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Oh Hai!

It's been a long time since I blogged here. I was always blogging at my Wordpress Blog(s). But, I really miss it here. It reminds me when life was still simple, because now I have to update like 10 blogs or so @ _ @ It's so hard. Well, blame my domain addiction!

Summer is almost over too, can you believe it? It was just awhile ago, I even hated summer because 1. It is so freaking hot. 2. I can't go out because I don't have money - but in the end I liked it. I got to hang out with my long time bestfriend, and another bestfriend, Karen and Grace :)

I hope this school year will be better too. I also feel happy because I got accepted to this scholarship I applied, it inspired to study harder. And even know life is hard, everything will be okay..that's how we should be, positive, think positive!

So, uhm, sorry for not dropping by your blogs. And if this blog seems to be full of sponsored stuff. I'm trying to earn bucks T_T even though nowadays, it's been hard to earn in the WWW too. Oh well, things will get better in time.

Answers here!

We cannot avoid moments in life when we get confused, when we question ourselves in the career we take, and many more troubles that make us think.

However, it’s good that with the technology internet world was born and now anyone can get answers anytime. One of the good help I know you can find in the WWW is the abundant informative articles that really inform readers.

And that’s why, never worry because everything has an answer, all you have to do is be persuasive that there are really ways!

Mini Bungee Jumping!

Yesterday when I was with my parents to meet our relatives we stopped by this mini-bungee jumping stall at the mall. Yup, mini because they only have a trampoline that is used for those who want to try to go up and down. That’s when I remembered needak rebounder. It would be nice if they had that instead because it’s stronger and it has better quality than any other rebounder or trampoline.

My little cousin wanted to try but too bad when we got there we just ate, it will make him sick if he did. I told them about needak and I must say, they were impressed and they’re thinking if they should buy one! Well, it’s definitely would be cool because it’s something new for me. I don’t know how about my cousin because I heard he’s already tried it before, and my he’s only 6!

Oh well, I hope if they buy a trampoline they make sure it’s that one with good quality and one won’t break easily so no accidents will happen!

It won’t hurt to buy something that can be a new hobby at all. It will be great to be a family activity to bungee jump using a trampoline!

What's with the teeth?

People care so much about their skin, their body size and to how they dress to say they are “pretty” or “gorgeous”. But are they remembering how important is the teeth?

They are important as your skin and everything that you show off. And you ask me why, I think that’s obvious. For one, you wouldn’t be able to smile without presentable teeth. Nobody likes to see a scary smile! So while you can you better do something about your teeth.

One could be by getting a guardian dental insurance. It is a one of a kind insurance you can have for your teeth so you have assurance that nothing will go wrong, and that you’ll still be smiling!

The Power of the Wind

Back then, people didn’t rely on electricity. People in factories worked manually, and people did things by hand. However, as years passed by great new things were discovered, machineries and the likes.

But one discovery that amazed me is how the wind can be powerful with the wind turbine. From the windmill, they discovered a fascinating way to produce electricity that can do a lot for people already.

Imagine, how cool it is that the wind, unseen yet felt can produce electricity which have become a big problem because there are times electricity from the local company is already too much expensive! And isn’t it great that other than solar energy there is an alternative, and it’s nice that it’s just within our nature – think of how much blessings God gave to us with this.

It will be a good help if broken windmills in local towns with farms would be replaced by the high-tech wind generators so there will be less hassle and the less they pay for electricity!

Sometimes, when I look back to the old days even though the world today is as they say, “in crisis” there are always positive things we can ponder on. It’s just that some people are corrupt that these things are being forgotten, and unnoticed.