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Unfortunately, I haven't blog hopped with this blog. Or visited your blogs. I hope you don't mind. It's really hard to manage time especially with multiple blogs (@_@)

Thank you for Jean for my new layout, I will put it up soon I promise.
Just too busy. And I'm trying out something which is kinda dreadful
but I have to work hard, me wants to earn money >.<
Miss you all, take care :)

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So sorry :3

Goodbye fats!

The hardest thing for me, and women like me who just crave for food is this one thing called “diet”. How do you keep up with it, when every minute you see delicious food, yummy street food and even pizza? I wish I knew how. But worry not, because there’s a solution for all these diet troubles.

Now, this is what we call “diet supplements”. As we all know, health supplements of such are contain many vitamins, and help us not only lose weight but gain good health. Isn’t it great? You get to have a good body, plus you don’t have to trouble yourself that much.

I would suggest you check this list of best diet supplements. You can just check their information. They give in every detail for anyone with doubts to become doubtless. Plus they have been trusted; there are even user reviews if you want proof.

Wouldn’t it be great if you losing weight were way easier? I know it would, especially if you are the type of person who is anxious of keeping yourself fit and beautiful. I assure you, these diet products that work will never fail you. In fact they’ll help you become a better person, believe in yourself and boost confidence.

Let’s say goodbye altogether to the ugly fats inside our body, and move forward with a smile.

The Wedding

One of the important events in a woman’s life is a wedding. At this day, our dreamy imaginations come true which we never thought would. However, before we proceed to the wedding we make so many preparations first.

Those preparations would be almost everything that makes up the wedding. The place, the food, the people, the special numbers, games, or whatsoever plan you want for your wedding to have. And even before the wedding, there could be a wedding party favors by the couple or those invited. A party before the wedding will really be great. Brides can give their bridal shower favors as well be it before or after the wedding. Lastly, the couple would want their wedding favors granted because it’s their wedding.

Well, I assure to you it’s not really how expensive or extravagant the wedding is. What matters is the matrimony, because this is the day two souls unite as one not only for a lifetime but forever, and until earth fades into dust.

Friends and Gifts

“Do unto others what you want others to do to you.”

According to the golden rule, in order to get respect, love and care from your fellow men you must always be right in the way you treat them too. Just think of it, everyday in our lives we see different faces, meet different people and eventually become friends with some. However, in some situations because of dislike and hate some of these people become our enemy, nemesis or whatsoever which we don’t want in our life.

But we all know that isn’t cool at all. It is in fact, a downside as a person. When you hate someone, you carry something heavy within your heart and of course you don’t want that! In the end, I suggest you just make up with your unlikable fellow. The truth behind all creations after all is that all of us are sisters and brothers, so try to forget hate right?

As an end to my little thought for you, a gift for friends and those you want to become friends with will be very nice. The likes of a towel wrap, laundry bag, and a nap mats preschool. Yet there are more suggestions of course, try giving gifts which is better than making enemies, it makes your heart feel supreme joy.

Make friends, not enemies everyone!
I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

SEO, earn money.

Nowadays, all people would do anything to earn money. Yet, looking for a job that could sustain you with all your needs is a hard thing. Since they say, we are all going through a “world crisis” less people get good jobs, and most get fired, or their companies suddenly shut down their operations. Luckily, there are things we can get many from and one of those is by blogging. You can do advertising through blogging and you can also try what they call “SEO”.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and could also stand as the Search Engine Optimizer. What is SEO anyway? It is the process of getting excellent traffic with the help of search engines. If you wonder what the Ways of SEO are and what it does, well it does a lot of magic.

It is because having good traffic does not only give you a larger number of hits. It is also one way you can earn money, with the help of your ads that pick up your visitors interests and you won’t even know after a while you’re earning more than you can imagine.

Many bloggers I know have become successful with the help of SEO, even I am trying it out myself because surely it is challenging and it will be rewarding once you earn from the hard work you’ve been going through. It’s not really that much of a hard work, but to SEO you must do many things.

First, get a good blog and make sure your layout is SEO friendly. Try to befriend people so in return they will regularly visit your blog. Get link exchanges, because the many the links you get to your site google will raise up your page rank which is a necessity in this field, SEO. Learn bookmarking, which is one way to let other people know what’s up in your blog. Join forums, and social communities such as plurk and twitter. And most importantly, post juicy or interesting stuff you know people would dig, like or get useful information.

Like the usual way of earning money, SEO takes a lot of patience too. The only good thing with it is that you don’t need to go places far from home, or you can just bring your laptop or something. The only thing required are good posts that are interesting, hard work and patience. In a couple of months or so, you’ll surely notice the great changes, the fruit of the hard work you did in the field of SEO. So, start earning money now!