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Hi, I'm still alive.

Just busy with some jobs, website layouts and whatnots - of course sleeping. And honestly, I don't know what to blog here :_: Haha!

But here, I'm blogging! So far summer vacation is fine. I hope I'll make the best of it. This Saturday I hope me and the boyf will be able to go out. He's always too busy with work so it's a bummer lol~

I stay at home unlike my best friends, my boyfriend, and so me and my netbook is in a relationship. LOL. I want to buy a laptop though, one with awesomestatic specs! Hah! But I don't think I can buy it now, I hope by June. LOL I wish.

I'm busy like them though, with whatever I do online. So it should be fine :) I miss blogging here :)
Well, til next time folks! Kiyaaa!

10 Facts Every Urban Planner Should Know About Cities

A lot of knowledge has to go into the planning of a city. This is not just a collection of buildings but a living organism that can only thrive if it is well put together. Everything must be in its proper place and an urban planner should know where that place is. Here are 10 facts that every urban planner should know about cities.

Every City Is Different

There isn't one blueprint that can be followed to make every city a great one. Every city is unique and must be designed to meet the needs of the people who live there now and who will live there in the future. With every city an urban planner is asked to reinvent the wheel.

Cities Grow

A city is not a work of art that you create and then it's done. Cities grow and change and every urban planner should know that. This allows urban planners to create one version of a city that leaves the potential for an expanded version to be formed later on.

Every City Location Has Its Advantages

There are upsides to every city location. An urban planner can use these natural advantages to make any city the best it can be. These natural advantages can also help to set a city apart from the rest.

Every City Location Has Its Disadvantages

Every city location is bound to have some challenges. They are probably not insurmountable but they will be there. Every urban planner has to be aware of these disadvantages and to do their best to overcome them.

Cities Have Personalities

Cities themselves have personalities. Some cities are known for having a cold, distant feel before you speak to anyone there while others feel warm and welcoming even if you never speak to a single soul. Knowing this, you can craft the personality of a city to be what you would like it to be.

City Layouts Affect The Environment

City layouts can be conducive to different types of transportation such as in the form of cars, mass transportation, pedestrians, and bicycles. The ease of travel by each of these methods will help to decide how people get around a city and how much pollution they create while traveling.

City Layouts Help Determine What People Do

People do what a city gives them to do. Parks, museums, and whatever else is conveniently located are going to be more popular than attractions that are inaccessible or that are simply not there.

City Businesses Are Affected By Urban Planning

You just need to be aware of this. The specifics depend on a city and its businesses. If you want businesses to be successful ask yourself how urban planning can help.

Cities Need To Be Beautiful And Functional

Many urban planning foibles have happened because urban planners became too wrapped up in make a city beautiful or functional. Every city needs to be both.

Cities Are Living Things

Cities are living things. They grow, change, have personalities, and can thrive or wither. If something isn't working then you need to take action to restore a city to a robust state of health.

Writing about getting an MS in urban planning is the main focus of TR HEINECKER's work.

Blog ni ako: Special Screening of Tum My Pledge of Love

wow. Kaso dapat ate nagpapicture ka ng madami! Bwahaha <3 I only saw its trailer sa movie mukhang okay naman :)