermore, golf helps practice focus and concentration. It helps you think logically too, planning and deciding how and where to hit the ball. With golf too, we might learn more friends rather than the usual basketball bud around. Golf is very much like the game of intelligent people and those living in a higher level. But that doesn’t mean those who are basic people can’t learn right?

In Germany, they have golf schools that teach with you with no worry. Add up to that, is that they have a shop complete with all the materials you need. I’ve been checking out the website quite sometime now. I even found that they had golf holidays there called “Golfreisen” or “Golfurlaub”. I wish we had one of those in our country, lucky for those who are in Germany. I wonder how they learn golf, and how they end up being so good it.

A Golf Reisen would do well if you feel up of trying something different today. It might even do good to keep you from boredom. Golf maybe played by a few but we cannot tell how enjoyable it could be unless we try it. I’m hoping to try it myself one of these days. It might be cool to try something for a change.

Buzz your business!

Today, there are many ways of advertising or announcing a business online. It can be in a forum, through ads, banners and mostly blogs or websites. However, not all business starters have enough knowledge to make their website, go in a forum or work on ads. Others on the other hand, don’t have so much time because they also run other errands. So how do they keep up with publishing articles and information about their products for business?

Let me introduce to you, monsterbuzz. It’s a website where they publish everything business related – making things easier for you. With them, you don’t need to give so much effort to build your own website and have a hard time building your own traffic to get known. You can just send them your request, or if you have prepared your article they will just publish it.

What’s good in this is that they buzz your products, sites and services for free. That’s very helpful especially for business men who lack time going online, and for who doesn’t know the great power of having their businesses publicized in the World Wide Web.

So, do you have a business you want to buzz to the whole world? Check out monsterbuzz, I’d love to have a helping hand from them when I get to have a business of my own.

Spend time with your family and friends

It’s sad that nowadays, more people focus to their career more than their families and friends. Some spend days working, no matter how sleepless. Some even go to work on holidays, summer season, and Christmas. With that, they have neglected quality family time. Don’t you wish you can make up for that?

You can, in many ways. Outing, hiking and camping are some of the good choices. You can travel around the world and try going different places. Why not go to France, one of the fascinating places on earth? Check out their stores that where you can find various types of camping equipment like tents. But if you’re into traveling, you can set out and go find a car hire France offers in their country. Better, if you tag along some friends, because the more the merrier right?

A day or two away from work, with your family and friends will surely keep you away from stress. Not only that, you were able to be closer to your loved ones and have time again. The experience and memories too will always be unforgettable. So now, why not get yourselves camping equipment, tents maybe? Or find a car hire France France has!

Let's play golf!

I really want to play golf. I always wonder how to play it. I get to read about them a lot nowadays, and I always end up into checking out one place which is Germany. I was amazed when informed about Golf Vacation. There, they have golf holidays called Golfreisen or Golfurlaub. I wish someday I can go and be in any of their Gold Reisen.

They offer a variety of needs for golf too, the tools and even how to play golf. Maybe after this I might make myself a plan how I’d be able to golf there. They are complete of every must to golf with an ease and no problem. Other than that, they also offer the latest about golf – the news which is important too if you really want to know golf.

Someday, somehow, I will play golf! Hope that you get to check out Germany too. Who knows? We might even be the ones to play together.

Travel with a car hire - no need to buy a car!

If you don’t have a car, and you want to travel places what do you do? Well, I got a solution for you – car hire.

If you are feeling of going to England, there’s a car hire Luton can offer for you. This is really helpful for less effort, if you want to check out various places in Luton like the Luton Football club. Another place in England, Leeds, is a hangout place too. They have a bunch of parks like Bramham Park and Roundhay Park. Luckily, the car hire Leeds is also available if you want to take a tour. Car hire Barcelona offers a great ride too. With this, you can check out Barri Gòtic or known as "Gothic Quarter" in Catalan. You might want to check the car hire Orlando offer too. Then you can go check out Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Glaslow in United Kingdom is some place to go to also. The car hire Glaslow is always ready to serve to you too.

There are a bunch of places to check out that I can’t count. But one thing is for sure, having a car hire which would make you spend less will be very helpful. If you don’t have a car, better because you pay less and no need to buy one –just when you need it. Lastly, the car hire services mentioned offer eco-friendly cars that can help save our mother earth. I’d love to take one of these car hires when I can. Someday, I'd like to travel different places.

Golf in Germany

Golf is one of the rarest hobbies of individuals. Though, we don’t know that golf is one pretty cool sport. With a swing, we will learn how to aim or focus. Also, we can learn a lot of new friends with the same interest. In Germany, Chiemsee Bavaria – they have a golf school wherein they have a “Golf Platzreife” which is the permission to allow a person to play Golf sport. Some manage to learn easily, and they enjoy every moment of their golf adventure. Best, is that we are challenged.

If I were given the chance, I would love to check out Germany, at Chiemesee. I might enjoy golf, and maybe tag along some friends or my family. That would really be exciting, since a few only know how to play golf. In our country we actually don’t. I’m hoping someday I can play Golf sport. Maybe it’d be a great hobby.

Iphones and 3G Mobile Phones

Iphones, and 3G mobiles phones are the newest trends that are popular nowadays. If you own these products, you can listen to any kind of music wherever you are. You can record our own songs, and even watch videos if that would please you. It would definitely be cool to have an iphone or a 3G mobile phone around.

Other than that, these can be of great uses to our business. These gadgets are so popular most especially to the youngsters; almost every teenager would want to own one. It's really a good thing that there are websites that offer a Wholesale of iPhones. They will supply you of these gadgets of large quantities, all in good condition, plus the price would be much cheaper for you, too. These would be a great deal in your business. With these iPhone Wholesale they have provided, you can make much more money from. It’s. best that we should go to a reliable source such as this website I just found out that provides iPhone wholesale of gadgets.

With our current era, being updated with technology is a good advantage. This leads to a conclusion that being a supplier of these high-tech gadgets will be of in demand in your business. Purchasing of wholesale is the basic step for you to reach your way to the top, and if you do plan to sell gadgets because of the high demand it has right now, go to a Wholesale iPhone Website, be wise on choosing your supplier and be rich.

Kids and gifts

Parents say, the best part of being parents is how you made your children who they are today. As for my parents, what they are missing are the times when I was a just a toddler. They loved every moment we had back then – my first baby steps, my first word and how I played my silly childish games.

One day, when I have children I want their childhood to become very special too. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had nice memories as a kid? For sure they would really be touched every time they share their life as kids.

I would love to give them gifts – personalized children’s plates, a toddler backpack, nap mats and more kid’s stuff. Actually, kids are very easy to please. They’d be happy as long as you give them something on a birthday or a Christmas. That’s why kids are easier to handle than elders. I bet that’s why my mom miss me as a kid too, because some people, as they grow up, they tend to look for more things.

In the end, what’s good is that we try to give. Gifts make kids happy and even adults, no matter how painful the price is. They feel they are appreciated. And I’m sure we, who give gifts feel happiness too because we made someone smile.


When we talk about loans, we are talking about a sensitive thing because money is involved. When we think about loaning, we should be cautious since many people get tricked and end up in debt, some even in prison. And when we go online, the World Wide Web has tons of website regarding loans – promising many things that they are safe, but are they really?

Yet despite all of this, I found “Home Loan Modification”. A website trustworthy enough, if we’re talking about loans. They offer help for you to be able to manage your loans and stop foreclosure. They can also help you reduce your mortgage payments. This way, you won’t have any problems, of being in debt and losing control of your money being spent.

I’d recommend you check out their offers and services since it is reasonable to ask help especially if you are in doubt of your own handling of your loans.

What are gifts for?

Birthdays, weddings, debuts, anniversaries – there’s something common with these events. Have a thought what’s that? Well, it’s none other than gifts. At these times, people give gifts, just like during Christmas and on mother’s day, father’s day or sort of day with a specific celebration. It’s the thought that counts but gifts really make things more exciting.

At the thought of these things, I suddenly remembered it was my dad’s birthday this coming June 13. Whew! So I’ve got to go get some gift, right? I haven’t given Mom and Dad any gift at all since self made cards.

Other than my mom and dad, I also remembered my niece who I haven’t visited for a while. I wish I can give her something. Maybe personalized kid’s backpacks and baby memory books would do since she’s still very young and still a kid. What do you think?

Maybe mom would love laundry bags because she might have a use for them too.

And today happens to be my 30th monthsary with my boyfriend. So, I need many ideas what gifts to check out.

Well, whatever I give I’m sure they’ll appreciate. Be it a small gift or big, the sense of giving is remembering. A gift is a little sentiment a person can keep and treasure. The person you give gifts to will always be happy, at the thought that you cared to leave something for her no matter how busy life is.

New trend of technology

Over the past years, technology had many developments. It started from abacus to machineries, calculators to computers, up to many inventions. Whoever invented all this stuff, it sure had made life way easier than before.

As a student, knowledge about technology had become a must for me especially because I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Technology. Meaning to say, to be on track with our current technology trends is a must.

I usually have to rent a computer outside our campus for my school stuffs, spending more money plus the payment for internet usage. As time went by though, things have changed. Like said, many inventions were discovered. Those are the likes of a laptop, which you can bring anywhere. They allow me to finish my projects in. A netbook is also handy since it’s easier to bring around, and works even better than a laptop.

The good thing about these “new trends”, be it a laptop, netbook, or notebook is that it also makes you feel everything you pay for is worth it. Why buy a computer when you can’t bring it at school, right? Computers may last longer, but these new things will make life easier.

Online Casino Games

So far, I’ve only watched movies that had casinos as part of their movies. There was even one where in the movie, it was said that there was some technique in able to win in the games. I always wondered if those were true, I mean, with the use of mind. This often made me want to try online casino games. So, upon my search through google, I stumbled into this live online roulette blog. They also have a live roulette and live dealer roulette. Made me wondered how to make this casino stuff worked.

Since I’m into online games, it wouldn’t harm if I try this online game right? It can be maybe a new way I can spend the rest of my vacation. Add up to that, that I discover how to play casino with no sweat!

I bet it would be even fun if I tag along some other acquaintances. It’s good that it’s online, there would be no problem anymore, no need to pay for a trip and no need to go anywhere but stay home. All we need to do is sit in front of our computer and play, voila! I hope you check this out too, what do you know? Maybe you’ll find it enjoyable.

Easy Money

Advertise on blogs

There are many websites that gives you the chance to be paid through blogging. These sites, however, are either hard to deal with or closed for great opportunities. I first stumbled into PayingPost by Mr. Google's help when I was researching for websites that paid you to blog. PayingPost is a site giving you an easy way to earn. And unlike others, they let you pick the topic of your interest.

You can also be challenged because the tasks you reserved for yourself is given a time to complete. Would it be, 6 hours or more your brain will be sharpened. You will be urged to study words, articles where you'll gain something. Other than that, their opportunities make it more a challenge giving you instructions. Just make sure to follow very well. Remember, a good writer is also a good reader.

Actually, I didn't expect I'd get much money at PayingPost thinking it was a cheap site but hey! I was wrong. I read you must earn $50 for the payout. $50 is a big thing,you know. In PayingPost, that cash can be in your hands in a matter time. Only and if only we pay attention to what each opportunities require and if we read very well the topics we want to review.

I'm just starting in PayingPost, but I can say it has given me good experiences. I learned giving effort, and managing my time. The best part is that they pay you while you learn and gain knowledge.