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My laptop is finally fixed but at this moment. I want to take a short break to work on my layout for Valentines season :))

See ya around^^


UPDATE / 3am..
Not done with my new layout yet :D
and will still be fixing links..
(ayyt. no navigator yet.)


tomorrow i'll put up my banner and links.
i do wish i could use my laptop cuz tomorrow,
i might be bussyyyy.

*practice chacha with yanskii


Check thiiss.

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Thinking Of: Computer Ethics examss.

At this moment, I should be getting some sleep. I haven't even reviewed for our exams tomorrow. LOL. Yes, our midterm isn't over yet, the last exam's tomorrow. I plan to wake up early so i can scan my notes a bit. I was going to go online earlier but the Internet wasn't working when I turned on our PC so I just scanned our PC for viruses instead, and slept on the couch until mom came to wake me up. She brought home KFC goodies. *YUMYUM*

I want it to be Saturday already. This Saturday, we'll be going to SM/ST.FRANCIS to get my laptop's LCD fixed. Mom planned to buy a flat screen and buy another laptop for me but things just quite went out of our hands - You see, dad has to go home from work. Thing is, he had to quit because he was chosen to quit work :(

Since my dad was new there, he was the one who was selected by their boss to give up his work. It was sad. I was sad, but not because of the good things I won't get but because I feel as if dad's hurt because he thinks he's a failure to us. I shouldn't be announcing this much because we really have relatives who are social climbers. They only remember you when you have $$$$$$$$$. When they find out you're jobless they ignore you. In about a week, Dad will be home. It isn't that bad because we want to be with him so much.

It was funny of me last night because I was planning how to get lots and lots of money so I can help my parents. So I came up with an idea. Since my allowance for a day is a hundred and twenty bucks, I plan to save up to a thousand bucks a month, a year, that would leave me with about 9000-15000php -depending on how much I save a month. I do wish I'd be successful with that plan? It's kind of hard to save when you don't want to be hungry (LOL)

PLAN B, would be getting high grades and applying to a scholarship, since now, I can apply to any scholarship. My problem is that, my grades aren't as good as it was last sem(-_-)

PLAN C, money online? But I'm having a hard time getting website hits and applying to money-businesses-online, because I don't have a Paypal account yet
(dunno when I'll have it). Plus I don't have much visitors. Yet my hopes are high with ever great EntreCard which seems fun, it's just that I lack time to browse other blogs and such.
I was really sad for a while, but I still know, that life will go the brighter side if we think positive.

Tomorrow, we'll have our long assignment thingy in Math, and then more boring Troubleshooting
(I hate because of the many boastful classmates) and ethics exam.

I love the ethics part when we're having our debates :)

I was almost laaate this morning for our practical but good thing our teacher was really lazy. Haha imagine, he was late for 30 minutes. I was able to do my practical test without a sweat because i was lucky to receive the easiest one, changing colors and blablabla.

I used my kittens picture and put on her contact lens colored green LOL it was amazing.
Now I know how to put contact lens without even buying one. Photoshop is so wonderful.
I'll post it some other time.

Speaking of my kitten, do pray for her because she won't eat for days
because I fed her effin Funky junkfood =(

Ciao. Comments are loved <3>

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My Tzuki Emoticon


Aja aja fighting!^^

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Listening to: ILOVEYOUEGG
Thinking Of: Today. Not Tomorrow, Not Yesterday :)
Eating/Drinking: Pansit Canton with Canton Toppinggggs^^

I know how troublesome life is, but today, I decided to be strong no matter what. I decided, that instead of pouting over my mishaps, I should be rejoicing because when we loose things, we gain more things. I've gained experience. I've gained friends. I've gained realizations.

No matter how crucial life is, hope won't run away. I thank God for hope:)

I hope that like the others who are feeling down like I am at most, will feel a sudden burst of strength when they read this post.


I can't be happy at all can I?

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: NOTHING
Thinking Of: That I wish this would end.
Eating/Drinking: ..

I won't be saying LOL like I usually did. I won't be happy. I will be sad. Because at this moment is another of my darkest hours. Just minutes ago, I had a friend-fight. Lousy me cuz I'm poor with telling what I hate and just deleting her. You see, I am childish. You see I don't talk. So fine if she thinks I'm plastic. But this is the way I am. I wanted to tell it but I was afraid to.

On the other hand, my much awaited laptop, that I just got last Christmas was broken. Mom got its LCD broken. I've no hopes it would be fixed for as right now, I know my mom
and dad have other priorities, things to pay for. I don't want to butt in. But I couldn't help but cry because while she was using it I was thinking of my friend-fight I wanted to fix as
soon as possible. Because of stuuupid me. And then finally she shouted to my dad

"Tart teka yung LCD!" -pertaning to my laptop's LCD.

It was broken. That instant. Tears fell on my face. I wanted to be mad at my mom. But I know I can't. I wanted to call christian but I dont have load. I wish I can just evaporate.

You see, I've always wanted that laptop, I've always did. I had it then boom!

And just awhile ago, I was getting tired of my mom sharing dad her angst for my in-laws who always make them compete at each other's accomplishment.

I just then thought that all elders must be like that. Most are. compete. Compete. who get's the honor role. who gets the title of the best whatever "put title here".

It makes me think of my flunk grades again.

I wish I could just be beside him, he can make things okay.
OR HIM. I can't help but cry at the moment...

I'll pray that tomorrow will be a nice day. Things will be okay :)


I should be not blogging for awhile. I'm eff depressed.
And tonight I won't be able to sleep. Poor Me.In distress.
NO one to run to. Alright, i'll talk to God.


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All posts were made with all respect, with all my heart and with effort.

Flunks :(

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Thinking Of: School, Blog, Hubby:D
- _-

Ayt, I have flunk tests. Grrr. I missed 2 points to pass. So as of now, i'm uuber sad :(
But I wish to make up for it this FINALS. My last absent will be my last absent. I was sad most
because of math. only 2 points! -and because my boyfriend got the highest, I feel humiliated.

But he kept telling it will be okay so I got over the thought of sadness :)

So, I decided that, I will give more time for my studies. Like now, I'll be sleeping early to get early for school. I'll work on my assignments earlier.

I was uuber happy yesterday too because my mom finally agreed to sign up for a paypal account.
She was also telling me to get into a business online but as of now, I have no idea of what to do as
my business online. Probably layouts, but I feel, like many people already provide that. I need
something I can surely do, because me myself, I admit I'm still a novice.

I want to learn php(^^,) SO EXCITING. Also, yesterday, I finally bought new shoes. 3 shoes
that was worth 3 hundred bucks each. I was overwhelmed of the joy of shopping yesterday cuz I rarely buy anything at all. I have a problem with shoes, you see I've already had 10 shoes for a whole school year (LOL). I have monster feet. Hahaha. It's because I always walk going to school and there's always flood in our house. So annoying. I love Glorietta. There were so many cute things that was affordable.

I'm just a bit sad that even if my blog suddenly burst hits, it suddenly went down too. Oh well,
i'll get back those ranks! Hahaha.

And today, even if I was downhearted because of my ever flunking tests, (2 tests). I gained back my happyness. I had so much fun in our P.E. because it's the first time that Christian and I are partners for a P.E. dance. I've always dreamt of that.. It was really comfortable to dance ChaCha, just as it was tiring! I must've lost lots of fats there! Hahaha.

Tomorrow is still a question mark but I hope it'll be okay. For you, me and everyone else.

Earning money is hard

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They say money makes the world go round. In fact this is true, so if I were you I’d do something to keep me from debt, to learn ways to earn and discipline. This way, we can keep ourselves healthy in heart, mind, and soul and of course financially aided.

Yay, my first award :)

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Thunder by BoysLikeGirls
Thinking Of: My waiting tutorials in mind (LOL)
Eating/Drinking: BBQ.

First off, I was surprised that I got an award from Ate Kaye . It's my first blog award. And I find it really cute. My only problem is just, whom I'm going to pass it since, not most of people in my blog list are active or probably into this kind of this (LOL). So here it goes. It's a Birthday Wish Award. Oh wow, very timely, my birthday will be in a few months!!! :)

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...
2. The list should be 15 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Okay, now i'll make myyy wishes :D

1. For world peace and wellness.
To get high grades in all my major subjects :D
3. To be able to build my own website soon xD
4. To find more blog friends (like ate Kaye wants)
5. To earn money through the internet.
6. To have a Paypal account *twinkling eyes*
7. To a bluetooth headset.
8. N97 or N70. Haha (ambitious!)
9. Have my own digicamera :D
10. To have a google page rank ( I don't have it yet)
11. Catch a real falling star (Hahaha. for real)
12. LOOSE 20 pounds. (I need determination!)
13. More blog hits!
14. For my EntreCard widget to be detected (it's still not detected even if i've put it up already)
15. More strength, inspiration and love to my family and to my christian and beloved friends and

...that's pretty much that, okay the next thing said to do is to pass it on to ten friends.
And now, I have decided. I'm going to pass this on to my friend Dianne, Joanna, Mi Ssa Yuu Sisters, McEffie, Demz, Iza, Ayz, Payatot, Nadine, Xidnie :D

I do hope they post it too :D
Let's hope our wishes come true, (^^,)

Have You Seen The Stars? :)

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Just like a star
Thinking Of: Stars, Christian :)
Eating/Drinking: NOthing. hungry :[

I just love it when the stars are like this,
Have you seen the stars this way?

It made me think, it made me wonder, how
would it be if stars could talk. I wonder what
they'd tell. The stars they see many events
at nights. Maybe, if they could talk, one would
share a love story beneath the moonlight,
a sad break up on the other hand in the nile,

and what else, other stories of life.

If stars live a hundreds of years, they must
be full of emotions because they see all
kinds and sets of stories.

I wonder if that is "lucky" or not.
For the sad moments they see,
and for the happy moments.

I wonder where there memories go
when they die..

Stars are so kind because they just
take everything up there without
any complaints. I wish I was like them,
and tonight, I'll try to be like them and
I want to be like them. Not literally,
not just figuratively speaking.

I want to learn patience, yes I think that's the word.
Acceptance, and learn to share..

(^_^) The stars are so inspiring tonight...

Apathetic (>.<)

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: -_-
Thinking Of: Sleeping, like, now?
Eating/Drinking: It's 12 midnight already duh.

Cellphone Issues?

Lately, (or should I say, NOW), i've been feeling like I want to throw my cellphone already.
I know, it's childish. It's just that, all the networks are getting on my nerves. I used globe, and it won't register
me to their services in time, I used Smart, then I have a bad signal, probably the same wit Sun.
Plus, I've made the worst decision of changing my housing cuz the housing change plan did no good at all.
I just got my phone looking so bad, I should've sticked to my original housing, and the keys
were all working there; With the one I bought each pieces fell like crazy
But then again, if I'd throw my cellphone, it's like throwing my parents
hardwork and effort doing their everything for me. Of course I don't want to throw it, it's just my way
of saying how i'm hating things riiight now. And I know, that if I throw my phone, I'm wasting money
While other people are dying because of hunger, and that they can't eat because they don't
have money. My phone is not bad at all, in fact, I am so happy
because with it, I was able to store more than 300 songs, more than 150 games.

It's just that, I feel like I'm loosing the "loving my cellphone so much" spirit.
Probably because of my disappointments too. I keep saying I won't expect from my boyfriend,
but in the end i'm still wish he'd do things for me the way I wanted.
It's not that I don't like the way he does things for me, but because he was better before.

He used to text me ALL THE TIME. He rarely fell asleep during the times
we were texting, unlike now that i always have to beg for him not to sleep on me while
we're texting because it's kind of annoying.
All those "he used to-s" was when he was courting me, and some time around when we were still months.
It makes me feel that guys really are just mushy-mushy and everything
when they're courting you. But when they know they can make excuses, that's the time
things will eventually change.

I just miss the attention. But there's no way I can bring it back.
I know, how much headaches he is having right now because of his dad.
And i know how much he is insufficient financially that I even had to let
him borrow money for his tuition. O_o I haven't got my money back either.
Haay, I wonder life is being unfair sometimes.
I know, understand, understand, understand (endlessly.)

So oh well, I wish I can just get over the expecting thing.

Just had to spill the thoughts out..


Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Gives You Hell
Thinking Of: Midterms Exam Results ?
Eating/Drinking: Nothin.

Oh great, at currently, this entry is being typed on a notepad.
It's because some stupid envious kid threw rocks at our roof that he hit
our internet antenna, so there no internet at home right now :(

Good thing i was able to work on my new blog layout. So, out of
my boredom i created two animated gifs. One for my blog and the other
is for later purposes. It was so kawaii, i'm getting a hang of this
"cloud" drawing. Haha. I'll be adding up a tutorial section,
i don't know when since our internet connection is yet to be fixed.
I do hope it gets fixed this Saturday, but probably it'll fixed later
than that, i know how Smart Bro tech is slow, if Globe is slooow, how
much more with Smart. The same with their customer services, but smart
is worse. Yea, whatever. BTW, i'm using a smart sim card now, i'm not
liking it either, but maybe i'll get used to it since originally, i'm
a smart user.

I'll be phplurking at plurk to tell you everything up with me while
i'm offline cuz i'll probably be offline a week or so. I'll try to
go online and go to internet cafes whenever i can (probably will.)
I'll be creating more animated gifs while offline just so i can kill
boredom and still be using my laptop :)

I'll be praying for the soul of whomever messed up our internet
connection, because i know, what goes around comes around -right?
whatever that saying is.

It's just sad that the moment i finally got the hang of blogging
is when i'm interrupted. Just like when i open up Mozilla at home,
"Connection Interrupted" LOL. Hahaha. Sadness. Oh well, life goes on.
It doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

So later then, internet friends, and internet life. I hope this
won't take long. *cross fingers* Pray for me.

But i'm glad, that my "major" worries are over, well, except for
my midterm grades. hha. i honestly didn't do well cuz i didn't like
my professors. they're so not enjoying. errrnessss.

Til later :]

That, i thought, was the story. it turns out, that smart had problems, i dunno what was it.
Oh well, glad it's fixed. I'm also having a hard time with my new smart sim card, but i wouldn't want to stick with globe either, it's the effin signal. I wonder why I'm having a low signal, it used to be okay (fyi, i used to be a smart user). I guess there's nowhere to stick to. haha. Okay,
now I'm dreaming of building up my own network, to bring down smart and globe. effin them. haha LOL.

Looky here ^^
This is Mr. Cloud, I made him yesterday.

Color Me Rainbow V1

Feeling : The current mood of nadinecamille at
Listening to: Far & Away (Enya)
Thinking Of: School?
Eating/Drinking: Pandesal (in the evening, wooa!) + Green Tea:D

Wooot. I love my new layout! I am proud to say, that every design here are a piece of my hardwork :D

Today, I was so happy cuz mom and I went to Glorietta and had so much fun!
I didnt shop a lot, but being with my mom is uuber fun!

BTW, she has a blog too (the one she had before). I'll link her later as I have to transfer some
files to my mobile phone now. Plus it's midnight already.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures in my deviantart account. I'm kinda returnin my photography

Off for now :)

~version 1 of my Blog, cuz it's my first layout - which i really done myself :)

Google Adsense

O mi gash.
I was suprised to find out
that Google Adsense approved my request.
Good thing my plurk friends told me
gmail was better than ymail!

But im not hoping that much of money
yet, or ever as of the moment.

shocking. well anyway, as you may all notice,
i signed up for another account in gmail
cuz i didnt like my old one. i'll just change some
settings here to set it as a admin too.

it makes me so inspired to change my layout!
but then, im too effin lazy. haha.

i too, am happy that i was able to fix my
boyfriend's cellphone, if i didn't we'd have
to pay 600 php to get fixed, imagine that!
the technician he even asked was a big
money digger, he had to pay 20 bucks just
to find out what was wrong, i should've just
reformatted it myself earlier.

also, i'm watching love or bread which
stars ISWAK stars Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin
as lovers once again. hmm. coolness. :D

anyways, this will be my post for now.

also, please drop by my boyfriend's blog.
he's so adoooorable. ->LINK.LINK.LINK!

Expect the unexpected.

Okay, so now I'm breaking my 5posts/month rule to myself because I can't help but blabber everything what's in my head here. It's kinda avoidable.

Anyway, I had my post title like that 'cuz during before our Filipino class,
i rushed a looong assignment. I wasn't there last meeting so i was dumbfounded.
Well, it wasn't that hard cuz all i had to do was write down 25 questions and their
answers. But the thing is, we're going to have an effin graded recitation. O_o

So there i was, chilling to death because i really don't like
reciting in class, never did i like it. i've reviewed a bit but i have this
kind of manner that, when i'm called to recite my mind just flies to
the air like a lost soul. i was scared at the moment our prof came in.

he started giving a "sample" recitation after he called my classmate Kevin.
But oh joy, like me, my classmates just hate the stand up and recite thing.

we were to have 100 points. and if we get a mistake, we subtract 5 points to
that. but i'm thankful our prof. agreed it to be like a written quiz. we then got
a paper each to answers. it was looong, we had to answer 15 questions.
it so happens that the paper i got seems to ask so much. 5 items for #, essays.
darn. and so i was uuuber nervous. then the moment of truth came.

I even felt smaller as i heard my boyfriend's score, "Christian, 13 equivalent
to 93 %". "Oh my, i wish i'd atleast pass. " i said to myself. it'd be humiliating more
knowing that he got a high grade. then, it finally got to
Kevin who had my test recitation whatever they call it.

"Nadine, 14, 96%" he shouted.
*shout of super happiness*
i can't believe i had such grade despite my
breathe-taking moment.

It was a great achievement. You see, i only liked
Filipino when I was in 4th year because I had to
because our adviser back then was our Fil teacher,
plus she's my bestfriend mom. Overall, i curse
it to death. God is so magical. That grade
kind of saves me because i have poor grades when its
my quizzes we're going to talk about!

It inspired me to try to enjoy Filipino too :)
just like when i finally discovered the joy of learning Math.
(wow, this doesn't seem to be me!)

- - -

I hope i get a smart sim card soon.
I'm dying too, cuz i hate globe right now.
really, i'm so pissed off. the 2nd time around,
i registered at 9 pm and i got their effin
confirmation at 6am. imagine the time gap?
while my boyfriend registered with a second!
all the customer service ever say is "Sorry for the inconvenience"
and blablabla. But i don't really blame them. it's the globe
technical who's really responsible. I even called at 1 am. imagine that,
calling to get nothing.

- - -

i will be making so much changes here when i
get free time (i hope i do :] )

i wanna layout this using my own images
i mean, the ones i really make.

that way, not anyone can really copy me.
being unique is the best of all :D

i just need time, as i am very busy with my social
life. and uhm, house chores.

i'm not minding the money-online thingy as for now,
cuz if its not for me, i won't push it. besiiides, i get enough money
from my everyday allowance. we even eat at jollibee all the time.
YUMYUMYUM. thank God for my loving parents and my
boyfriend who keeps my life light:)

as of now i joined blog listings, and maybe that would
help me get hits. cuz i wannna b eee faaamous. haha :D
(who doesn't?) some people just bypass those who
really needs to be noticed. i need to be noticed. haha
*desperate pose*

but right now, i pray, that one of my miseries
would end. it's a "thing" so uuuber confidential at
the moment. i hope we get through it..
please pray for us.

so there :]

centered everythaaang.

Globe and their evil schemes

Scheme #1:

Remember, Globe's unlimited service used to be 15php for a day?
That was why I transferred to globe. I used to be a smart users. And I hated smart before
eating up my load. As for globe, FOR MY FIRST YEAR i never experienced dispapearing load.

So there, I was so happy with Globe, until, goodness, they raised their Globe unlitext!
They changed it to 20php, and worst with the unlitxt for more than 1 day. why i never registered
to those.

Scheme #2:

Awhile ago, I was searching through google "Globe ate up all my load" and I stumbled into
a blog wherein, he's travelling, and he receives messages from 2346 (i think). Those kind of
texts that say you might be the ever lucky winner of blablabla. WTF, and it ate his load everytime his children loaded him up probably through Autoload. The nerve, what the hell is
wrong? They are not so pro to people!

Scheme #3,

This morning, around 11 I went out to load up my phone. Then at 11:30 I registered to globe to Globe Unlimited Text for 1 day. I then received the confirmation saying my request was received. Immediately, I checked if my load was still 22php. But, it was not. I thought I was already registered because back then, even without confirmation, as long as it's been subtracted
to your load, you're registered. But hell no, my 2php pooofed! I had 1php left but I decided to load again and register to Sulitxt instead. But i decided to call customer service to complain.

Last scheme

Continued: So there, I call to Customer Service and guess what?
All I hear is an effin busy tone!

And because of that, I really am going back to smart.
Because of the AWFUL and UNLAWFUL treatment to their
Customers. Just like last year, before new year, I planned very
well to register at dec. 30 for 2 day unlimited text. But globe wouldn't
accept my registration when the day finally came,
when WTF they accept others! Damn Globe.

and eating up my boyfriend's load too,
that was almost 40 php! darn it. and they didn't
let him register. Isn't that just nice?

I also forgot to mention, that about
that "Kabayan Sim"?

it is also one of their schemes
You see, before my dad went to Thailand
he bought one, and instead of saving up we spent more
than we should (around 500+ bucks) just to be able to talk,
because of their endless registration to the roaming, that
should've been easy for the OFWs. So yes, curse globe.

This Monday, I really will switch to smart, so I can
text my dad too, yes, instead of using the Kabayan Sim crap
of Globe, we bought that smart sim that had a roaming already,
much more efficient and is indeed working.

So much for my last post for the month,
I hope more people will finally realize that Globe is shit.

Ooo may harshness ehh?
Ang pangit kasi ng service. Nakakabuwisit na, unfair pa!

There it goes..

I'm supposed to be starting on workin on our case study in Computer Ethics right now, but I wanted to blog days ago. But i was just to occupied of too many things. Like said, yesss, the busy madness have started, there, the computer online-ing lazyness has occured.

Today I didn't attend most classes because I was wearing my NSTP uniform. Gaaawwd. I didn't
know you couldn't wear them. I agree with my boyfriend when he said, what's the point of buying these t-shirts if they don't let us wear 'em??? Grrr.

So we just headed to the library to finish an assignment in Fil. (which we didn't attend either)
After lunch we went out to buy a scientific calculator. Cuz my calculator lacked a function which
i needed. Plus so I can let my yanskii borrow my other one cuz he doesn't have one. we also bought a cute coloring spongebob book for deanne. it was sooo cute and was full of cool stickers.
I wish i bought it for myself! ahaha. oh well, i wasn't able to buy her a christmas gift so i thought of buying her a coloring book, then pooof!

when we went home we drew a spongebob with photoshop cs4, yanyan and i. so much fun. i've been teaching him how to use photoshop, plus we've been both studying jasc animation pro thingy i installed cuz my imageready wasn't installed yet.

yesterday on the other hand, we had so much food. my mom brought home so many goodies from the hotel where their meeting was held. Gaaaawdness, it so much i could barely breathe and take note, i didn't eat rice! it was on my to do things either to eat at night, but i couldn't just let those yummies go to waste!

So, my internet life has gone low low low, i'll get it back anyway.

For now, i think that's it.
See ya guys^^

Play time's overr.

Bloggy, play time's finally over. Tomorrow I will be working with my school work. There are loads of it actually, but I was uuuber lazy to do them. I wanted to enjoy my vacation, especially because dad came home too. Speaking of dad, we brought him to the airport minutes ago. It was a teary moment but the security guard was so nice that he allowed us to enter the airport which lighten up my teary eyes a bit. We also ate at Koppi Rotti. It was my first time to eat there, and I was stuffed because the Rotti was sooo big! I miss dad already. Hmm. I hope he gets to Thailand safely.

Hmm, and I hope that tomorrow will be a great day for everyone. I probably won't post as frequently cuz school will be starting but I promise to stay in contact. Just email me if you need something. I miss dad. Already. LOL. Take care everyone, goodluck always. God bless you all.

Second day of 2009..

Hmm. Today is pretty much described of a whole day laziness.
Just in front of my laptop, doin stuff with my blog and plurk.

Well anyway, truth is, i am sad.
Cuz in my heart, there's this pain.

Tomorrow evening, dad will go back to
Thailand. I know, it's not like
I'll never see him again, but come on,
who wouldn't be sad at such moments.

Like I said, I used to hate dad being around
but maybe, because we missed him it feels
like i want him to be always with us.

I'm hoping someday that we'll be
all together at home once again.
I hope that nothing bad won't
happen to him and always home
for God to be always with him.

I know, it's sad. But I am happy
that he was here for Christmas and
New Year. More happy, because I have
a dad like him. I wouldn't wish for another
dad even if God told me too. Cuz there's only
one dad, and that's him. Even though there
maybe arguments and such.

So, if you are someone who get to
see your dad everyday, what i mean
is that you get to be with him at home
all the time (like i used to)
I'd advise you tell your dad and hug
him. Cuz even if he won't be going
away to a far place, you wouldn't know
when he'll be gone. Or anyone else you should
cherish - be it your sibling, mom or significant other.

Time is short indeed, even though it's like
an endless tale. If ever your parents scold at you
for your mistakes, just think of it. They're only doing
cuz they want to correct your wrong doings.
Parents ALWAYS want what's best for their
children you know. Such a cliche, but the thing
is true. Cuz they love you so much and
just wants you to be happy.

- - -
I wanted to post earlier but I was
out of thoughts so I enhanced my layout
instead and added some stuff.

BTW, I'd like to thank adminLight, a friend of mine
of plurk for featuring my blog at Ezine Max . This guy
is so good at writing. I admire his talent.

- - -
School will be back at Jan. 5 and I can't wait I am
so lazy to do school stuff as of now. Hahahaha.
Maybe I'll get into it later. As of now, I want to
take a rest because once school starts, i won't be
able to do this kind of things. And I want to think
of things. Like now, that my dad will be at
Thailand again...

Happy New Year :]

Another year.
another journey, another page in our lives' story.
I wonder what 2009 holds?

Hm, i think 2009 will be greatly different above all.
Just as it started, i wasnt like i was before.

Usually, minutes before new year i would be jumping
crazily and would be o so loud.

But today, i was not.
Probably because I was too upset
of too many things.
1. Globe
2. Plurk
3. I don't know i just am upset.

But I quit texting that Unli and Sulitxt.
Globe is so unfair, I swear, sooner or
laaater i will be transferring to another
service and curse them [for.ever]
Because they let other people
register. Stuuupid.


Guess i was just not
lucky enough to be their
favorable customer.
But goodness, I have been their
customer for years! It's a crime
to treat loyalists like that.
and treat other customers
who aren't. so sick of em.

Doesn't matter.

All that matters is that I want
to make 2009 a great year.
I was happy Yanyan and I got
to spent it together despite my

Luckily, dad allowed him to
comeover. We were together for an
hour or so until my laptop
was lowbat already i told
him to go home. he brought
his promised POP POP.
Noir, but I don't know what to
do wit it. It was not like those
i had last year xD

On the downside,
dad will be going back to Thailand
in 3 days. so sad :[

no make that 2.



i'll blabber later.

Once again, a meerry new year to you:D