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I'm Outdated!

The songs in my computer and my cellphone are so outdated! So today, I must update to the fullest! But, it’s really hard because I feel lazy to go download them one by one via Youtube. I don’t like downloading with Limewire either, because that place is a virus prone place.

So, what can be your suggestion? Well, my friend had something cool to offer me. He told me about a great source of all mp3 songs I might want to download to keep away from being outdated, and yes, for everyone’s curiosity here it is – simple yet amazing, he told me about an MP3 Search Engine he always went to when he wanted to download songs!

Now, I’ve got no problem! The only problem maybe, is finding out what songs am I to download. Because I hardly know songs, but I need not worry because I know they’ll be just a click away, especially now that my friend introduced to me a good place to start downloading from!

Sure enough, I won’t be outdated anymore – and my PsP will have some songs in it! I haven’t inputted any songs to it since I got it. Yes, I lack interest to music lately. But thanks to my friend!!!

Don't just go for cheap..

Look for quality as well! That's what most on-line website owners deal with when looking for an affordable web host, and one that has more up-times rather than down-times. Some claim to be cheap and affordable – but when it comes to quality they flunk.

I, as a blogger is aware of this. I advise that once you’re experience too much down times or problems with your host you better go for a change. Sure, your host may have all explanations in the world but the point is, do you think they’re giving you what you paid for? For sure, they won’t be able to answer that anymore proven that your website is suffering too many down-times.

That’s why budget host exists. They’re not only cheap and they do not just fit your budget but they aim to give the best service for your websites – to leave you with no worry and have a website that will exist 24/7.

Affordable, yes – there maybe a lot other hosts out there offering his but are you sure they’ve got what it takes to be a real host? A real website host which has full support, and non-stop great service to offer for their customers.

Things can happen.

In a short span of time, many things can happen. Many ideas can come true and many inventions can exist. Within a minute, things change in a manner that we don’t notice most of them.

That’s what the article I read from left me with. They gave me an impression, that anything can change. Who would’ve thought of having an Electric motorcycle right? It sounds cooler than cool. It will truly be a help to our mother earth to lessen the use of toxic smoke belching motorcycles.

Well, life is I guess, a wonder-ful life. It has many things to ponder on and you won’t expect what it can give you.

Getting a girlfriend...

Is one of the most challenging part in a man's life. I asked this many times to my boyfriend. Ha-ha.And he says it was hard because he never planned on having one but because of me he had to find out himself How to get a girlfriend.

And there are a lot of ways actually. Over the internet, there are many articles. Or through a friend who already had a girlfriend or relationships of the kind. Best advise would be following an advise from a girl-friend. They know better because they're girls. But again, girls have different tastes right? :)

What is your favorite subject?

Personally, I think English just suits me. But when I found out about Psychology, I also started loving it. It’s a great subject, you get to know about lots of things and how things came to be – you start to understand life even more.

And although I didn’t get a high grade in our exams, I still look forward this subject because it sounds intruiging, especially the part regarding the study of ghosts, not that I’m into haunting stuff, I actually have never seen a ghost other than my boyfriend (just kidding).

I also like it when our teacher make us watch films that are really fun – once, we got to watched The Sixth Sense. I only heard that when I was a child, and yes it’s been a long time since that movie was a hit.

I never got to watch it until our professor let us because my mom and dad wouldn’t let me. I also love how nice our professor is. So, to improve myself, from now on I will read articles about Psychology!

Fighting for Success

There times we run out of money suddenly. And no, we can’t predict that. You know, things just happen – like losing a job, a house, a wife, a spouse and whatsoever. But, you can’t just stay there to pout and cry endlessly.

At these times, the best thing to do is to ACT and move your body. Do something you know will be productive and help others as well. Who knows, you might even get back everything you lost and this time, maybe they’re even better.

Losing hope means giving up. So we must not, ever give up! Just like my friend, who got robbed but still fought for his life not to be disarranged – he looked for companies that could give him Financial Aid with only hardwork in exchange. And there are, amazingly, lots of such kinds of company offline and on-line.

The only thing needed for him to do was his best so he could pay back. And now, I look at him proudly, knowing how much trouble he went through – but he still fought for success despite everything!

Be aware

Too live your life is challenge, how much more to stay alive? Well, what I’m saying is things just happen in an unpredictable way. We lose track of time, we lose track of what we do – sometimes, we even do hazardous things that cause trouble.

Trouble, in a way that we are careless that we do not even know anymore of the Criminal Law that we should. No, most would disregard this – but little did they know that knowing such can help save others as well? And it can even save others from themselves.

So my point here is, everyone should be aware. Everyone should read a piece of it even just a sentence because it keeps you informed if you’re already experiencing abuse or such. It can save many lives and save many future you know.

Just like now, I am reading a bunch of this. I want to help inform others as well, so we will all live with no trouble and love life as it is, and even more.

Car safety

Ok, so my friend ran to me. He says he need more assurance for his truck’s safety. Weird, why ask me? Anyway I guess he knows I post stuff here on-line regarding cheap auto insurance. So I told him, I once read an auto insurance in florida. Unfortunately we don’t belong in florida but he is still eager of course, so he looked for more cheap insurance quotes with my help.

I don’t know many car auto insurance companies but all I know is, it’s really something that car owners/ vehicle owners should have. Because anything can happen today, no I’m not saying accidents will happen all the time but it isn’t bad to be prepared either right? Well, my friend moved my heart.

Right now he’s still searching for the best option for his oh-beloved-truck, looking for car auto insurance everywhere. Well, good luck to him! I took a break knowing I need some but I still look on-line for him.

The friend who loves his truck

Guess who visited me again? My friend! Along with his truck, I mentioned him in my other blog. Well, again and again he told me how much he loved his truck especially when he got his cherished number plate! Oh you have to hear him, he’s so loud but yet every he if says make sense – especially if they’re about cars, trucks and whatever vehicle that is.

It made me thing it’d be so nice if I had tha passion as he did, well I think I do which is blogging. But, I wish I can have something to take care of like he did – and maybe then, I can get myself cherished number plates too, someday!

How about you? Do you have a dream car or the likes? Do you like personalising your car or your stuff? Tell me! And let me hear your thoughts! It’s cool when you love something, and you love it more by improving it, isn’t it?

Fairytale come true..

When I was a kid, I always wished I can somewhere different. I hated the pollution, the same old routine of days and I wanted something exciting – I guess I got this kind of attitude because of playing too many computer games? I like Final Fantasy.

So, I read this guy’s blog and it amazed me. Most of you must be familiar with the movie 2010, but have you ever thought of changes that can happen on 2015? No, right? It’s way advanced. Well, this what interested me, but it’s talking about Milan, a place, that would be impossible for me to land to. Well, I guess I’ll just build a spaceship so I can get there easily..

Research trouble, help!

Sometimes, I mean, most of the times - school's a drag. Like now that we have to do some research stuff. Which I really am not fond of, AT ALL. And I bet most students don't like this...papers, revision...eeek!

But I guess they are indeed useful for future references, right? If you're going through the research panic, everyone, I suggest you see this research paper writing help website where I get sample research paper to get ideas from!:) I promise it won't fail you. And well, just do your best!

No more search trouble

This morning, I was hunting for some software I could use for cooler video effects and photo effects – but my problem was, where do I get that?

It was hard, because I can’t find anything free anymore nowadays. You have to pay for everything now, and I don’t have that money since I am still, but a student who can’t afford such expensive software yet – and I can’t ask my mom and dad for that, right? So I had to do something, I had to look for a way. I know there should be some way I can get my hands on this kind of software for free and without paying anything! Well, the trouble is just how, and where to look.

Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced to me where I can find free torrents! Now, it’s easier to hunt down softwares, games and even movies! With a click away, I can easily get to them. I guess technology is really cool especially with this website! Nothing seems to fail.

Now, I no longer need to worry if ever I need something because their search engine is great! Type and hit enter! Then that’s it! Life has never been more easier, because it is already the easiest!