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Listening to music online

Most of the teenagers today are really musically inclined. Some loves singing, some loves to sing but singing hates them. I include myself as one of these people. I love music because it relaxes my intense emotions. It also is a way I show my talent. But the best is that no can stop you from whatever music you’d want hear be it rock, love, or RNB and even if that is alternative or whatever.

Good thing music can now be heard online. Unlike how it was ages ago when they listened using those huge cd-like things. And before, people would sing on their own if they couldn’t afford the machinery used to have music around. With the new technology we are able to do most things including this, listening to music online. Isn’t that great? I think it is so, because then, I won’t need to spend so much but I’d still have my favorite music around. No longer would I have to sing on my own on the days I want to make moments, and no longer would I have to go imagine the sounds going through my ears – I can just hear them as I want now.


As a kid, all I thought was that using the computers was for games and homework only. I barely touched our keyboard back then. I was already contented watching cartoons on television. However in a span of time, maybe, because I was growing up I learned the internet world’s twist little by little. I discovered reading about many things through internet, meet online friends, enhance my language and talents, and then I met blogging. I was probably at high school, when I learned blogging. I was amazed of those who blogged to earn. I wondered if I could do those too one day. At the mean time I kept myself focused on observing how this people wrote, and their techniques. I also studied web designing to make my blog stand out. I practiced even more with the use of my communication skills. Lastly, I worked hard learning new things at a time.

After that I stumbled to different web pages of how to make money blogging. It was a challenge for I had no idea at all how it worked. During my blog adventure, I met people, local and international who taught me of how and where. It took a lot of challenge, effort and brain juice. Not to mention the time to learn things.

Using blogs we find a comfort zone. Not only an outlet of your ideas, but also the home of your financial aid. This way, we can lessen your money trouble and even have fun interacting with other people. There will be the hopes of earning by doing simple things that can touch a heart of a person. Using blogs only not even does that because it also informs. Some may find blogging boring but let us face that blogging is one of the trends today.

Get your cars personalised!

Having your things personalised is one way showing your own style and your identity. Be it your things, your room, your stuff and the things you like - how about, your car? Most of the times, we use our vehicles, our cars to go everywhere, with the people we take along.

Now, speaking of being personalised, wouldn't it be cool if our number plates will be how we'd like it and really as we want it? Not like those plate numbers with puzzling combinations, that can sometimes bring a headache . Wouldn't it be awesome if we had our own "car identity" written there at those plates?

Let me share to you about this website making that possible for you. Not only is it a secure website to buy personalised number plates for cars, you can also have a private registration with them. Letting you make it possible to have a unique plates with your cars. They let you search what name you'd like on those plates to make it easier.

Then after having one of those unique number plates you've wished for, everywhere you go, you can be proud of your car even more either you've put effort in making it fabulous or not. Specially if you'd have a personalised number plates and what more if it is with a private registration.

What happens next?

What will happen after the next ten years to our so called "free country"?

The government, wasting time for issues that aren't worth wasting time for.
Media, making things even worse.

People suffering even more each day,
children, lost and are dying every single dime
the corrupt people waste for their personal joy.

Criminals, unstopped, lurking everywhere
here and there.

Innocent, harmed and put to death
without even doing anything.

The world could've been a better place if we would open
our eyes for the simple things that can make everyone happy.

If only they knew content.

If only, we were contented.

Color Me Rainbow is back!

Hurra! Finally, CMR is once again opened. For some reason, this old blog of mine
gained PR 2 which I don't want to go to waste. So now, my plan is to use it for SPs
(haven't applied to SP sites though) I hope I get approved. But I really
don't know how since I don'thave any paypal account yet o_o . I did plan to reopen it but not this soon. Harhar. I was just overwhelmed because for me,
it is an accomplishment or achievement to get PR 2 LOL. Even Pongpong Planet,
~my oldest blog @ diaryland

My main blog is here though. I hope you guys link me here too, as I have
told all my blog friends here to relink me with my main blog. Wahaha. So there.
Thank you every one and take care :] I hope you all had some great vacation!


i see two people are at my page. i wonder who they Are. lol. im so tired. i'll make a quick post here. will edit links later, too lazy to o_o kasi naman po enrolment ko. hahaha. AMp. i am so excited for the revival of cmr !! dito muna ko post panget pag sa main blog. hihihi.. ay lab the colors!!!