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Do not mind this post

A hand kids past a misplaced believer.

I'm busy doing bloghopping with Loving Pink. Will do this next :D Then continue with my fashion blog layout. And then work. Haaaa why so busy :P

Everyone deserves love

Love is something so precious and rare. Some may say they are in love but finding TRUE LOVE is a different matter. But not only can you find love with someone but also in people, your family and friends.

However, some are not fortunate to get love evenly from all the people around them. Some receive love unequally such as those who have illnesses like STD and others.
People think of them differently and thus they all feel like outcasts in our environment. But that’s not the end of the story my friend. I found recently about this website, where everyone with STD are very welcome to fall in love, meet people and friends. It’s where they can be treated rightfully and they can find other people like them searching for souls who will accept who they are, regardless of their condition. If you want to be part of them, then know this there are Positive Singles: You Are Not Alone!

Anyone can fall in love, anyone can be loved.

March is ending soon eh?

Just awhile ago March was just starting. But now, in a few days April is on! Can you smell the summer air?

I do! But I know for me it will still be busy but definitely, there will be more sleeping days and Aruarose days. Hohoho, and I will do my best to work on my sites so I will earn lots of money ~ Hopefully. Plans and ideas are showering that now I am very sleepy because my brains cannot take them all anymore! Tsk.

I plan to check Microworkers again soon, you know, big things comes from small things :)

Okay, got to go now <3 Just wanted to update this blog.

And so, for the vertical blinds!

Okay, I recently posted I want to buy some blinds for our house but I thought again and again until I thought about Made to measure Vertical Blinds. I said to myself maybe they’re even better!

Since I thought about it I didn’t actually know there were tons of kinds of blinds. I only see blinds at school. I guess they’re the normal ones. Then I stumbled to the online shop I told you about. I was like “whoa!” when I saw the designs and the blinds that were available. Maybe if my mom knew about it she’d be overjoyed.

Now if you’re wondering the real reason why I would love to have blinds at home is because of the hot weather. I seriously think that will help a lot. I just hope what will enter inside the house is cold air, not pollution nor hot air.

What can you say? I haven’t seen blinds for a while now - call me a noob or what. Tsktsk. But I’m still clueless on what kind of blinds would be good to have at home. But I guess a little more browsing and researching will help a lot. What are your thoughts in buying blinds for your home?

Spice up your homes!

I live in a simple house neither big nor small. But I love being at home. I like sleeping on my bed during cold mornings, I like viewing the sun outside our windows.
But do you want to know something? I secretly want to have venetian blinds for our house! I’ve been seeing a lot of them in this online shop where there were so many fabulous items and materials that you can buy for your rooms and houses.

So, right now I will be saving up for that. I want one in my room, in our comfort room and all rooms! Haha! Beat that! It will be really neat to look out plus it’s timely because it is summer, it will be very hot without decent windows that can help bring in air at home.

Having one is a must, so if you’re a mom or someone who just want the best for your homes and who wants to be fab at the same time this is the solution. It will be attractive to your visitors too especially if you choose the fancy ones. For me I just want the best one!

Truth be told, we’ve never had any blinds at home. Therefore, this will be a cool change!

March is so!

I should be sleeping lolx. But I wanted to relax, when I can't think properly - I blog. Isn't it weird? I think properly while typing though.

Anyways, I saw I had so many tasks I can get in inPostLinks but I can't reserve them because I don't know if I can do them! Well, let's see. I'm still working on something now, other than our thesis. I think I'll do that again later as my brain won't function right now when I code stuff.

I hope March will be better soon. Just a little. Please. Be betterrr. March 15 T_T


As a teenager I always hated skin problems – pimples, rashes and so on. Most of all, I hate dandruff! But this scared me when I found out about psoriasis symptoms and that dandruff could be one symptom!

Well you see psoriasis isn’t just a joke because it’s a serious skin problem most people are suffering right now. It’s so itchy that it’s so annoying. Scratching it will just cause you to get blisters and more skin problems so it is best you consult your doctor now if you think it’s getting worse.

Do not disregard the itchy scalp and the flaking skins you’re experiencing if you have any of those, it could lead to a worse scenario or illness so I hope this post reaches out to you to let you know that you should not forget your health. And yes, even the little things can cause a lot of problems such as dandruff – worsening to psoriasis.

And if you want to help others, it won’t hurt by informing them about this, let them be aware the dangers there could be with this skin illness, what can they do and how they can avoid making it all worse. Remember, doing good to others will do good for you too.

I miss playing the guitar

When I was in first year high school, my uncle introduced me to guitar playing. I was so in loved with playing the guitar – I made my own songs, sang my favorite songs while playing the guitar and so on. But then my passion for it faded until eventually, I just quit.

Well, not really quit. But I haven’t used my guitar for already almost 2 to 3 years. I’ve been thinking maybe guitar lessons can refresh my mind on my lost passion for playing guitar.

Actually maybe one of these days I will buy a new small guitar. My old one is really huge, it’s acoustic but I can’t use its “acoustic-ness” anyway because the wires inside the guitar are broken or something. It’s an old model guitar but I kept it because my parents gave it me and of course – it was my very first guitar!

Will I have another? Well I don’t know. Maybe you can let me borrow? Hehe, anyways if I were you I’d go for those lessons so I’ll enjoy having a guitar and who knows maybe you’ll become a star with playing the guitar and singing just like a few famous ones we know of.