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The Truth

The truth is I think I'm tired of doing this, I mean all the blogging stuff. Haha! I don't know, maybe I should take some break :) Google already started it after all, it's time to 'chillax' and have fun with my gadgets <3 I wish I will still be able to get a new laptop though.

As for this blog, this will be perhaps, my last post. It's full of spam lolx. I really do wish Blogger visioned this coming and implemented an Akismet type of plugin or maybe I'm just lazy to research.

Ah, don't worry, I'll stop blogging on my blogs (sort of) but still try on other blogs, lightly. Not the too much posts kind.

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So many spams~

Blogger should have an Akismet plug in. I've been getting spam email saying I've got spam comments from this blog. I haven't posted because..

I don't want to explain this all over again. Today is father's day. Well happy dad's day to yours! To mine, I don't know. I don't want to care for irresponsible people who doesn't care about their family :P

And that is all!

I was pretty sure that shouldn't have been fixed because now, you're EVIL again :)

Good grief.

Blogging more often, yes?

No. Actually, I'm making scheduled posts just so I can keep this blog alive. Also, my alexa rank for this blog needs to improve. I can't afford getting another advertisement placement on Adgitize so for now I will just post here 4x a week or so. I hope I do survive.

I do miss the old times. I don't have anything much to post with the fact I'm just at home. As much as I want to go out my sidekick is not available lols. I wish his summer job would end already /tears.

It gets boring here and it's like the same thing every day except the date. Wake up late, sleep late, wake up late, go online, blah.

Today is our monthsary, lol~

My experience in shopping with a Chinese ebay seller.

It sucks that some goodies are not available locally so you've got no choice but to buy them online and from another country which I did. Recently, I bought a gorillapod and also Domokun headsets. It was my first time to shop for products from another country and I must say...

I still like shopping from local sellers. The thing is, I can't go out because I don't have anyone to go with lewls~

Christian can get them for me I suppose, but I just got the 2nd notice just this time. He told me that they were closed at 5 pm and that's the only time I can go there because Christian would be out of their office. Arghh, I want to get my stuff already :(

Plus the bad thing is you get them at a very LATER date. In fact I almost forget I did order something, the excitement is gone. Haha.

Annoying Pop Ups

Pop-up messages and ads are really annoying, aren't they? When you go to a website, then some advertisement pops up, it's interfering.

Most of the time these pop-up messages also carry malicious spyware or viruses so I suggest you put an add-on in your browser that serves to block pop-up ads and messages. You might also want to double check your anti-virus if it has a blocker or something.

Some advertisements are tricky but never ever try to click any of them! Some may lead you to a dangerous page. Other times, they are just Google Ads lol, they're for the sake of earning money I know, but it's really annoying.

Heyyyyy. It's May!

I only posted 3 times last April, one of the posts was a mistake post (supposedly comment) I dunno why it became a post.

Moving on, yay it's May! I failed to do stuff on this blog again! TROLOLOLOL!!!! What's new anyway. With tons of blogs I can't really manage to do anything properly. I forget, I become lazy~ zZZ. It's a wonder why this blog still hazzz page rank. But I'm thankful!

However, no tasks

The only thing I hate is how Blogger does not have the word count thingy. I am too lazy to open up MS Word and count the words. But well~ this ends here as I think it's already 100+ words. XD

Hi, I'm still alive.

Just busy with some jobs, website layouts and whatnots - of course sleeping. And honestly, I don't know what to blog here :_: Haha!

But here, I'm blogging! So far summer vacation is fine. I hope I'll make the best of it. This Saturday I hope me and the boyf will be able to go out. He's always too busy with work so it's a bummer lol~

I stay at home unlike my best friends, my boyfriend, and so me and my netbook is in a relationship. LOL. I want to buy a laptop though, one with awesomestatic specs! Hah! But I don't think I can buy it now, I hope by June. LOL I wish.

I'm busy like them though, with whatever I do online. So it should be fine :) I miss blogging here :)
Well, til next time folks! Kiyaaa!

10 Facts Every Urban Planner Should Know About Cities

A lot of knowledge has to go into the planning of a city. This is not just a collection of buildings but a living organism that can only thrive if it is well put together. Everything must be in its proper place and an urban planner should know where that place is. Here are 10 facts that every urban planner should know about cities.

Every City Is Different

There isn't one blueprint that can be followed to make every city a great one. Every city is unique and must be designed to meet the needs of the people who live there now and who will live there in the future. With every city an urban planner is asked to reinvent the wheel.

Cities Grow

A city is not a work of art that you create and then it's done. Cities grow and change and every urban planner should know that. This allows urban planners to create one version of a city that leaves the potential for an expanded version to be formed later on.

Every City Location Has Its Advantages

There are upsides to every city location. An urban planner can use these natural advantages to make any city the best it can be. These natural advantages can also help to set a city apart from the rest.

Every City Location Has Its Disadvantages

Every city location is bound to have some challenges. They are probably not insurmountable but they will be there. Every urban planner has to be aware of these disadvantages and to do their best to overcome them.

Cities Have Personalities

Cities themselves have personalities. Some cities are known for having a cold, distant feel before you speak to anyone there while others feel warm and welcoming even if you never speak to a single soul. Knowing this, you can craft the personality of a city to be what you would like it to be.

City Layouts Affect The Environment

City layouts can be conducive to different types of transportation such as in the form of cars, mass transportation, pedestrians, and bicycles. The ease of travel by each of these methods will help to decide how people get around a city and how much pollution they create while traveling.

City Layouts Help Determine What People Do

People do what a city gives them to do. Parks, museums, and whatever else is conveniently located are going to be more popular than attractions that are inaccessible or that are simply not there.

City Businesses Are Affected By Urban Planning

You just need to be aware of this. The specifics depend on a city and its businesses. If you want businesses to be successful ask yourself how urban planning can help.

Cities Need To Be Beautiful And Functional

Many urban planning foibles have happened because urban planners became too wrapped up in make a city beautiful or functional. Every city needs to be both.

Cities Are Living Things

Cities are living things. They grow, change, have personalities, and can thrive or wither. If something isn't working then you need to take action to restore a city to a robust state of health.

Writing about getting an MS in urban planning is the main focus of TR HEINECKER's work.

Blog ni ako: Special Screening of Tum My Pledge of Love

wow. Kaso dapat ate nagpapicture ka ng madami! Bwahaha <3 I only saw its trailer sa movie mukhang okay naman :)

Do not mind this post

A hand kids past a misplaced believer.

I'm busy doing bloghopping with Loving Pink. Will do this next :D Then continue with my fashion blog layout. And then work. Haaaa why so busy :P

Everyone deserves love

Love is something so precious and rare. Some may say they are in love but finding TRUE LOVE is a different matter. But not only can you find love with someone but also in people, your family and friends.

However, some are not fortunate to get love evenly from all the people around them. Some receive love unequally such as those who have illnesses like STD and others.
People think of them differently and thus they all feel like outcasts in our environment. But that’s not the end of the story my friend. I found recently about this website, where everyone with STD are very welcome to fall in love, meet people and friends. It’s where they can be treated rightfully and they can find other people like them searching for souls who will accept who they are, regardless of their condition. If you want to be part of them, then know this there are Positive Singles: You Are Not Alone!

Anyone can fall in love, anyone can be loved.

March is ending soon eh?

Just awhile ago March was just starting. But now, in a few days April is on! Can you smell the summer air?

I do! But I know for me it will still be busy but definitely, there will be more sleeping days and Aruarose days. Hohoho, and I will do my best to work on my sites so I will earn lots of money ~ Hopefully. Plans and ideas are showering that now I am very sleepy because my brains cannot take them all anymore! Tsk.

I plan to check Microworkers again soon, you know, big things comes from small things :)

Okay, got to go now <3 Just wanted to update this blog.

And so, for the vertical blinds!

Okay, I recently posted I want to buy some blinds for our house but I thought again and again until I thought about Made to measure Vertical Blinds. I said to myself maybe they’re even better!

Since I thought about it I didn’t actually know there were tons of kinds of blinds. I only see blinds at school. I guess they’re the normal ones. Then I stumbled to the online shop I told you about. I was like “whoa!” when I saw the designs and the blinds that were available. Maybe if my mom knew about it she’d be overjoyed.

Now if you’re wondering the real reason why I would love to have blinds at home is because of the hot weather. I seriously think that will help a lot. I just hope what will enter inside the house is cold air, not pollution nor hot air.

What can you say? I haven’t seen blinds for a while now - call me a noob or what. Tsktsk. But I’m still clueless on what kind of blinds would be good to have at home. But I guess a little more browsing and researching will help a lot. What are your thoughts in buying blinds for your home?

Spice up your homes!

I live in a simple house neither big nor small. But I love being at home. I like sleeping on my bed during cold mornings, I like viewing the sun outside our windows.
But do you want to know something? I secretly want to have venetian blinds for our house! I’ve been seeing a lot of them in this online shop where there were so many fabulous items and materials that you can buy for your rooms and houses.

So, right now I will be saving up for that. I want one in my room, in our comfort room and all rooms! Haha! Beat that! It will be really neat to look out plus it’s timely because it is summer, it will be very hot without decent windows that can help bring in air at home.

Having one is a must, so if you’re a mom or someone who just want the best for your homes and who wants to be fab at the same time this is the solution. It will be attractive to your visitors too especially if you choose the fancy ones. For me I just want the best one!

Truth be told, we’ve never had any blinds at home. Therefore, this will be a cool change!

March is so!

I should be sleeping lolx. But I wanted to relax, when I can't think properly - I blog. Isn't it weird? I think properly while typing though.

Anyways, I saw I had so many tasks I can get in inPostLinks but I can't reserve them because I don't know if I can do them! Well, let's see. I'm still working on something now, other than our thesis. I think I'll do that again later as my brain won't function right now when I code stuff.

I hope March will be better soon. Just a little. Please. Be betterrr. March 15 T_T


As a teenager I always hated skin problems – pimples, rashes and so on. Most of all, I hate dandruff! But this scared me when I found out about psoriasis symptoms and that dandruff could be one symptom!

Well you see psoriasis isn’t just a joke because it’s a serious skin problem most people are suffering right now. It’s so itchy that it’s so annoying. Scratching it will just cause you to get blisters and more skin problems so it is best you consult your doctor now if you think it’s getting worse.

Do not disregard the itchy scalp and the flaking skins you’re experiencing if you have any of those, it could lead to a worse scenario or illness so I hope this post reaches out to you to let you know that you should not forget your health. And yes, even the little things can cause a lot of problems such as dandruff – worsening to psoriasis.

And if you want to help others, it won’t hurt by informing them about this, let them be aware the dangers there could be with this skin illness, what can they do and how they can avoid making it all worse. Remember, doing good to others will do good for you too.

I miss playing the guitar

When I was in first year high school, my uncle introduced me to guitar playing. I was so in loved with playing the guitar – I made my own songs, sang my favorite songs while playing the guitar and so on. But then my passion for it faded until eventually, I just quit.

Well, not really quit. But I haven’t used my guitar for already almost 2 to 3 years. I’ve been thinking maybe guitar lessons can refresh my mind on my lost passion for playing guitar.

Actually maybe one of these days I will buy a new small guitar. My old one is really huge, it’s acoustic but I can’t use its “acoustic-ness” anyway because the wires inside the guitar are broken or something. It’s an old model guitar but I kept it because my parents gave it me and of course – it was my very first guitar!

Will I have another? Well I don’t know. Maybe you can let me borrow? Hehe, anyways if I were you I’d go for those lessons so I’ll enjoy having a guitar and who knows maybe you’ll become a star with playing the guitar and singing just like a few famous ones we know of.

My 365th post!

My 365th post! But actually it made me realized how much MIA I was with this blog. It's already been up for 3 to 4 years I think, yet I only have posts for 1 year.

I used to have a blogversary button but now I can't find it anywhere, I'm thinking I should just look for it again. I've been busy as usual so my plans for changing the header hasn't been pushed through yet. On the bright side, I was able to fix the links (or so I think).

Also, I added Featured Post! You should check out that post!

Okay, I feel kinda still sleepy. I will blog later again! Hopefully.

Seven Guilty Pleasures

I bet there’s something you like to do but wouldn’t admit to in front of your teacher, or to your boss, or in a scenario such as being on a first date without a fair bit of prompting. These are called guilty pleasures and everyone enjoys at least one little quirk – that’s what makes us individuals. Maybe you can spot one of yours in the list below.

Pop Music

Some fans are very vocal about their adoration of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Others you find out by surprise when you accidentally overhear them humming in the bathroom or letting their hair down at karaoke.

Not Getting Dressed

It’s lovely not having to set the alarm, knowing you can spend the whole day in your pyjamas if you wish.

Rom Coms

Sometimes there’s nothing better than unwinding with a star-studded, chewing-gum-for-the-eyes, cheesy romantic comedy film that you noticed happened to be starting on TV when you were just about to pop in that black-and-white subtitled DVD you rented because you wanted to impress the cute sales assistant.


Although too much can be a bad thing, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which gives rise to emotions similar to those associated with falling in love, and consumption also releases the chemical serotonin in the brain. If there are two of you, you’ll feel less guilty about indulging in Devil’s Food Cake or that sundae-to-share in the diner that you formerly ate alone. You can also both turn this guilty pleasure into a bona fide hobby by baking together.


The word ‘smell’ isn’t particularly pretty. But some actual smells are. There are those we can all agree on – freshly mown grass, baking (see above), roses. And then there are those that we may feel make us a teensy bit geeky, such as the smell of a new car, an old dusty book or a leather jacket.

Celebrity Gossip Mags

We don’t know why reading about other people’s lives is so interesting. It just is.

Computer Games

Some are addictive. Some are expensive. Some you’d be ashamed to admit you owned. Sometimes zapping aliens and collecting rings is so very much more important than going travelling, spending time with friends or working for that promotion. We would never say that out loud, but the high scores tell the truth.

These seven guilty pleasures can only be improved by one thing – sharing the experience with someone who feels the same way! Imagine dipping into chocolates while lounging around in your pyjamas, singing along to the pop soundtrack of your favourite rom com together. Perhaps you can meet that special someone through work, study, through a friend or through online dating, where it is easy to judge compatibility levels before you even meet. But if they don’t feel the same way about golf or cross-stitching as you do, don’t fret, because you still have the opportunity as a twosome to explore new interests together you were perhaps afraid to try out on your own before.

So there you have it – seven guilty pleasures. Like the seven deadly sins, but with more of an emphasis on treats than trouble!

Ah, I sleep late again.

I deleted a bunch of links because
1. Some of them were not linking back to me anymore.
2. Some of them are outdated, and it seems like they don't blog anymore

I was planning to edit the header too, but I suddenly felt tired and sloppy sleepy you know. That's rare. And besides it's 3 AM. If I don't sleep, I'm dead meat tomorrow. Hehe I will update a lil often now again, hopefully.

God bless you!

Sleep when you say so.

Do not be like me. When I say I will sleep it's going to be extended to 3-5 hours before I actually sleep. Haha, as I write this post, I said four hours ago (I think) I will sleep but I worked on converting the WP Layout I made for a site. I will then work on another one and another one and another one on the following days, not to mention our thesis (we're to work on an online library)

I'm so clueless with that. So hey~ I'll update tomorrow, I want to get rid of dead links here already they're like a dozen or so! LOL~

Good mornight.

A good choice for a home

I’m no expert when it comes to houses. I am clueless when it comes to choosing furniture for rooms but I am touched with my friend’s email after I shared to her some website she could buy good furniture displays.

It’s where she found the rustic furniture that her mom loved so much. She was ecstatic and with that her mom treated her for dinner which was very unusual. Her mom is pretty busy with work most of the time so they bond a little. I am happy what my little help has done for them.

They also bought other furniture displays that were unique, they were rare and her mom loves rare. I’m lucky my mom does not go for those kinds of stuff because I believe they’re a bit pricey, right? But it’s nice because decorating your house is really fun – especially if you’re the artistic type of person.

When get to own my house someday – I’ll definitely put lots of furniture displays or so. It’s going to be lovely! And yes, I know that will make my mom happy too. Tsktsk, mom loves furniture displays to make it short.
But I don’t live in a huge house, putting too much furniture displays in our house will just eat up space. So I guess that’s why.

So, what's with email marketing?

When you go online you probably anticipate that all you can do online is play games on social networking websites, chat, check emails – but that’s what a normal person does (I think)
If you are observant, you’ll notice advertisements, you’ll notice promotions and stuff. They make money you know. Some put up their business online too, stores selling clothes, authentic stuff and even electronics.

And it does not stop there because there’s also what we call direct email marketing. If you don’t know what that is, well, it helps for you to email unlimited number of people regarding a promotion or your business. Thus, together with this nifty tool – you get to make your business grow whatever that is.

Isn’t it great? Online world has lots of surprises you never knew of, you just have to look around. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next zillionaire online next to the famous ones who made hundreds, thousands, millions, billions and zillions of money. It requires hard work though.

If you want the real thing online, email marketing is one that you will definitely need because it helps a lot. It will surely gain you clients or customers surprisingly. So, if you’re on a venture to money making online or with your business online – don’t give up because there are lots of things you can do to achieve it!


Someday I want to experience a ride on a yacht! I want to take mom and dad in awesome places both by land and by water.

So, I will work hard to get that Monacograndprixhospitality package. I don’t know how, but I will do my best in studying, in working, in earning money lol~

I don’t know when that “someday” is but I know that if I believe so, I will be able to make all these dreams come true – the travelling, the shopping, the taking-mom-and-dad somewhere awesome and unforgettable.

I am but just a little kid right now but I know someday I will be out there shining on my own – doing what I do and doing it at my best.

How about you? What are your dreams? I’m sure this is one of your dreams too, who wouldn’t dream to be on a VIP section of a yacht! And actually, I’ve never seen a yacht. I really hope someday I will.

This is very tough and a very hard dream to reach, for me, I think. But maybe my fate will take me there - and you too! Let’s work hard and maybe our goals will take us there.

My choice of a room

What’s inside your room? The room in our house is only me and my parents’. I don’t have my own but it’s not a big deal that much. But even so, there are times I dream of having my own room. However, I know no matter how fancy it is it will end up messy, lol.
I’ve been thinking of how it will look like though. I used to wish my mom and dad that I should have a room like that one in an attic – but in the long run I realized that’s a very wrong idea because I might die because of summer heat during summer.

Then I thought maybe it would be nice if it’s a room with a balcony or maybe some fancy Cheap Roman Blinds because I saw some pretty looking ones in an online store yesterday.
My mom would definitely love those. However, the thing is for now I can’t have a room yet.

Haha! Maybe someday, I don’t think it’s a necessity anyway because I can sleep
alright. I think I’m fine with my little office corner and I actually comfy when my parents are around, I like watching television shows with them and it is fun.

That feeling when you suddenly feel sleepy.

Which I am feeling right now, but I have to restore a wordpress of a client of my hosting site and then, help setupping a blog of another friend. It's actually easy but I feel really drowsy. I'm also supposed to finish a layout tonight but I still feel bummed.

Our thesis defense is coming and I'm super duper clueless. Yay me! Ahaha, and also *puts something here that's supposed to be a secret*

Okay, I think I'll be resting for a while, I just got home so that's probably why I still cannot do anything properly or think decently. And I'm wishing this made sense even if it didn't lol. God bless you~ I hope I can fix this blog tonight to, I feel like doing so!

We want money!

Yeah, I think all of us do anyway. That's why I've been researching on how to make more profit online. However, it appears that isn’t really easy.

When I learned how to blog I never intended to make money of it mind you – I just liked expressing myself through my blog, sharing my life’s story, and then with that I was able to meet new people all over the world. It was awesome.

So that’s the true meaning of blogging, I think. But then it has advantages that come with it that’s why I enjoyed even more. Anyways, I’ve been thinking about options trading system because it could be my other choice if I really want to earn online even more. What do you think?

Nowadays, life is really hard so it’s good if we find extra income in our own little ways (and this is mine). I know very well that tons of bloggers can relate to me, some even make it already as their primary job. As for me, I’m still a novice so I can’t take it much seriously. But if I run out of choice someday, I’ll focus on this. It’d be pretty nice to just write and write and think and make layouts. But a business would be great in the future. Okay, I don’t make sense anymore sorry lol.

Never give up!

Everybody wants to earn money with hard work. Thus, what I’m doing now is researching on how I can level up my earnings online. Actually, there are countless ways if you ask me.

One that I haven’t tried much though is pay per click marketing because I’m still on the stage of trying to understand how it works. There are a lot of companies with this kind of program and I’m looking into it if I can finally apply to one.

My only problem here you see, is that I hardly blog hop so I don’t know it will work for me. I don’t get much visitors but I do have an okay alexa ranking. I guess I need to work on my stats so I’ll get more visitors! Until then, I can finally apply to other programs to earn more bucks online.

How about you? If you’re still clueless of your next step with your website online, why not try what I’ve mentioned? Maybe you’ll do great in it.

This is why I love websites-it helps me be able to buy things I need, things I want, things I want to give others. It’s just really great and it’s very awesome.

Looking for website templates?

Owning a lot of websites is a very hard task. It’s like having many kids to take care of. You see each website needs to be tended with care – in website owning terms they need to be updated with posts and also they need to have a good layout.

It is fun owning and managing websites at the same time but for a while you got to take breaks. I love making layouts for them however time is my problem. Being a student at school, I can’t make layouts often anymore especially because I’ll be graduating soon.

So with my hectic schedule and all I finally decided to hire someone for the website design! Oh yes, it took me long to find someone who’s really to be trusted and who’s really creative but I found them anyway. You know how it is to have your own trademark, your domain, and a web design template that fits everything? It's what they'll give you!

I’m still thinking of a layout though and then I’ll submit it to them, for sure they’ll work on it fast and work on it excellently!

This website I’m talking about has good quality web templates and designs for their customers and if you’re like me I’m definitely suggesting this to you!

Don’t worry anymore if you can’t come up with a layout that’s for your website because there are websites and companies who can help you with that, such as this!

New Logo?

I’m trying to find the best new look for this blog! However, I think I’ll have to pass because I should be in class in awhile, and I just woke up.

With the help of some awesome logo design packages I saw though I was enlightened. I think I’ll just get one of those because they’re nifty for those who don’t have time to make their own logos, and me because of my hectic schedule!

It’s really a bright idea because having one will make your brand or website stand out because you make your mark in the World Wide World. So, I am very excited to get my very own logo!
If you’re looking for a logo that will amaze you, let me entice you where to find these wonderful logo designs and packages. Don’t worry anymore for your logo and web design problems because this website is full of creative designs and also designers.

Well, I hope this helps! Logos are important so know that you should have one for your site, it names you and it makes who you are. Getting a logo isn’t hard if you just know where to find them. So, what are you waiting for? Get a logo for your business or website now!

An Education

I remember that some days ago I and my parents watched “An Education”. It’s a good movie that will help a lot of teenagers out there to realize that education is very important in our lives. Also, that in our life we’ll encounter trials, hindrance and everything – but we should not let us down, we shouldn’t let it affect our goals and dreams.

It was inspiring and good especially for a girl like me who is also in my college years right now. Speaking of education, I have seen this great course offers in easter revision which is really awesome. I would recommend them to students in U.S. as they can provide you all your education needs. They don’t have a branch here in my country, sadly.

Our parents want the best for us so as much as possible they look for universities/schools that can help in molding us, that can help to give us brighter futures and we must not feel mad at them but thank them for all of their hard work and effort. Whatever happens in our future is actually based on what we can do while we’re young because it does make a difference if we do our best during our college years.

Buying homes?

We all want the best and the one we deserve. That’s why on picking the best homes to stay in, we must make sure we know we’re getting the right ones.

And if you do plan to get a new house, you should know how you can start selling your house privately so you can make profit of your old house – not because you don’t like it anymore but because it’s practical.

Doing so, you can let others feel that they can also have a home that will suit them and make them feel at home. Your little help to them can do so much.

Others do businesses like this too, by making their previous houses more beautiful compared to how it was or improve it and then sell it and it’s not bad. In fact, it’s great because they’re giving the chance to others to experience how it is to have a home. Make sure you find the best home that you and your family will love, don’t just find a home just because – for any reason.
So, are you ready to get a new house? Don’t push yourself, there are many websites and even offline places you where can canvass your next house!

Patio Heaters!

Brrr! Christmas may be over but in some countries it is still so cold! It’s summer here in our country but I can’t help feel sorry for them.

So, I researched on what they could do when they’re outside. From a friend, I heard cold days outside the house makes them sick a lot – get colds and coughs which is really not nice. So I took a little break from my online errands and found out about it that you can always use Patio Heater to keep the heat and warmth.

It’s not available here in our country because we don’t have snow here, but I want others to know about it so if they need one, they know where to get it! Plus, they will be good outside during winters.

You can also have it in summers! I heard some people like using them during that time. This is a good find of useful things for different kinds of weather and what’s best is that you can buy it online, anytime.

You know how changing weathers make you feel – so if you need anything to keep yourself healthy, this is the way. Look for what you really need! Even a soup can help you with that.

I've never tried...

Drinking wine! Do you believe me? Well no, that’s a joke. But I hardly do drink wine and alcohol. If I do I would prefer it is wine by the case that has been made at their finest! But actually, I never had any since I’m not the socially inclined person like most teens are.

I don’t like partying, I don’t like drinking, and most of all I don’t like getting drunk. Not that I have anything about those who like going out. Drinking wine is good once in a while, especially if you’re stressed. My mom even mentioned once that particularly, red wine – is good for the heart, something like that.

You see- it’s also a good thing to have during celebrations, so definitely once in a while you drink wine. If you do why not get the best wine that your family will enjoy?

I’m not into drinking, but when I do I make it a point it’s unforgettable! Such as having a nice drink of wine with the people I love, with the finest wine, and with the best food of course. Haha, I don’t know yet if I plan to drink wine in the following six months. Probably not.

Thought about being a nurse?

Being a nurse looks easy - but what you see is not always what you get. I have relatives who took up and are taking up nursing and I can tell how much hard it is. It starts with the bloody memorization, and it's really scary you know - life of people depends on you, not just some machine.

So for me, they deserve a prize! I wish I can get them some of those nursing uniforms that will be lots of helpful to them. They will have less problems with Mr. Laundry. Much more if you choose nursing scrubs or uniforms that they will really love - those would their favorite colors.

But in any case, if you can't find out their favorite color you can always nursing scrub uniforms that are already there. They're of high quality so I suppose any nurse will definitely want them.

Think of it this way, if you get them awesome scrubs you'll help them a lot in having decent scrubs to wear other than their old ones. It is a big help because this makes them motivated to work more efficiently and effectively.

These nurse scrubs uniforms will be a good thing for them so they'll become even better in doing their thing. Many more lives will be saved and many more people who are sick will feel better, with our outstanding nurses.

Trying out sidebar gadget for Win7 from

I wonder if it will work? Anyway, if it will I hope they make a version for Wordpress blogs lol! This is cool. Yeah, I'm kinda bored so I'm installing some cool gadgets :D Morning!


I am updating! Yays! Well, my "lappydobby" got broken. I might get a netbook/notebook soon, and then save up to get it fixed!

I also removed some elements here in my blog to make it look clean and then after I get my new netbook (hopefully, really soon) I will finish fixing the sidebar links. I know most of them are dead links. Plus I will update often, as I only had 2 posts for January.

I need to make up for my absence in my colorful blog ♥

So, that's it! Hope my colds will be gone soon, and that I'll get a new netbook soon. God bless you all ♥

My OLD Friend needs help.

I've known this friend for almost a year. She was sweet and nice. She was helpful, and she was a good model to me as she is older. However, she suddenly changed.

I think she needs to go to the Depression Treatment Center, because ever since her man cheated on her she was just like that. Now, she speaks ill of anyone, and now, she keeps on telling me bad things. Thus, more misunderstanding between us was built. I hope that this doesn't mean she'd have to go to a Psychological Treatment Center. Because that will be very sad for us, her friends.

I think she should just go for Mood Disorder Treatment Clinic, maybe she'll be back to normal with that. When people have some moody illness I suggest you guys help them soon, or else, their next stop will be at the mental hospital.

Tell me.

Who do I run to when no one in this world will understand me? When I go home, happily expecting I can have bonding time with my parents and all they do is blame me things that are just senseless.

Who do I go to, to tell all my problems at school because of our STUPID STUPID STUPID REGISTRATION OFFICE. Who is going to ask you for money that you don't know where it will go after they already cancelled one of your major subjects. Tell me, who do I tell how hard it is?

Tell me, who do I go to for help with my clients' problems because my stupid main host won't do something about what they've caused that.

I am doing this alone. I am doing this with no one's help. But I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Just so you know I am going to give up already. Maybe a day or two, then I'm down. I cannot take the pain anymore that all I can do is cry, because nobody listens.

You got home late and all you wanted was rest and happiness and this is what you get, THIS SPECIAL KIND OF TREATMENT. You thought you'd be happy this night.

Tell me, are you satisfied and happy?

Because I just want to take suicide because I cannot breathe this pain and burden anymore. WHAT WRONG DID I DO TO YOU? TELL ME!