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This blog is my very first serious blog. I mean, after blogging in different blog hosts such as Diaryland,, Xanga and LiveJournal.

It was my first personal blog and even if I already owned Wordpress blogs hosted by my hosting website, I come back to it once in awhile because it is filled with many awesome memories - from the day I loved blogging, my hate days and so on. Most of the stuff are during my high school and 1st year college days and I love those days even if they're already yesterdays.

Why COLOR ME RAINBOW?  - Because I like colorful things, and my life too is colorful in so many ways <3

Blogger Chiq

I go by the name Nadine, alisa URIKO for WWW. I enjoy sleeping A LOT, eating, singing, writing, drawing and molding clays. I also love anime. I was born on the day Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought for their lives. I love stars and staring at them makes me feel happy more than anything :)