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Blogging more often, yes?

No. Actually, I'm making scheduled posts just so I can keep this blog alive. Also, my alexa rank for this blog needs to improve. I can't afford getting another advertisement placement on Adgitize so for now I will just post here 4x a week or so. I hope I do survive.

I do miss the old times. I don't have anything much to post with the fact I'm just at home. As much as I want to go out my sidekick is not available lols. I wish his summer job would end already /tears.

It gets boring here and it's like the same thing every day except the date. Wake up late, sleep late, wake up late, go online, blah.

Today is our monthsary, lol~

My experience in shopping with a Chinese ebay seller.

It sucks that some goodies are not available locally so you've got no choice but to buy them online and from another country which I did. Recently, I bought a gorillapod and also Domokun headsets. It was my first time to shop for products from another country and I must say...

I still like shopping from local sellers. The thing is, I can't go out because I don't have anyone to go with lewls~

Christian can get them for me I suppose, but I just got the 2nd notice just this time. He told me that they were closed at 5 pm and that's the only time I can go there because Christian would be out of their office. Arghh, I want to get my stuff already :(

Plus the bad thing is you get them at a very LATER date. In fact I almost forget I did order something, the excitement is gone. Haha.

Annoying Pop Ups

Pop-up messages and ads are really annoying, aren't they? When you go to a website, then some advertisement pops up, it's interfering.

Most of the time these pop-up messages also carry malicious spyware or viruses so I suggest you put an add-on in your browser that serves to block pop-up ads and messages. You might also want to double check your anti-virus if it has a blocker or something.

Some advertisements are tricky but never ever try to click any of them! Some may lead you to a dangerous page. Other times, they are just Google Ads lol, they're for the sake of earning money I know, but it's really annoying.

Heyyyyy. It's May!

I only posted 3 times last April, one of the posts was a mistake post (supposedly comment) I dunno why it became a post.

Moving on, yay it's May! I failed to do stuff on this blog again! TROLOLOLOL!!!! What's new anyway. With tons of blogs I can't really manage to do anything properly. I forget, I become lazy~ zZZ. It's a wonder why this blog still hazzz page rank. But I'm thankful!

However, no tasks

The only thing I hate is how Blogger does not have the word count thingy. I am too lazy to open up MS Word and count the words. But well~ this ends here as I think it's already 100+ words. XD