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I'll be making this post short as much as I can. I haven't posted for another two days like before because I was too busy wit school & excited for our college tour (CS TOUR) which was today yesterday. Hahaha. I got home from our college tour pretty VERY late - i said i'd post a short one but it seems like i can't because too many words are running in my mind. But I'll spill them out another time.

I'll be plugging my boyfriend's blog because he keeps telling me i'm unfair;
That I let other people read/comment blog on mine while only me gets to read his - I've been plugging his blog but he won't recognize it. Grr. YES, he's sooo jealous of my blog friends. I even made a "supposed to be posted" sweet note for him in my phone so he'd lighten up a bit, I'll post it later :D

Next to that, we our college tour was a blast and a disaster and a tiresome day. Hahaha. I'll tell why later. I'm kinda having a headache and i hafta go to school tomorrow at 8am. Homaygaash.

And lastly, I got tagged by Grace again. Hahaha. Imma sue you Grace! hahaha.
Just kidding. So here :

1. List the names that you are called by and name the people who calls you by these name.
2. Tag other people to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on their guestbook.
  • Pongpong - Mom&Dad call me this ever since when I was a kid, silly name; I even used it as my blog name at diaryland before xD
  • Nodi, Goray, Gobo - Same with the first reason, yea, Mom & Dad loves inventing names for me; They say it's because i had so many imaginary friends way back then?
  • Pusa/Kuting - My elementary best friends, they still call me this whenever I get to see them, even my classmates. It's because I act "catly" in way. Haha. I eat fishes with no traces of left overs, yes, the whole of it; & i make a good kitten voice. tsk.
  • Uriko/ DflyingNinja / LLeu -usual usernames at forums & etc. Online friends :]
  • Dine - classmates & Friends
  • Nadine - Normal people/New people.
  • Nadine Camille - When mom's mad at me.
  • Enid - some hs friends. Hihi.
  • Yanski - plurk friends mistaking that Yanski is my name because of my name at plurk; but it's supposed to be my bf.
  • BALOT - CHRISTIAN calls me this, I call him "PUGO". Hahaha. Why? Long story. Don't spill out to others! Hahaha.
  • Bez - grace, other bffs/tffs
  • Ochoa - old relatives, PROFS.
  • Panget - My close uncle. I also call him panget. Hahaha, that's how we show love to each other. Christian and I call this to each other too, even my dad. Hahaha.
Okay, I think this is too much. LOL
Imma tag : Janile, Eunice, Neng & Dianne

Title-less *I'm blank* x|

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Thinking Of: SCHOOL. TIRING xP
Eating/Drinking: COKE ZERO *addi

*Huff*. I just had my midnight "MEAL" because I wasn't able to eat earlier, i was hungry-not hungry a while a go which was strange. Anyways, right now, I am trying my very best to find a way for dad to have free internet browsing through his phone, SGH-E250. But it's so freaking hard because I don't know how to put applications in it! Ugh. I just feel bad if I can't find anything to do something about it because I don't want to bring dad down. Specially because, today, i spent my whole night at my uncle's; I wasn't able to eat dinner with dad & mom and I feel bad. I hunged out with Christian & my uncle after I was done with my laundry - it's kinda making me have this big conscience of not hanging out with my parents instead because I'm always with them 3:

Anyways, I am so happy I finally reached Nirvana at plurk!! I thought I wouldn't. Tsktsk. If you don't know what plurk is, it's a social network where you get to talk with others and it's also like having a micro blog! Mine's at the right side, if you're someone who's into talktalktalk online, why not consider joining?(CLICK!)

Then again, my old usb flash disk got broken. It has sooo many files in it so I'm so sad:(
It;s only 512Mb, but I value it because it was the first usb flash disk we had way back when I was in 2nd year HS. I use it rather that my 8gig usb flash disk because I don't want to get viruses from our ever virus-rich computer labs at school. And viruses don't get to it quickly, sadly, it won't be recognized by my laptop anymore when Christian returned it to me, he used it to print his brother's customer's assignment *he's making it a business - making assignments for other people*.. but it's me who's doing it, bummer eh? Haha, I get half of the money:)

I wish I can buy a 1gig flash disk cuz I don't want to use my other one for it contains programs that're almost 6gig in all. :|

I wish I can fix my old one instead, I like using it. Anyways, my navigation links are still broken, hahaha. I'm too lazy to edit this now, I haven't even blog hopped! Just a bit, and I haven't dropped on ECs for many days now. What's an EC? ENTRECARD, it's some kind of widget where you're supposed to drop some "EC" and when you have 1000 or more ECs you can sell it to get money (They just sell it to get money too, or its used to advertise on other blogs).
Mine is at 507 ECs. Waaay to go. Hahaha :)

-I'd like to thank Rose for the link exchange approval:D
-My Christian because he's so loving.
-My loyal commentors as always.
-MOM&DAD most of all cuz they're here with me ALWAYS (AGAin)
-God. For giving me strength, always.

...tomorrow Later, it's another school day.
Ugh, another Pangetpatan day.
Wish me luck guys:)
Hmmm. Take Care.

Edsa Revolution Cram :))

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Thinking Of: CS Tour
Eating/Drinking: Biguerlaiii Teeeea.

Weee, new layout (Still not done, obviously). Inspired by the song from CHOBITS, Let me be with you, and the anime itself. My whole Sunday was wasted spent making this layout. I made it from scratch, no basecodes, some javascript from Ate Deanne who just got back from Pangasinan.. Hmmm welcome back sis:)

Today is a holiday because it's the day when People Power 1 happened, it was one of the best events that ever happened in the Philippines; Next to that, the 2nd one, kicking out Erap as the
president (I was in 4th grade at that time, I think). Anyways, Imma be busy with school stuffs since I used my two days doing nothing about it even if i said i'd be busy with them (you know how much lazyness attacks). Saturday, I went with Mom&Dad; She had a checkup because her vertigo is attacking often now. Then we went to the mall. Toooday Yesterday, not much, just layout editing time :3

I wonder where do I start with my projects&research? I doubt if my groupmates in those projects would reply when I text them, ugh. Hopefully, tomorrow Christian will come over to help or not :| && I'm sooo excited for Wednesdayyy - we'll be going to Clark, Pampanga for our CS Tour!!YEEa!

Beating up a huge monster :)

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Listening to: Love Story
Thinking Of: NOTHING. I just want to bee haappyyyy.
Eating/Drinking: Pasta Pasta Pasta:)

I have been missing in action for 2 days because I was too downhearted to post anything. I finally got my thesis approved by the way. I'm not happy with it still though, because I hate Mr. Pangetpatan still. Tsktsk (changed his name). He even chose Christian one of the leaders to check the whole drafting part for the thesis, and it's so annoying, he hasn't even approved his thesis statement! And i hate why he had to choose the lamest leaders. Grrr. Maybe it's because I too hated not to be chosen. LOL. I just can't believe what a looser our prof is, he doesn't even know who's good in english and who's not. Oh well. The whole day I was still bummed off cuz of that and how I was too problematic too, of thinking what i can do because everything seems to have fallen at the same time - i mean, my bad grades, pangetpatan, a number of thesis and project - ALL IN TWO WEEKS. Not to mention we have to make a tarpaulin for graphics about the History of ComSoc in our school. Hmmm. What do I do first?

So i was quiet for sometime, at the same time in bad mood. Then Christian suddenly got mad because I was too quiet, and I too got mad of him because he won't even wait for me to talk. He argued with me when I was in class which made me more upset. Grrr. Good thing that was the last subject! Good grief, I was in tears already, good thing too, that our prof didn't discuss anything and lastly but greatly good thing we made up before going home. He was kinda annoyed and laughing of how i reacted when he shouted at me to talk ... "Magsalita ka naman kasi" (Why don't you talk?!!!) he said angrily then I just said "SALITA" (TALK) repeatedly, "DI NAMAN KASI AKO NAGBIBIRO EH" he said again "di naman kasi ako nagbibiro eh" I was saying everything he was saying while laughing little by little until later I found my arms tangled in his, and I was sorry and I wanted to hug him. I then told him for us to spend some time at church like we used to in high school. You see, unlike me Christian doesn't believe much in God because he feels he isn't real in way, cuz he never got what he wanted or any miracle as he says .. but he really used to be God loving though, like his mom. SOOO I was teasing him until we got home because I suddenly thought about tomorrow that we won't be together, not to forget Monday. HOLIDAY. WOOT. I too want to have a revolution, revolution against PANGETPATAN. Ugh! Hahaha.

OOOkay, so we won't home happily. My grandma even asked help from Christian because some kid stole Papa's hat when she went to the junk shop to sell recycled goods. When I got home, mom was already home and dad was playing Devil may Cry 4 (xbox 360), and it was the final part. Yess, the big boss, but he was annoyed because he couldn't understand the walkthrough he was reading! So, just for fun, I asked if I could try.."Daddy, pasubok nga mamatay jan. Hahaha"
I only played the game in my pc and for a couple of times, and after that not anymore because I uninstalled it due to the memory it took from my laptop. Hmmm so I tried it with the Xbox, and got around with the keys after a few seconds, and then boooooom! with two hits, the big big guy (literally big)

I am just so I finally done something that could cheer up. LOL beat up some big monster. hehe too bad he's not pangetpatan. Anyways, 3 no-school days means lots of free time and loads of school work. AJA! let's doooo it! :))

Take care everyone!

So much for a peaceful rest day..

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I guess I posted this uuuber late. I wasn't in the mood earlier this day. You see, I woke up 1pm.
Hahaha. Yea, I really overslept big time, I wanted to get back all the sleep I already lost because of
staying up too late (like what i'm doing again). Then I was also busy doing house chores this afternoon and my assignment in EFFIN ENGLISH. If you're wondering why "EFFIN" has to be before english, well it's because right now I curse english.

I never ever wanted to hate english in the first place if it weren't for that unconsiderate, illogical, lame professor i have :))

Let me tell you my story, the first time I submitted my thesis statement, he said I had to be specific, rephrase. So there, it was okay since it was the first time. The next meeting I submitted my new TS and then the next meeting I found out that he lost the effin yellow paper. WTF. Okay, I'll consider it, I made another one which he rejected. And another one, and another one, and another one which he lost again. And this morning before Christian left to get a form for SPES I asked him to drop by. I made 20 thesis statements, and when I was able to receive text messages from him (I wasn't able to receive any in the morning, bummer) he said that our
proffesor just rejected ALL 20, and said the rephrase line again. DAMNIT! Why is he so evil? I don't care if he can talk slang, but why does he have to be such a jeeeeerk! First, he would looose our papers flying all the way to nowhere, then the endless rejection?!!!

Ugh! Which is why I am so upset. Upset as ever. Not to mention that since morning until 7 in the evening I didn't receive any of Christian's text, so he wasn't able to come over again our house.
And i'm still having receiving messages even now. Poor me. I wanna get rid of this day.

Downhearted, is what you may describe me as of this moment.
I've loved english for all my life, and just because of some useless professor, ugh!
He even said, the more late we have an accepted thesis statement, the more reduction of grades.
So, what does he want to say? That he's the king of the world to give us low grades and all??


And christian won't understand why the hell i'm so upset.
I wish he knew, but everytime i'm upset he won't take my side.
So sad. Haiist.


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Thinking Of: ugh, darn thesis.
Eating/Drinking: KimchiKimchiKimchi

Heey everyone! How was your valentines daay? I know you know how my story went last Feb. 14. Anyways, I wasn't able to post last night because my eyes were already dropping after i blog hopped on my blog friends' and some blogs..

Again, belated happy valentines!
Yesterday, it came to me that in a month, I'll be seventeen.
Demmit! Hahaha. I don't want to get old, but you know what,
want to be 18! LOL. It's just that, I want to have my OWN bank account, OWN paypal account. My mom refuses to sign up for one for me. So I thought, I'd wait for my turn to be eighteen to be legitimate to do stuff like that. And besides, I'm still building up my little blog here. Gaining blog friends, and site hits and still studying coding and stuff. Yet, I don't want to get old. LMAO.
I remember when I turned 13, my first "teen" age, that I thought to myself,
that until 16 will be my the real "teen" years. Hahah, I'd consider myself old
after that. Tsktsk, many of my friends and old classmates will probably be
18 now. Jeez, we're really getting old people!

Hmm, so what else do i want to say? These following days, I might be out of sight?
(But maybe not) Hahaha. Because we're currently having thesis, surveys and school stuff.
But I'm glad school will be over by the second week of March
(Cool. My b-day's on that week!) Hmm, but I feel so nervous because to tell honestly,
I've been a bit off with the studying, I feel lazy lazy lazy unlike the first semester.
I just dislike all the subject, and when
I say all, I SAY ALL. Tsk, if it won't be boring, some would be so over reacting,
some would be very tiring to the mind. I miss programming, I miss the challenge
Our major subjects as of this semester, are Graphics Design, Troubleshooting and Ethics.
One of our projects btw is to make a tarpoline thingy about our school, I wonder how
much that would cost us?

Anyways, I plan to study coding templates as soon as i can using
the Classic version of blogger, I feel it's more easier to get around with that.
And I hope I can put up my new layout soon,
because I don't want to be out of date.

I can't wait for vacation!

Hmmm, and blame Christian because he eats up all my time. Tsktsk, just kidding hunn.
Aww. Hahaha. You see, I go home at 6, do house chores for an hour or more and
uh, text, text, chat, chat with no other than him. Oh well, haha.

BTW, my mom told me I was a bad gf because I wasn't
able to give my baby a gift this v-day, hahaha how's that!
I wish I could but I didn't have money that day. tsktsk.

So uhm, apologies for my very awkward post,
i'll make it up to you next time. Take care.

Don't worry, I'll still be blog hopping as always and always,
and update this as much as I can - i'm just not
really good with multitasking. hahaha. Love you all, especially YANSKII.

Thanks so much for all my beloved visitors,
friends, blog friends and loyal commentors, and commentors, alright, let's make it short,
YOU ALL. Hahaha.

*Notice the Quail egg smileys? I made them as an experiment.
Hehehhe. You can get them HERE if you want, for use anywhere,
just don't forget to link back of something, it'll be part of my
downloads sections in the distant (hope not) future.
They're best seen in white,
because I didnt notice some mistakes
with some erasing i did, hahah, oh well,

it's a practice. Practice Practice Practice!

I wish blogging was easy as our effin thesis, my prof
keeps rejecting our statements!!GRRR.


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Listening to: Superhuman by Chris Brown & Keri Hilson
Eating/Drinking: Meiji Black Chocolate from Hunn


I had been crying and crying for weeks
How'd I survive when I could barely speak?
Barely eat, on my knees

But that's the moment you came to me
I don't know what your love has done to me
Think I'm invincible
I see through the me I used to be

You changed my whole life
Don't know what you're doing
To me with your love

I'm feeling all superhuman you did this to me
A superhuman heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you

I feel so superhuman
I feel so superhuman

Since I been flying and righting the wrongs
Feels almost like I had it all along
I can see tomorrow

Where every problem is gone because
I flew everywhere with love inside of me
It's unbelievable to see
How love can set me free

You changed my whole life
Don't know what you're doing
To me with your love

I'm feeling all superhuman you did this to me
A superhuman heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you

I feel so superhuman
I feel so superhuman

It's not a bird, not a plane
It's my heart and it's going gone away
My only weakness is you, only reason is you
Every minute with you I feel like I can do anything
Going, going I'm gone away! Love!

You changed my whole life
Don't know what you're doing
To me with your love

I'm feeling all superhuman you did this to me
A superhuman heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you


Hmm. Christian is stubborn. stubborn, stubborn
Tsk. Remember, I told him not to buy anythin but when
we got home from Las Pinas, he texted me and told me he'd
come to give me the manila paper i asked for then..


He came with a pretty rose, a chocolate, a cellphone accesory i've
told him that i like, and a cute green bracelet (my fave color).
And i wanted to melt. I wasn't able to prepare a gift for him
which kindaa made me feel absurd. Haha. I'll make up for it
later. I'm sooo happy. I hope everyone is, love love love!

HAPPY V-DAY everyone.
&about the song, i dedicate it to HIM and only HIM.
CHRISTIAN, there will be no one to take your place ever,

It's Friday the 13th, and Valentines day - some combination huh?:)

Hmm, they say today is Friday the 13th, although i feel i experienced some bad luck,
(very little) my day wasn't that much unfortunate. I believe that it really is always up to us how we make our day :)

Anyways, I won't make this post long because i really can't think of anything to talk about, i mean, the valentine thingy is overused for it i
s valentines season.Hm, oh what the heck let's just talk about it. Haha.

VALENTINES, it's the season of hearts. Be it your loving "one" or your friends, even foe and your family. It's the day of love, so spread some love!

..I bet girls are so dreamy right now. Like, I wonder what my hubby will give me? I wonder where we'll go? But I myself told Christian to don't bother giving a gift because it'd be better if he didn't spend money, i'd rather if he gives me a letter or something. It's just that i'm not into gifts anymore because I don't like expensive things that much. How about y0ou? But it's indeed a girl's dream to be surprised by her lover. Ayie! Actually, when I was in high school, never was there a valentines day i didn't have something to take home - oh wait, since elementary, there'd always be a flower or stuff toy. And it really made m
e sooo happy. LOL. Who wouldn't. And all of them came from the people i used to love, and forever will love. CHRISTIAN. You're my greatest treasure :)
BTW, mom must've been sooo tired yesterday and i was too sensitive. They won the 1st prize in their cooking contest, using the recipe I shared her when I had my Cooking lessons. She gave me a cute bear-bank as a valentines gift. I hope i can save money with this! The whole week I spent my money. And my savings were used too because toot. -secret- (no, i didn't buy a vday gift! haha) Tomorrow me and my family will be up early to get our new tv from Las Pinas. Hmm. Hope tomorrow Christian and I will be able to play XBOX at home, dad promised he'd let us once we get our humongous tv. We don't even know how to put it inside our house, and where, Haha. Hmm. Also, I'm sooo having fun browsing the web through my cellphone for free now- hope it'll be endless. Harharhar. My post really is not much. I'll make up later. TSKTSK. I hope you guys will have a heartful valentines:)) LOVE LIFE. BE INLOVE. WOOOT. th. mmm. bye.

...a letter of a teary eyed daughter.

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at

This goes to my mom.

I know, that you're tired already when you get home, i know you're tired doing house chores, i know most times you're so tired of your life - but i wish you'd pay respect to me too, even as your daughter. When dad was away, i became more close to you mom. I learned to share responsibilities and even if i was fed up of your negative stories, and your endless office stories, i stay closed and told you everything i felt. i even told you when christian and i hurt me. I encouraged you at times you were complaining how you say your life is "messy", "troublesome" and about how you're having problems with our endless debts. But a week after dad came back, why have you gone so cold? It's as if I lost a bestfriend. I was hurt when I was just sharing you something I was eager you'd be interested with, but it's not just that, i just said an uuber mild joke and then you tell me rude things :'| I was hurt. So much hurt. And even every morning you always find something to notice in me, when i've been already always like that. I always do what you ask me too, i always tell you what you want ---i've given you my whole trust of that being my mom, but why, why do you have to be like this. I know that recently, you found out you had an illness, but it's not that serious come on! it's just headache and some headspins, and MIND OVER MATTER, mom. I hate that ALL THE TIME you are so negative. Both Dad and I share you something we learned, we experienced, but you always return negative thoughts, PROBLEMS, and more PROBLEMS, this and that, that it can't be like this, it cant be like that. NEVER will it be like that. And it's just so tiring, sometimes, i just want to cover up my ears and cry, because, i always want everyone to think positive, i try my best to cheer everyone but when it comes to you -ugh! it's endless. even dad is getting pissed off, lucky you he's more patient now.
If he wasn't, i wouldn't be able to have peace at home i bet.

I miss you when we were closer, cuz now, when i try to talk to you - you give me back cold looks, cold company, cold talk -everything cold. that it makes me want to cry, i even realized that its as if, you're only using me to make you forget that dad's away. You must've forgotten that you're my mom, just because you now have someone who'd take your side, who's supposed to be on mine; It was you but now I feel it's not you - not anymore, or ever, or at all. You're supposed to be my mom, i'm your daughter, how can you not feel how hurt i will be. Now, even dad takes your side when you're so wrong, you're making your your so called illness an alliby.

I know, in the past i've made most mistakes and i know how much you see my effort - or do you? or are you faking me? i feel as if i'm a gazillion miles away from you just after we've built our bond. that was easily fractured.

But you, you'll always be my mom. Because without you, i wouldn't be breathing or even existing right now. I'm just wishing you'll see your teary-eyed daughter right now, i wish you'd feel her tormented heart :[

Its amazing how people change in an instance.
..and how they easily turn away from you too.

Hmm. Imma post this because my mom won't read this,
never will she because my parents really don't give much
time checking me up here, it's more possible dad will see this.
and never will mom know that i'm hurt. but everything will be okay
i'll be okay, i'll stay quiet. i'll stay hopeful. things will be better, okaay!


I MISS MY MOM. when she was nicer. when she felt how i felt :(

Let's do things little by little.

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Love Story influenced by Diana
Thinking Of: OM MOD :|, SCHOOL (endlessly)
Eating/Drinking: Biguerlai Tea (LOL. I want to loose some fats)

Last Sunday, me and my whole family (mum&dad of course) went to Glorietta to have a mass in their pretty church. Have you been there? It's sooo nice, the environment is so peaceful; You really will feel like you want to pray solemnly in such places. Anyway, it was the first time that we were with Dad after he got home from Thailand.

Now, speaking of churches, when was the last time you went to church? Me, I've to admit it was my recent stop at the church because after dad left for Thailand last Christmas we barely had time for it.

In that mass we attended, the priest tackled about setting aside problems. He preached that it is understandable that we all have problems in our daily lives, but time to time, we must learn to relax. He said, that if we focus on our problems, it won't go away but instead it'd become heavier. And I agree to that. In short, time to time, we must lighten up a bit because thinking too much can cause a lot of stress, grumpy-ness, and burden.

And on that free time you have, why not talk to God? Not, just by praying but going to the church. People keep believing that GOD IS EVERYWHERE, yes, it's true, but the thing is, when we're at the church, don't we feel Him much more? Don't we feel closer? Let's open up our hearts to God when we can, what do you know, maybe God can help you lessen those disturbing thoughts :)

Funny, you know, when I'm upset, I head to church and cry. At those moments, I always think of sad things such as like, that I don't deserve any of God's blessings because I feel people don't deserve what I'm giving them or how I'm treating them..and now, everytime I go to church I cry. Even without thinking of those. My mom said maybe because I'm a bad girl, LOL. Haha. Maybe. But the last time we went to church, I cried because I was touched by how dad came to be after he came back from Thailand. My dad wasn't like this you see, he hated long hours of mass and never did he have the communion. I was the only one who didn't take it last time we were there, and how, he know all the songs that we're being sang *FYI he's a choir member in their household of CFC (Couples for Christ) which is another unbelievable thing to me.

God is so magical.

Actually, I'm not in my fullest spirit at present. I was upset because my OM MOD *Opera Mini Modded browser suddenly wouldn't work. It's a browser for cellphones that makes it possible to browse the world wide web FOR FREE; I was lucky to experience that LAST MONDAY and SUNDAY. Unfortunately, something went wrong with my GPRS settings. I tried looking for other OMs/Browsers but the trick won't work for me anymore:(

I was able to make Yanyan's Cp work with it this morning (2/10/09) but on the downside,
mine stopped working. *sigh*

Oh well, life goes on, I only use it for PLURK anyways. There's phplurk as my substitute.

Tomorrow (or should I say now? *timecheck/ 12:19AM), i have no classes. YIPEEE.
But i'm sure i'll wake up laaate, hope not. I want to do many things..

*refurnish this blog (edit&add stuff)

*new banner (because i have a new url)
-it so happens I signed up a redirection url to make my looong url shorter.
But the address is still up:) [NEW URL:]
it's up to you if you'll change my link if you have it already.

*add more blog friends, tonight (2/10/09) I gained 10 new blog friends. YAY.
thanks to them :)

.. if you want to xlinks with me just leave a comment or something.

*and house chores.

*...Not to forget the school stuff(s)

Got a working OM MOD :)
Yaaay. but i duunno where my Fil Workbook is. :shrugs::
So, that's pretty much what I'd like to say:D


Grace tagged me and now I have to continue this, but honestly, i don't really know who to pass it to because most of my blog friends hardly go online

(i better go find more blog friends who are active!!)

So here's the catch, we are supposed to repost this with our own answers. Much like a countdown, and 9 stuff are supposed to be true and 1 is supposed to be a made-up stuff
~about your self.

Let's start!

10. I look like a 2nd year high school student. (LOL, I have poor height)

9. I love green.

8. I want to learn how to play DOtA and Counterstrike

7. I hate cockroaches (they are gross T_T )

6. I'm into RPG games, Online games and Arcade Games.

5. I hang out with guys than with girls.

4. I'd love to be a hacker one day (hehehe)

3. I love things for free, I'd do anything for free things!!!


1. I love MATH xD

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"Nadine Camille" is my real name, I read that "Nadine" means hope and "Camille" means sacrifice (var. of Camilla). My name's meaning is kinda scary (LOL). I love my bestfriends Karen and Grace. I love my hubby Christian, and I love my parents most of all. I love the colors of the rainbow, because they seem appealing to my eyes. I love the stars because they're kawaii (cute).

Anyway, I've been using the computer for about 6 years I think, the internet madness that reigned in my brain started when entered high school. I was addicted to Bloodyroar at that time so I joined a forum. I talked to different people of different countries there, but eventually, the forum-addiction died. That's when I got addicted to chatting (YM) and Friendster which still so known by now. I don't multiply because I'm lazy with those kind of things now, although I have an account there - okay, maybe I do, one small bit multiply.

But mainly, friendster was my heroine at first, to the point that I had 12 accounts and all of them were full of friends. Eventually, I deleted those accounts maintaining one that had my "real friends". I got tired of the adding and blablabla everness. But i gained most friends at friendster, really. I also blogged before, during that time too, but years before, what I blogged were usually song lyrics pertaining to my emotions and thoughts. Currently, plurk is keeping me busy:)

I don't come from a rich family really, it's just that my dad recently got lucky to work to another country so we really had something to start with. My mom on the other hand works for a private company. (hell, why should I talk about this anyway?)

I am an untalkative person at class, the only one that makes me loud are my closest friends and my hubby. I love blogging but it hates me. LOL. I'm too lazy to do the bloghop thingies, although at certain days I eagerly blog hop. I also hate Filipino, I hate that we have to do a research and we are given a topic you can't find easily at all in its language. "Online Games". WTF and our sources had to be local and foreign, and one source from the internet only. SUCKy.

I used to love english too, but I hate our current seating arrangements. ARRgh. Lastly I'd love math, but it hates me too.

I love playing RPG games, specially those like Final Fantasy and Indefinite Undiscovery, I also loooooove playing Tekken and games of such.

I hate people who thinks what I blog about has no sense. I believe whatever written or posted has sense. I never say, it doesn't. Whomever is the one who said that in my latest posts, he's lucky I don't know who he is. Because if I did, I'd kick his face to the moon. For me, we blog because we want to post what we feel, what we think and what we want to say. And if you don't effin care to what I told, better just shut up. I don't care to your posts either, maybe that's why you didn't put your url because you're a scaredy cat. Like, don't you ever go to the mall?So you hate me going to the mall? Ask you mommy maybe he'd take you scumbag.

LOL. I'm kind of pretty harsh with words if I hate someone, aww gaawwd. You're making me become a war freak GTH! I write what I write . I blog what I want to, and appreciate those people who talks nicely to me, and if you don't you're in no way welcomed here. I don't care for you, get that? I DONT. The world wouldn't end if you won't read our posts. The world is not yours to control, this is my blog and forever I will only have the right what to post. Just butt out if you're not enjoying, I don't enjoy your presence either.~

Hmm. That's all.

I'm glad to have my bestfriend back. GRACE.
LOL. and glad for today's a special day,
our 26th monthsary -Christian+Nadine :))

Valentines, anyone?

Right now, everybody's talking about this ever so called "Valentines", here and there. What's up with it anyway? Haha. As for me, I feel everyday is both Valentines day and Christmas day.

They say during this season, love is in the air. But i find it funny because isn't love always in the air at all? Like, when your mom and dad wishes you goodluck for your exams, and when you annoy your boyfriend he doesn't give a piece of damn no matter what you do.

Makes me remember of today, before our Troubleshooting class, my boyfriend and I had an arguement because of my sensitivity. So I kept quiet for a whole hour wishing he'd come to me and be sweet to me so I'd lighten up a bit. But he didn't, he even left me alone. I was sooo pissed off that I cried bit by bit, secretly. It made me want to go home. It made me think of sad things like I usually do. At these kind of moments, I scribble and draw kid stuff. I drew myself a masterpiece i called "Once upon a fairytale before".. LOL. Then my boyfriend was pissed off of me too cuz I wouldn't talk what am I pouting about. Well normally I really wouldn't talk when I'm upset. I don't really get why he never understands the way I am. It pushed me to my limit, I walked out of the room. "I'm going home." - was the last thing I said to him. But he kept following me. He said he'd take me home, I didn't want him too so I made an excuse. I remembered that my classmate borrowed my cellphone so I said, "Go get my cellphone from Shelvert.", I said angrily. He didn't want to at first until finally he went back to our classroom for my cellphone. As he went back there, I hurriedly made my way downstairs to my way out of the school. I walked as fast as I could, that I even tripped a couple at times. But I didn't let my embarassment stop me. Run. Until I got to the gate and to my surprise.

"What took you so long, I've been here awhile ago!" He shouted with a smile.
I hit him hard and told him how much I hate him doing that, and I couldn't control my laugh.
It was a feeling of annoyance and joy at the same time. I cried, and then he stopped me and apologized. We walked a bit more away from the gate and he suggested we go home. It was raining hard, and so he told me for us to stop for a while and talk instead. We talked, argued and talk. I even made a dramatic moment and told him that maybe we'd be breaking up anytime now, he agreed. He said I should learn to avoid my hot head because my new boyfriend wouldn't be as patient as he was. He said he didn't have all the riches in the world to take care of me, he said he couldn't afford any gifts or even to treat me at a local fast food or so. I shouted at him madly and said I didn't care about that. I never cared. All I wanted was to take care of me. "Then that's why I'm breaking up with you, I'm just hurting you". Tears fell down my face as I uttered, "You don't care if we break up?"...

"I do, how can I not. It's just that, I can't show you how much I love you."
I talked to him again because my point was, he was always talking, as a way of an apology
instead of doing anything at all. "Then tell me, how do I make you feel better?"

In my sarcastic way of talking I told him "Get hit by a car!"
"I can't, are you sure?"

I silently sighed, "Then you don't love me."
He insisted to change my mind but instead I walked away,
then he said. "Alright, wait here and you'll see!"

He walked away as it rained more hard, and I kept waiting.
I thought he was joking though, but I ended up looking for him
and saw him on his way back to where I was.

"The vehicles kept avoiding me, I promise, just wait"
He was trying to go back to the high way but I pulled him
and told him to stop it because I was just joking, and I was
already smiling to death for him to stop.

On our way back, I hugged him and whispered to him how much I love him.

LOVE, I find it at irony because no matter how much you hate how that 'someone' is to you, you can't take forgetting him a minute, a second.

Even with your mom and dad, you can hate them, but they always find ways to lighten any piece of hurt you feel.

and lastly friends, people you can pout to over things you can't tell to you mommy, daddy and boyfriend. but as of now I don't have that kind of friend. All of them already went on with their lives, as for me, Christian stayed my boyfriend, and so, even if i don't want to tell him something I ended up telling him anyway LOL.

Love is so wonderful
in so many ways.
Happy Valentines:)

Rare good hearts.

This morning, I woke up really late as usual. I didn't even bother to organize my school things last night because I was too lazy. So, like what i always do, bath, eat, brush, and get dressed for school - that is until i noticed something was missing.

It was my routine that I bring an envelope full of xerox lectures and many more school paper stuff. But it came to me that I forgot my envelope at the tricycle I rode last night. I couldn't recall it at first so I had to spend so much time looking for it endlessly. But I didn't want to be late for school so I said to myself I'd look for it later. I told Christian about it and so he agreed I did forgot it, I was so disappointed of myself because in that envelope, was my library card. Without that library card I will have a hard time when i enroll for my 2nd year in college and i won't get a clearance easily either.

All day, I was thinking of how I can do something about it. A friend of mine lost hers too last year, she already paid the school library staff to get one but that was last November and she still doesn't have it. I was downhearted, but I kept in mind that maybe it won't be hard to get a new library card if I ask for one, and if I keep checking when I'd get it. It's not that I'd die without it, because I barely go to our library, but also because our research papers are due by the end of month, so i'd probably need to go there, but at that moment how?

Christian kept cheering me up so I've forgotten all about it as we were about to go home. Yet, when we were to ride a tricycle, I remembered it again. I wish I could ask the tricycle drivers but I was to effin shy, and there's too many of them to ask, how'd they know? i didn't even remember the face of Mr. Tricycle driver of the one we rode last night - it was dark.

Off we walked to get home then my grandmother called me loudly,"Nadine, yung envelope mo ba nawawala? Binalik nung mama na tricycle driver. Buti may address na nakalagay." (Nadine, did you loose your envelope? A tricycle driver brought it here. Good thing they saw your address.)

Music to my ears, it was indeed my envelope, with my library card. *PHEEEEW!* What a relief. Plus, it's the library card that made it possible to have itself back to me. Thank God to whomever was that Mr. Tricycle driver. I was wishing awhile ago that whomever the tricycle driver of the tricycle i left it at would just check and see my library card to give it back to me- luckily, my wishful thinking was answered!

The situations like mine are really lucky, if a bad guy had my stuff, i bet he'd just throw it away. And in some cases, if it was a bag or a wallet containing personal things and expensive things including money - they'd rather not bring it back. I was amazed of the kindness Mr. Tricycle. I wish everyone would be honest and considerate as him; I wish everybody won't be overtaken by greed.

It reminded me of my topic for my research in english102. I chose blogging as my topic and its advantages. Included there was "blogging as a tool for social awareness". A blog-friend of mine suggested it long time ago. I wonder what's happening to our government all the time and why they don't get tired of corruption issues all day, all month, all year. I've been a news watcher lately and I endlessly see, that even if America does get back its business spirit to cease the crisis we are all going through - Philippines will always have a corrupt government.

Oh well, but let's still hope that maybe, just maybe something good just might happen for a change.

Glorietta part two?

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I have to sleep. Tomorrow, we'll be having ouuur practical test in ChaCha T_T. We barely practiced. GAAAAAWD. Anyways, I had so much fun at Glorietta again - Shopping Part Two. And this time Christian was with us, I was sooo happy. My favorite part was going to the Japanese Shop there, very much like Daiso @ St. Francis. There, I bought a mini-electric fan.
(shown at the side). I also bought a cute bolpen filled with different colors and mom also bought a sewing kit thingy. And then, my most favorite when we were at Clipper:)) It's where I bought so much, because I was sooo attracted buying cute things. There were so many cute things^^ SOO MUCH.

I dunno why, but I just love colorful and cute things.

I bought there 6 pins, 1 cellphone accesory, and 4 cute bolpens (too bad they had ink blue). And then we went to grocery at SM and finally went home. I'd like to tell everything but it's just that I hafta sleep cuz my class starting this Monday, starts at 7:30 Am. I'm still not done with my blog layout :( I don't even have a banner yet. I want to make it verrry special. Sadly, because of my lazyness of doing stuff with my blog, my blog rankings are flunking -_-

I do hope I get time, maybe when we're done with our ChaCha practical test, because it's bugging my mind. LOL. Plus I barely go home early. I'm sooo excited to see my dad! Yay! He was also going to buy Ps2. I wanna play FFX or Kingdom of Hearts :))

I hope I get back my blog stats, (the good ones?). I've been too busy doing things to get my page indexed by google and other search engines, and joining advertisement programs/affiliates that could help me earn through this - that I forgot that, the main thing that keeps a blog stand out, is when there's traffic exchange.

Okaaay. That's all for now. Catch youu laaater everyone:D
Stay happy and keep smiling!


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