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Travel worlds virtually

This is one thing I've never imagined that could happen. But impossible things do happen! With a helmet, one can now go different places virtually as he wishes, not only that but he can even travel through time!

Amazing right? It will not just bring good entertainment but also let us learn new things in an awesome and fun way!

A proof that somebody cares...

I know we live in a world full of corruption, full of lies and what-nots. But amazingly, there are still people who cares for others and who does everything to help.

I discovered that they made living portable for homeless people which touched my heart. I was glad that there were still people who would mind to spend so much time, and so much effort to do something good for others.

Which made me think, that I will work harder so in the future, I will be one of them.

A cool way to advertise!

When companies advertise, usually they just publish stuff about their product. But it's cooler when they let us test them, although there are risks, what would hurt in trying, right?

Anyway, that's why Try-advertising is awesome. Customers get to try out products for free. And I think it's a more effective way of getting more customers, after all, everyone loves free things!

A relief!

You know how troublesome doing laundry is? I do, back then when I was in fourth grade I clean all our clothes (mine, dad's and mom's) that was probably I got so thin back then. But because mom stopped working for a while she did the laundry but I got used to it so now I occasionally do laundry! Well anyway, it's a relief I read that in the future, things will change when it concerns doing laundry...

Hopefully, it will indeed take less water and be more efficient just like they said.

An alternative for gas and diesel fuel

We all know how much trouble car owners are having because of spending too much for car fuel right? When, everyday they have to go back and forth to the gasoline station with a frowning face finding out there's a change in price again, and what's bad is that instead of decreasing the price it was increased...

But the solution here. And it really amazed me how James Meredith came up with a car that could run with the use of vegetable oil. Imagine how cool it will be if it's like that!

Make a difference

Today is earth day, and today we should treat our mother nature with love and care. Today, I also found out Klaus Lackner's idea of having artificial trees. It's something that can do good if ever there comes a day that our trees will be no more (hopefully not) it's also good if it's to replace the extinct trees for our children and the next generation to still experience the beauty of earth.

It's something we can think of.

This is cool!

Have you ever imagined how playing your favorite video game would become more realistic? Well, actually I haven't thought about it but I just thought they would become realistic with the graphics, but Tan Le came up with something better, who would have thought that headphones would easily do the trick?

She claims it's because of our thoughts becoming into actions, which he refers to as Emotiv. Wow isn't it cool to become a tech entrepreneur too? I wish I'd discover something great as this.

Inspired yourself

This morning, I was inspired when I read an article talking about romanticism and of course, I was totally clueless about it! But as I read on, it was something inspiring.

For Pete Alcorn, most of us think that in the later years such as in 2200, there will be great disaster and the likes. But to him, we'll only feel the Enlightenment at that time, in our future he claims there lies hope.

So it inspired me, it made me think that we shouldn't worry and think of everyday as a brand new day. Worrying will just stress you, you know.

What are entrepreneurs?

If you go and ask me, I honestly didn't know what entrepreneurs were not until I read Roger Harrop's article about them. You see, entrepreneurs are very successful in life, especially if you're one of those who really invest a lot of interest and put your heart in your negotiations with your clients.

I was also told that one good help would be reading these top 10 tips that empower entrepreneurs to be, and those who plan to take their chances with being one in the not-so-far future. It made me think too, and I guess, one of these days I might try out being one!

Essay, essay, essaay!!!

Essay says it all! Well, what do these essay do anyway? Well, they bombard a brain with thousands of unorganized to be organized thoughts!!! That's what it my opinion.

But actually, writing essays is fun! Except when you are required to make an essay that should have 1000 words or more in it. When I joined contests before, it usually had to be that way. And it sucks when you don't have any idea about the topic. Yes, there should be a topic. A sensible one, and a complicated one.

However, it's cool that now, with the internet one can already get cheap custom essays which does not require a lot of head-aching thinking. But then again, for me it's also good if you see yourselves good sample essays.

Research papers!

Ugh! They're a students' menace! Ha-ha. Anyway, my cousin was asking for help for me when we talked yesterday. She wanted to know how to make a research because she said she wanted to be ready for these kind of thing (she's an incoming 2nd year) and in her school, they require a lot of research papers during 2nd year high school.

Luckily I knew somewhere where she could get the right research paper format to start studying research paper making. Hopefully, she'll understand them easily. Research papers are trouble :S

Well, good luck to her! I told her I'll just help if ever she has questions, okay, good luck to me too! Ha-ha I guess I need to study how to make the correct research paper format too.

Cars need care too.

So, you've decided to buy a car eh? But, are you sure you're ready to face all the troubles you might need to go through with your car?

Having a car is no joke. It might be for the reason that you want to have something that can give ease to your live during your travels, but keep in mind that a car is like a child. It may be cool when you have it good as new, but as the times goes by, without proper care it can stop working or stop function - else, what if you suddenly get into an unexpected accident right? (Hopefully not)

To those who don't know, what you really need is after getting a car, well that's where free auto insurance quotes come in. They become handy in case accidents occur, or if you suddenly get into something unlikable that damages your car or so. You can always find auto insurance quotes online if you're wondering.

Earn money:)

I stumbled to this website, SKYZOP, upon looking for ways how I can earn online, and I guess, why not right? I haven't seen this website before but it sounds so promising!

All you have to do is upload a photo, or create a blog, upload videos or write reviews! Easy as that and if you manage to do these, you'll be earning $$ in no time! I might try and hopefully this is for real! But I feel it is :))

I also love the website design! And it's very user friendly. So what now, of course --- JOIN!

Visiting my best friend..

Today, I visited my best friend whom I haven't seen for almost 5 years or so. Naturally, I would be a shy person to people I haven't been with or to those I barely meet but it was really fun because it's as if it was like how we were in high school!

Not only did she spend time with me jogging, but she also told me how everything has been in her life. Thank God I caught her online in Yahoo Messenger, and now it's as if our closeness have been more stronger, like we weren't even a distant away! Well, it's because she is in a different school, and the only time we got to hang out and talk about things was now. I feel ridiculous a little because I feel I've been so talkative now!

Anyway, she also told me of her friends who she hanged out with at their house. And I can see how much she, who used to act like a kid but now, almost a lady, more lady than I am! Haha.

She also told me about her school friends, and those who had cars. Which reminded me anyways of my other friend who always preached about cheap insurance quotes online, and how he always told me about car insurance rates that made my head spin. But I know in the future it would be really helpful to know about these for they can help me have ease in my life.

Overall, I hope I can hangout more with my best friend. Although right now, I'm facing more financial problems which is keeping me away from that hope :|

Oh well, things will get better soon. Fighting!


Hoorayy! Yay for me for posting here after months O_o And there was something broken, but glad I fixed it. Some widget had something that caused error to mess up teh layout. I'll be posting really soon here! And share more random thoughts ;) Just too busy finishing layouts as always @_@ I miss bloggerrrr:)