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Eating/Drinking: STRAWBERRY YOGURT:)

The internet feels excited ayon kay mr. imood :)

Putting that aside. My long abscence will be broken anytime soon, really, because by next two weeks vacation starts - unless it takes me to fix my clearance specially now that i have get another library id. i lost it last night during our foundation day :(
MY WALLET, along with my sentimental letters and pictures..

Tha sadness.
Not to mention that today's friday the 13th, and uh. NVM:)

OH WEEEELL, bottom line:


Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Gusto ko magmura atc gusto ko magtagalog dahil sobrang nayayamot nako sa putek na magulang ko. Magulang nga talaga naman MAGULAN PUTANGINA. magsama kayo ng kapitana ng pinagbuhatan na pinaghintay kami ng 5 na oras. IKAW ANG MALI KASI NAGHINTAY KA SA INTERNVIEW. TANG INA NYO WAG NIYO NA KO PAG BIRTHDAY EN. WALA NAMANG PINAGKAIBA SA TEN YEARS OLD AKO. ANG HIHINA NYO. KOLEHIYO NAKO TANG INA!!!!!

Kasalanan ko daw.
2 pm pasado ng hapon palang naghintay kami para interviewehin ang lecheng kapitan ng brngy Pinagbuhatan. Okay, 4 or 5 dadating daw. NAGPASCHEDULE kami. Umabot ng alasais ang pagdating okay, ang dami ng tao. BULLSHIT. WALLFLOWER KAMi. magdamag kami nanood ng baduy na palabas ng channel 7. Nagjojoke na nga lang kami ni Christian para maaliw. Tapos ihing ihi na kami. 7, leche. SUMUKO nakami. Uwi na tayo sabi ko sa Christian. Ni hindi na nga niya naasikaso yung para sa interview niya dahil inasahan namin maiinterview namin ang kapitanang leche. AYUN. as in super, usapan namin un nung isang officer don, hawak niya pa mga tanong namen. FUCK.

Uwi nakami, maglalakad. Wala na pamasahe. LAKAD. aray ko po. Sakit na ng paa ko. At paguwi ko sesermonan ako na wala man daw ako pasabi, kalokohan ko daw. TANG INA BULL SHIT FUCK! Sa lahat kasi ng oras bakit kailangan mali ako? Pag gagawa pa ako ng tama dun niyo ko aasintahin, kausapin niyo pa yung nagassist don sa lecheng baranggay hall na yon! Magsama kayo ni Punyepatan!!!!!!!! TANG INA. Komo alam niyong wala kong kakampi dito, mag isang anak niyo ko na walang kalabanlaban at karapatan! SA INYO NA YANG KEYK NYO!!!!

DI ko karapatan maging 17. Kahit ibalik niyo na ko sa kindergarten wala naman pinagkaiba. Minsan, sana bumalik nalang sa thailand tatay ko. Mas okey na magpamiss siya eh. Mas okay dun malapit siya sa Diyos "sabi niya" pero sa totoo lang walang pinagbago. Ang kitid lalo ng utak niya. Magsama sana sila ng nanay ko. Ay super bagay po sila. SHET.

BUTI sana kung nagyoyosi ako patago, pero hindi.
BUTI SANA KUNG NAGLALASING AKO gaya ng klasmeyts ko. HINDI rin eh.
BUTI SANA kung nagcutting classes ako ng to the max kaso di rin.
BUTI SANA kung may dinrop akong subject kaso wala.

COLLEGE BA KO SA MATA NYO? alam ko maliit ako at walang height, pero wala
namang ganyanan!

EXCUSE ME KASI eh, college ako, di lang basta alasais ang uwi ko sa lahat ng oras.
FYI, uwian ko nung first sem alas nuebe pa, nagtaka kapa?

BUTI kung ako yung typical na estudyanteng nagboypren na nga, kung umuwi alas ewan ng gabi

KASO HINDI. nagboypren ako oo, pero matino ako! Kahit sino pa tanungin niyo.
SAbi pa nga ng boypren ko puro ako aral at hindi ko siya inintindi.

ako walang ganyanan!!

PAKSHET EH. DI ako marunong magmura pero kapag kamuramura na ang ginagawa sakin,
di ko kaya. Magampon nalang kayo ng good girl niyo. Yung tipong robot ang dating. Kesyo di ko lang kayo nabigyan ng medalya nung high school eh, kala niyo kung sino kayo.

Wag niyo nalang ako pag aralin kung gusto niyo. Hayaan niyo nalang ako sa lansangan.

Wala naman kayong pangintindi na hindi na ko bata para bigyan ng curfew to the max.

Biruin nyo, isang oras hanggang dalawa lang ako nalate sa uwian taym ko talaga kung magreact
kayo parang nagtanan nako. Kesyo kasama ko boypren ko. Di ako kagaya niyo. Landi. Magboboypren ako pero wala kong balak magasawa. Kung un ang tingin niyo saken gusto nio gawin ko? LECHE EH.

Mahahanap niyo rin gusto niyo pag ako napuno. MAWAWALA din ako sa paningin niyo!

Me pa spongebob cake pa kayong nalalaman. LAMUNIN NIYO!!


*sori nagmura ako pero di ko matake ang emosyon.

some quick post..

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Thinking Of: HMMM BEKEYSYON!!!:)

It's almost 2 am. Hmm. I just want to say, I MISS BLOGGING. Anyways, I'm having second thoughts whether imma move to wp and find some host or stick to blogger. LOL. i'm so indecisive. this that and this. Christian is already asleep. Plus he'd hate me if he reads this
cuz he thought i slept along with him, we were plurking a while ago. plurk has been reeeeally useful. and o well, thanks to symbianize forum we get to surf the net through our mobile phones for free:)

i was urged to post because i received a mail from linkreferral. it made me inspired, and brought
my blog spirit because i was soooo touched because i didn't know i had 5 reviews for my blog and all had high points! now, i should get those buttons back :))

oooo. and uhm, i wanna blog hop. as in, now:) haha but i bet all my blog friends are asleep already. and uh, my KP at plurked dropped.. but i don't really mind at all!haha.
HMMM there's not much sense in this post.

tomorrow (or should i say today) i'll work on my english thesis AGAIN and my PCL research.

Can't wait for vacaaaation ughhh!
Plus the heat is killing me.
My biirthdaay is on 15th but i really
hate summer..


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Hmmm. D flying ninja is sooo uber not interested in blogging anymore because other than the lazyness she's also uuuber busy. Foundation week will start tomorrow, then finals, then vacation!
Hurrah!:)) i am thinking of finding some good web host as i want to use plugins which blogger doesn't have xD

Hmm so anyway, i wanna rant :O's endless i know, but i just wanna share how miserable my english love has been.
I mean, my love to the subject. it has totally died. PUNYEPATAN *LOL his name transformed*
lost our thesis drafts this time, yes, confirmed. I CANT BELIEVE HOW CARELESS THIS GUY IS.

I WISH HE'D GO TO HELL, my parents are already asking me if they want to help reporting the
jerk. but it's just that i don't want to get my name ditched just because of some stuuupiddness.

OH WELL. I'M SO LAZY to blog:)) haha.

And besides. I wanna move somewhere else:)
Where there can only be miiii, one nadine, one ninja
one one one one two threee woooo:)
ugh. I am longiiing for vacation! Anyway..

HAPPY 28th MONTHSARYYYYYYY BEEEYBIIII.'re the only one who is keeping me happy ^^,

O. BTW, Nadine will turn 17 this 15th:)
don't spoil my joy..

Imma go to the department of student affairs
to report Mr. Pangatpatan, his real name. he's such
a JERK. one day, you're going to go down i swear
with that kind of attitude. DONT MESS WITH ME.

I'm missing..

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Thinking Of: Lub.Lub.Lub. hmm, Friday:)
Eating/Drinking: NOTHING, i'm full!

Here is ME again:) *i meant the grammar to be wrong. haha**
Anyways, i feel like i've been absent here in the blogosphere for the longest time of
my life, almost 7 days/1wk i think, i drop by sometimes but i rarely do like those nights
i spent hours of blog hopping. even my blog rank flunked 20 ranks or so. haha.

We're finally done with our thesis in Filipino, even the defense. FINALLY, so i am feeling a bit
lightened:) . I was really depressed because of that for days, not to mention the piles of projects
that never ended (even now!) haha - So I was sleepless, reeally, I usually slept at 4am or so and when i go to school i look like i take drugs and i was always sleepy. We still have an English thesis to work for, and again, Pangetpatan is striking back with his stupidity of loosing our papers x[ arrrghh! i mean it, i am really having this feeling now that he's doing it for a purpose, imagine, before, he kept loosing my topic and Christian's - this time around, we passed our drafts and guess what? HE LOST IT.

i don't really want to talk about it, let's just say.. HM, hooray yay MATH GO, FIL GO!
*yea i'm totally detesting english now* until Pangetpatan is out of my sight.

My last post was a drama, but well, things got well the following days:) Yeeeesh, i used my
acting talent. I cried in front of Christian like a small girl who was begging for candy for him to stop bugging me why i am quiet and upset. 'twas after english time, you know me, i'm hating english right now so when we get to that subject i'm usually not in the mood...and well there goes the story ^^, (too long)

Anyways, I'd like to thaaank Janile for the gift she made me.
MYYY this kid is sooo talented!:)

And also ate Madz gave me this:)

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are FABULOUS.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award

...hmmm but i'll repost later, give a guess who i'll nominate. haha :)
thanks so much too them..


still busy:|

Sometimes the heart speaks itself silently :|

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Thinking Of: -_- too many to mention.
Eating/Drinking: Got no appetite. Don't want to eatT_T

Hello. It's been a long while I haven't posted:) Been to busy with thesis and research and ugh, more school stuff. Well anyway I'm dropping by with this post today. Remember, before? Along with my posts was my plans of creating a website for Christian? Remember about the sweet note for him? I was going to post it but I'm going to make another instead, and about the site, i'll do it later cuz we're still caught up with school thing-thingsssss.

I fell in love with your eyes the first time I saw you. At that moment, I was intruiged of your angelique smile. I wanted to know you, I wanted to own you- but I couldnt. I was tangled with another guy, at that time confused and unfortunate for me i had to be with him, for i was scared to love you; many girls surrounded you like crazy, how i envied them that they can let you know they like you and be happy:]

I was foolish at that time. Let myself fall to a wrong path. I was to fragile that with my confused heart i broke my own heart, myself, and i was scattered into pieces. most of the time when i was with the other guy..

we became friends after a while, and each time we talked, how i wanted to kill myself slowly knowing you would never be mine. how i envied her they said she's the one you liked, what else? loved?

but no i was wrong after all. the moment the guy i trusted let go of my hand to misery you came along. An angel in disguise was my angel indeed, that was when i found out i was the one you liked all along. That like the first day, the first time you laid your eyes on me - you wanted to know me, you wanted me yours for there was something unique looking in each other's eyes.

it wasn't long until we belonged to each other, it was the best moment of my life. More than happy I could be, more than loving you could be..

But things changed in a matter of time the first time you thought i was liking another guy than you - which wasn't true. I tried to convince you but we kept having arguements because of him, as he was my bestfriend. but i tried and tried, unfortunately it's never forgotten. although it's not what we argue about anymore. But that was when everything changed, because since then, we had so many battles and tears. The second time was with you getting involved with a girl who liked you, but after a while i got over it (well, i think i did.)

then the third, then the nth. Probably the nights when you fell asleep while we were at the verge of our discussions where also part of those. and my moments of childishness, selfish thoughts, cold nights.

i became childish, i became selfish and self centered. now, all i keep waiting for is for you to please me when i was mad. when i was very sad, when i was not alright. but it rarely happened. maybe once or twice.

i miss you and i both. i miss the once or twice that you hugged me when i was mad instead of interrogating why i kept quiet. why i always explain to you when i want to be quiet it means i'm not alright, it means I NEED YOUR COMFORT, it means i want a hug. no matter how pointless i am, because as a girl, i want to be a princess, can't you be my prince too?

i don't want to ever have another, i swear. and i'm sorry for being me, like this, not your patient girl that you had before. i just thought you knew me more, i'm not always patient, i'm not always ms. happy all the way because i'm human enough to feel cold at days i don't like what's happening, what i hear, what i see, i feel.

forgive me i ignore you. forgive me that i love you and if i hurt you still.

now, there were about more than thrice we argued and almost had a break up. but i never give up no matter how much arguements really, it's just that i'm confident you'll stay beside me. at those times, there was never a time that we didn't plead each other to make up because we didn't want to have pain through the night, when we were apart.

forgive me if don't talk much when i'm upset, forgive me i expect you already know at those moments i talk to myself in my mind and think things over, that i suddenly become quiet at times ... at times there are really things i don't like, and i wanted you to notice that without me telling you - i thought you could, but you always couldn't. forgive me making you a mind reader and fortune teller or so.

i want to believe in us forever you know, it's not you, it's not me.
i don't know, i just..*silence*

You're the only one i wanna grow old with. You're the only one i wanna be with, lifetime, infinite time..

Hello :D

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Thinking Of: Thesis & Defense in Fil
- _-

I want to update. I can't help myself. Hahaha. I just got up a couple of hours ago because after we went to Pangetpatan's house to submit our thesis drafts in english my body just weakened and while waiting for my hubby to go online i feel asleep. I was using my cp so i really got sleepy lookin at it.

Anyways, here are some of our pics during our college tour..

*Pheew* it took me an hour uploading tsktsk (i had to resize and upload one by one)
Tsktsk, the pictures are only of me, yanyan and some sceneries because the whole
time I was with him. And i wasn't really into group pics cuz I'm not into group-friends right now.

Anyways, what really happened that day? Well,I got up around I wasn't able to sleep because
I was sooo excited. Wahahaha. My mom & dad were grumpy because they had to wake up
at 3 am to take me and Christian there. When we got to Christian's place I had to cry :(
Because he only got up when we got there, i reminded him to wake up earlier. I was
so ashamed because mom & dad got even more upset, plus, it's a kind of disgrace
because his image to my parents is now not as it was before,
now they think i always wait for him..

I didn't talk to Christian but later I did since I didn't want to spoil the fun.
Our first stop was at Sutherland Global Services, i didn't find it muh exciting cuz
Christian and I were at bad terms again when we got there. haha (LOL, i was moody that day)
We were taught about BPO, and more stuff about their services. They were much like
a call center but according to them they're not cuz they're something even better than that. ECHOS. Next stop was at PAGASA where various instruments to find out weather were
introduced to us, now, at this time Christian and I were okay so I was alright. I even took picture of a ducky and her ducklings (Don't really know if it's a duck!) hahaha.

Fast forward..

The best part was the swimming, of course it was what everyone was
waiting for, but honestly i did not enjoy it that much cuz i didn't know
how to swim haha. But Christian thought me how. I enjoyed the tour
probably because i was sitting next to Christian,the snacks because
there were so many! and the walks. i just love getting somewhere
far home. it's something new.

the following two days our teachers didn't show up
In short, there were no classes!!!
YAY, but we're having so many projects,
thesis, and even a defense. Hence, we are on a rush!!!

AWWW. When I buy time, I'll make up for what i missed:)
I want to make Christian a website :)

But I dunno when.. tsktsk.
I wish this school madness is over,]
even finals is coming up..!!!