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You Have Some Grit

You're the type of person who likes to stay busy, but you always feel like you should have more to show for it at the end of the day.

You find it easy to start new projects, but you tend to abandon them when they get boring or difficult.

Focus more intently on the things that are most important to you. Get those done.

You may feel like you're missing out by not doing everything you want to do, but you're really missing out when you don't finish what you start.

And so, I blogged and got tired.

Done moving to the new better host! Hooray! I am so sleepy now. So I should sleep :) I just thought of updating this, since, I updated all of my blogs. Why not update this too? Simply by this simple post saying I want to udpate it. LOL, sorry my mind is not functioning well anymore due to sloppy err sleepy-ness. Good morning! Happy New Year in advance!

Everybody needs love

But not all guys find the type of girls they want. However, some find them - online! Yes, believe it or not. I've heard a lot of stories about finding true love via internet, and how so unbelievable is that. That's why I stumbled to Mail Order Brides website, my friend was bugging me how she'd find the girl of her life (I do not want to be that girl)

I told him he'd find Russian Brides there, the better. May he find his true love, and may he take me to Russia on his wedding day, haha!

The problem with cars

Owning a car is cool and awesome. Owning one gives you the privilege to go to different places may it be far or close to your home but here’s the downside – taking care of it financially.

At times, we cannot be fortune tellers and accidents happen. It’s good if nobody will get injured but wouldn’t it be better if our car isn’t injured as well? I thought of that, really hard. So I looked for auto quotes for insurance. There aren’t many but if you want to you’ll be able to compare auto quotes. So yeah, you can find a way to save your car from being wrecked!

That’s the thing with cars, it has problems too even if it is cool and all awesome.Think of it this way, cars are like people who needs to be taken care off too and I know you guys don’t want your cars broken instantly with one hit! At least, there must be a way to keep it the same even after getting bumped into other cars or what. So, the best way here is to look for the right insurances, you can find that if you want and you know you will if you’re interested.

Take a ride to Paris and everywhere else!

For sure, your with your families now - awaiting New Year's eve after Christmas celebration is over. And that's great! But do you know that there's something cooler? Yes! A train ride!

I haven't been on one honestly and I thought I'd never care until my friend told me about Trains to Paris that she found. It was really great because the company offered so many things plus they have a shopping center where you can go to if you need to buy something during stopovers.

I'm sure, any family would love an adventure like that! If only I can take mom and dad. Hehe, but you guys don't miss the chance to have that opportunity - tell them about it now while you can! It'd be the best place to celebrate New Year with all the amazing lights everywhere!

A train ride will be very new because airplanes and cars are what we've been used to, but you got to admit it's something great!

Twitter break?! :(

I reached today's Twitter Update Limit. I can't tell if I tweeted over a hundred though, I don't believe so.

I was trying to win a domain @ Namecheap's contest, sad I can't anymore. I read it's supposed to be for 14 hours. I read on another it could be an hour.I hope it's just an hour? :( I feel so upset. But I have no choice anyway.

On another note, my server for my wordpress blog is down right now. It's highly annoying, but can't do pretty much anything it either. I hope this doesn't trouble my hosting clients, it's already troublesome to me T_T

Christmas wish?

Dear God, thank you for the blessings:D

Tsk just two days ago I received an email from someone who wanted to place some links in my other website for $100. I was most of all shocked. Because I didn't expect it, but thank you so much :) It's a payment for a lifetime links but that's fine by me :D

I'm also getting tasks lately, guess blogging often helped. I hope this continues, I love blogging! Thank you so much God. But I don't know what to buy this Christmas, I feel like having it is already enough x)

May everyone have a happy Christmas!

My Laptop, before and after

It's 12:13 AM on my laptop, time is so fast. Only a few days and it's Christmas. Isn't it amazing? Two years ago, I was blogging about my laptop coming, my dad went home from Thailand back then.

Today, I'm still with my laptop. I can't believe I have a laptop. I panic like crazy whenever it gets broken. When it was first broken by a virus, I was so much in distress! Luckily, I had two OS (Operating System) so I used the other one, it was a lame solution I know. But after it was again attacked by another virus, I finally learned to reformat! And to Windows 7. Thanks to my best friend Grace and Christian B my boyfriend :)

But the problem right now is my power supply. I think there's a twisted/broken wire inside it, making it hard to process at a position. Yes, a position my power supply chooses a position for it to function properly. I might need to buy a new one :( I don't know how though!

Yet I hope, it won't break down on me. At least, not until I get a new laptop. I won't get a new one in a long while. I just know it, but it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is my laptop, I don't want it broken, EVER! <3 It has so much memories :)

My laptop is my sidekick, because with him, I was able to make lots of money online, lots of layouts, meet lots of online friends and so much more. My boyfriend is even mad at my laptop. Heheh. My laptop holds my greatest tools - cellphone tweaks, psp tweaks, program tweaks and website tweaks. So much! That's why sometimes, I don't really mind not having a new laptop because I'm happy and contented this way. I just hope my laptop will be strong like a macho man to face all troubles - especially the power supply! Hehe :P

So, what keeps you awake

So many things keep me awake
  1. Blogging - Because I have to be active!
  2. Sims 2 - Playing via PsP
  3. Reading - When I'm in the mood, I read - it makes me sleepy and not sleepy lol
  4. Facebook - Please don't ask, I know you guys can relate! Haha
  5. Watching Movies - They're the best
So, what keeps you awake?

Where do you see yourself?

I used to think I was determined in life, what I wanted to be - who I wanted to be and what will happen when I grow up but now. I don't really know.

All I know is, right now I want to be a professional web designer; I want to expertise in that field because that has been always my dream. Not that I don't like programming (web designing has a lot of programming too so I have no choice) But, what I really want is to design, no to get tired because of writing piles of papers or articles.

I want to wake up, and go around the town looking for inspiration, to look at the colors in every different way but positive.

Just sharing a thought :)

Somebody is coming back to blogging!

You read that right. I was so ecstatic that I blogged on my 5 blogs. I have 10+ blogs altogether but it usually takes me time because I always want my blog layouts to be unique. I decided to just go with downloaded themes with the ones I updated awhile ago, and later when I get time I'll update this one. I already deleted the links in the sidebar, and then I'll clean the blogroll.

I don't know why I feel like it but one fact is because I quit my job, I feel lighter! So anyway, see ya later and happy December, reader!