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I remember becoming close friends with someone through this blog. And I remember falling in love and writing every bit of love story days in this blog --- that's why I even called it Color Me Rainbow. But that's over now.

I've lost my so called "bestfriend". Honestly, I don't know why. I already made up with her, with a sincere sorry. She tells me I'm insecure which was funneeh, I wasn't. She deleted me in all social networks again. I'm not insecure, I just don't like her "boastful-ness" but I got over that a long time ago --- and expected it was gone when we were friends again for the nth time. But I was keeping my mouth shout and considering facts. But don't you think that saying your RICH SCHOOL GIVES YOU $100 a month and you don't need to know about Be A Magpie is wrong? When I was talking about Magpie that day.. but hey, I don't know with her. She doesn't know what she's talking about, she keeps boasting about how many reviews for the day she has --- as if she wants to show it off to someone. LOL her. But I'm not mad at her, in fact she became funny to me acting like that. So, answer to her : NO I'M NOT INSECURE.

But again, goodbye old friend. I guess you changed so bad I can't remember who you really were. Maybe you changed already, you're too high to reach based on your too high attitude.

.....and about the love?
Well, I don't know if tomorrow there will still be someone to color me rainbow. I don't know what's the big deal of using the computer when you're using it for something useful. I could've been a bad girl friend if I want to. I could facebook all day or flirt through chat rooms but that's what he doesn't see. All I ask is that he stays late with me at night but I never get that. Despite all the sufferings I get because he's "moneyless", I never ever told anything about that. In fact, it was I looking for ways to help him. And tonight, I shutted my laptop down so I can sleep with him at the same time. He won't believe that I did it for him, but keeps on saying I'm all over my laptop and I'm mad at him because of it. I am..

lonely. But it doesn't matter where I get, I haven't found myself lately.
I don't even have a real friend I can run to when I'm in tears anymore!
I gave them up for my very understanding boyfriend...

So, tonight I cry and I'm sure if the first girl mention reads this she'll be happy.
As for the guy, he'll never know, because he never will try to anyway.

I miss God, at these moments, He's the only one who listens..
I pity myself I've been not talking to Him lately and wasting time with Ms-Know-It all someone and Mr-Understanding someone. I need some real love :(

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Why is time important?

Do you actually believe in the saying that “Time is Gold.”? Me, I do and I always have. Of all many things, it is time which helps us be able to do things. Of course, in order for you to do something you need a span of time right?

That is why time is valuable. However, because of too much work or too many assignments we lose track of time. Even when watching a movie or a show, enjoying so much we forget to do other things. And as for me, I’m always busy surfing the net or playing games online so I always forget to see what time is it.

But to avoid this, we’ve got one way – always check the time! To do that, of course we need a wrist watch or a clock. This is one of my problems, I don’t know why but I have this kind of bad luck with wrist watches they never last in my hands. It’s either I lose them or break them. Luckily, no matter how unfortunate I am with watches my family and friends always give me new ones every time they find out I broke mine or lost it.

Watches or wrist watches are great gifts you know. When my boyfriend gave me a wrist watch as a gift once, he said it’s because it meant he wants me to be reminded that his time is only mine. That’s sweet, right? And I have another thought about watches; they remind you that “time is gold” not just even gold, but a treasure.

Once you let go of every chances in life because you always fail to be on time you can never have them back. It is only once in a lifetime for every chance, so you must always remember the importance of time.

If you are in a look out for good wrist watches, I found out about It’s an online shop that has a variety of watches – not just ordinary watches but those that can really make you feel the best of your time! Men’s and women’s watches are also available, in different designs. Their available watches will really amaze you, and they've been known for their products too.

Unexpected Events

Sometimes, unexpected things happen. Things like losing a job, losing an expensive cellular phone or missing today’s class because you overslept. But the hardest unexpected things are when you get arrested for some things you don’t know or get harassed – or anything that ends up in court. Now, that’s something really unexpected, and unwanted. Any Lawsuits can put you to debt because of these.

One is because you’d have to be looking for a good lawyer. And good lawyers are paid really big in order for them to do a great job, although there are few who really care for justice. Whatever happens, be sure to always be ready!

In this world, nothing is for sure but change and sometimes, a series of unfortunate events.

Twip Me!

Way back ago, I shared to you guys that I was being addicted to plurk. However it pissed me off one time because they kept pushing my karma down while they always gave 0.01 point for every karma update. It's a wonder when I'll even reach 100 Karma Points, probably in a hundred years?

That's why I decided to open my Twitter acount again. Plus the fact
that I have been receiving emails from Be A Magpie.
I then twitted again for the sake of earning, and what do you know

I didn't just earn but also have fun! Some of my friends too are on twitter again.

Now, about the title is because of Twip.Me!
They allow you to tweet while on your Yahoo Messenger!
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It made tweeting a lot more easier than before!

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Happy tweeeetttiiing!

A good house and a good home!

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Try out Golf!

One of the people who amaze me is Lorena Ochoa. Not only did she catch my attention because we had the same surname but also because she’s a Mexican who has been known because of playing golf. It got me to thinking, why golf of all sports to try out.

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Of course, not only do they have golf lessons to help you learn but also there is a Golfshop around their place. This way, it will be not a hard thing to look for materials for playing.

They also have a 4 star hotel in Gut Ising, where you can go during your stay at Chiemsee, Bavaria Germany. And did you know that, Chiemsee is the biggest lake in Germany? Meaning to say, you won’t only enjoy playing golf but also the ambiance, the view of the sceneries.

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Free Domains

Looking for free domains?
Originally, I planned to sign up here for a
free domain if I was not
given Loving Pink ( This end of July though, I signed up
for HappyLuv!~ ( and signed up one
for Christian (my boyfriend) too which was Sketch Me (
Overall, I think it isn't that bad at all. You can change DNS settings and even
use it for Blogger. I plan to use it if ever I lose my pagerank with my blog,
hopefully, I won't! Haha.

Another one is CO.NR


As you all know, it's the one I've been using for this blog. Although
I recently discovered the down sides of having one. Actually, is
just a url that cloaks your real url. In example, my real url for
this blog is then I used
Notice that if you click on a page or link anywhere in
my blog if you went through the link the url
stays the same. I had problems with SponsoredReviews in one of my
past posts if you get to read. I forgot about the cloaking thing. Haha.
I tried replacing
color-me-rainbow with colormerainbow+/2009/page.html
but SponsoredReviews of course won't approve your post since they'll keep saying
it's from a different url. That's why you must never use this if you plan to sign up
for websites like
SponsoredReviews. It will give a heartbreak! Haha.


UNONIC - United Names Organisation

I don't know if you heard about this website
but I just tried it (seconds ago LOL). It works like
Although I think it's a bit cooler since you get domains like,
Not bad. But again, it's a cloaking url.

Lastly, dotTK


I believe this one's the most known. I've read that .tk is a cloaking url
too though. Plus I've heard problems occuring at times from a friend.

Added on August 15,2009
I forgot about this but there's also this website called
Haven't tried it though, but a friend of mine does use it.

Yet, if I were you -
I'd buy a real domain instead. Although some are pricey. Try Pink-Domains! It's where I bought Each domain there is only for 450 php (450 pesos, about $10). .info domains are for $1.99 at GoDaddy.

I also heard about; they have a variety of domain name extensions there. You can try saving up first then go to these websites! Or if you want, I can give you a subdomain @ Loving Pink or at 143angel :)

If you know more free domains, just leave a comment here where
or contact me through

Note: This post is no paid post. Hehe, I just wanted to share this.
I hope you find it useful.
I'll try to post about free web hosts next time!

School is cool

School is cool because of friends and the bonding moments. It’s great too when we learn something new. Much fun when games are played, and songs are sang. But what made school even cool are the new school stuff we buy before school starts!

School rocks!When I was younger, I was always excited when I saw toddler nap mats. They seemed to be so cute! But I never really got one since there wasn’t a napping time class in our school when I was in kindergarten. I was also into window shopping of bags of different styles. There was one named stephen joseph quilted backpack that was fascinating. There were other more styles but if I were you I’d rather stick with a stephen joseph backpack because it’s quite different. Not to mention the name is kind of unique!

Well, I’ll tell you something, school is really great! So if you’re a student like me, or younger – for sure, new school materials are a must!

How sad.

I wasted $3.25 in an opp I got from SponsoredReviews. I spent 30 minutes writing a review for it but it couldn't be approved because it says the url was different from the one I used (which was So, what I did, I just deleted the whole thing and the blog using in SponsoredReviews. Then submitted using my real url. I bet I won't get any more opps after these. The waste :(

When I should've done my laundry for PE tomorrow. Grr, but I must be positive. Opps will be in the way. Too bad, maybe I'll be lucky next time. Aja aja fighting! Just a quick post to tell about my misery. Goodbye $3.25.

Lesson learned. Do not use co.nrs with SponsoredReviews and
other websites that offer paid posting.


Hooraaay. New layout for Color Me Rainbow!
"Just Simple"
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the
layout Jean made for me. Sorry Jean :(
I was having trouble with the codes,
and she was away and I couldn't ask.

I too, wanted an upgraded version of blogger,
I mean, not in Classic Template Mode.
So now, I upgraded and edited the basic layout a bit.
I'm no good with the new blogger you see,
I'd rather make my own codes, but I don't know the
heck out of the new codes with blogger with stuff.

Anyway, I missed blogging here!
I missed my blog pet, look how old she is now.
And today (actually it was yesterday since it's already 2:26 am now)
I am very happy because my hubby bought a
new housing to my cellphone after 100 years!
But I'll post the picture later. Tsktsk.
Picture Posted @ Loving Pink!

Happy week everyone!

Never stop dreaming

Fancy rooms, kitchens with granite countertops and beautiful gardens
– these are the most amazing things most of us women, or even men dream of.

But to get all our wishes, it takes so much time that we sometimes put an end to them because we gave up. Yet of all the “lose hopes” and “goodbye dreams” all I can say to you is to be strong. Someday, if you work hard enough all of your wants will be granted in a blink of an eye.

Then later, you will be looking back today. You’ll be looking back to the yesterday when you lived in a simple place but now you live in a mansion built of marbles, and maybe even gold.

Strive hard! Dreams come true. Don’t stop trying.

Chat those unspoken words away!

One of the most useful things that technology brought was communication. It helped most businesses rise, and people to interact more. We were able to adapt different cultures in a short span of time. And we were all able to learn new things with its help. Technology did bring so many things to us, so many great things we can’t count anymore.

Speaking of technology and communication, I know you guys heard about chatting right? I mean, other than offline of course online. As simple as leaving a tag message is chatting already. Now here’s something new. Ever heard of a college chat? Of course here, we meet people from different colleges or the same colleges we attend to. They also come from different schools, and different countries. Wouldn’t be amazing if you were able to find out how it was in their foot by hearing their stories? If so, I suggest you check out websites that offer chat services. Particularly, I’d suggest free college chat rooms. Go see a website that offers a free college chat.

Talking to other people we consider “strangers” may not be safe most times. But the truth is that it depends on the person. You better not get yourself tricked, we chat to enjoy and share what we want to blab. Enjoy and just keep safe of what’s not to be told.