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Lighten up!

Somebody needs to lighten up. Ha-ha. Me, I’m stressed and I’m sooo serious all the time. I need to get rid of this kind of personality. I want to have fun you know!

It’s good I found out about funny movies that really relieved my feeling a bit. They’re so hilarious! Ha-ha you should try watching these videos. They’re really helpful, I guess laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Online Education!

Nowadays, you can already do everything because of the ever powerful internet. And one which amazes me is how Online Education had become a trend.

With its help, those who cant keep up with their classes in school can just sign up for an Online Education class to still learn no matter how busy they are – and plus, it doesn’t require much but only for you to go online.

But you might as well to find out what its advantages and disadvantages first before you push through your plans, okay? I’ve got a link for a website that has useful information regarding it.

Reverse Psychology

I used to love the song “Get tangled up in Me” because of the line “You gotta know reverse psychology” which goes out to the boy she likes who had been eye-ing her as well because I was the same kind of girl. When I want something I tell the opposite things to make it obvious. Although my man doesn’t seem to see it’s like that sometimes..

Haha. Oh well, it’d be cool to have someone who knew me well and this reverse Psychology. Considering that it’s also one of my favorite subject - except for the memorizing of the parts of the brain which I hate! I cant forget how I had failing score in our exams lately, when I had high ones in our quizzes :c Anyway, enough said..

Custom logos galore!

Right now, we’re working on our thesis for our System Analysis Design. We’re still at chapter one! But everyday, it makes me excited because I want to code our program already (even if I still lack some php knowledge) I’m so happy because we’re finally studying about website-thingies.

It suddenly also reminded me how important the custom logo design our system should have. My, I’m so excited that I already looked for a website that made custom logo designs! I can make one, but I guess it’s better to go to the experts.

I guess for now, we have to focus on chapter one first. But I’m also already reviewing a bit of php. It makes me so happy we’re finally here! And, I want our project to have a professional logo. I will surely seek the works of the experts to find a good example! I make logos childish you see.

Good thing I found a good site to start from. They will surely help me in creating a good logo that will leave a mark, leave our mark! And make our system unforgettable and the best. How about you guys? Where do you go when you look for custom logo designs? I come to think of it, I actually need one for my hosting website. Oh well! Until next time folks.

Get your cars assurance, through insurance!

When we own something, we should take care of it, and even our own life. That’s how insurance exist, they existed to help keep our things, our lives safe in case of emergencies.

There are actually many types of insurance, health insurance, life insurance and the latest that I have heard - the motor trade insurance. Actually, motor trade insurance is insurance for your cars and vehicles.

The purpose of insurances is to help you cope up with financial problems if ever damages occur. It is mostly helpful for car owners because there are accidents that happen really unexpected, and where can owners go to? Of course, their insurance is the answer.

That’s what motor trade insurance does! They provide car owners’ needs. Lucky if you have one. So if I were you, I’d definitely get one for my car! But of course I don’t have a car yet. What makes a responsible car owner is someone who takes care and make sure that in case of accidents, nothing will go wrong!

So, do you have insurance already? Or do you plan to sign up for one? Well, wherever that is, I’m sure motor trade insurance can do better! One day, I’ll get an insurance there.

Sleep peacefully

As a kid, I didn’t actually love sleeping but later on I became a sleepy head because I lost lots of sleep in my younger years, I always slept late. Even now, I sleep late but when I fall asleep, you won’t be able to wake me up until I’ve had 11 hours of sleep! Ha-ha , I know, that’s silly.

It was also now that I realized how important sleep is especially for youngsters. It’s best you give your kids childrens beds that will really give them comfort. It is a fact that having comfy beds are really help to make a child get more rest because they feel how soft, and warming staying on their bed is. When they sleep in uncomfortable places they have a hard time and they tend to move in different positions more.

It’s also best if as young as an infant, you give them their needs like enough sleep. You should make sure they have the right number of hours of nap. It contributes a lot to their health until they grow up.

So, I hope you provide your child his/her best needs, and one of this is sleeping. Sleep peacefully, leave happily.

Duplicate easily

Files are hard to manage. And there are times, out of confusion I delete my files accidentally! Now, that’s some big trouble because all my files are important, some are of school works, assignments and reports and some are of my online life and work.

I figured the best solution was to keep a backup but here comes another problem – how to I copy this all easily? There are probably almost a hundred, no, really hundreds of folders, MS Word, txt and etc files here. I wonder how to survive copy-pasting repetitively. Oh yeah, I’m lazy when it comes to these kinds of times.

Luckily, I found a duplicate file program ! Now that will help my work lighten up a bit! I’m going to get this thing. I suggest this to you too, it’s trouble some copying large files and files with large quantities.

Don't drive too fast

My mom usually gets mad of my dad for driving so fast. I want to get mad too but as much as I do I don’t want my dad to shout at me. He’s that loud kind of person!

Anyway, because of this I researched a bit what happens to people who drive so fast. Of course, they might get arrested! O_O

That’s why I wanted to tell my dad about the Criminal Law I read, no, it isn’t about criminals but there are some details about reckless driver. You should read it or let someone you know who drives fast read it. It will really open up his eyes.

I think it’s better to drive carefully, but I guess, once you’re a driver and if you’re the type of person who gets ticked off easily you’d do the same! LOL.

Movie update!

Hooray! I have no classes today! However, I will still go to school for our thesis and to teach Christian HTML stuff. I wanted to go on a movie marathon after finding about this website where we can watch movies online!

This site is cool it leads you to other great websites where you can watch movies 100% free! I bet my dad will like this. He’s a movie geek. I too was, but busy-ness ate me. Tsk. I want to get updates of the latest movies I haven’t watched, and there’d probably be lots of them. I used to be updated in these kind of stuffs.

So if you want to watch a movie for free, you can go here! They’re cool 8D

I want to try something new!

Do you play the guitar? I really loved playing the guitar during high school. However, I just stopped and now I hardly touched my guitar. I bet the strings would just give up on me if I use it again because they might be rusted now.

Anyway, here’s something new that sounded interesting for me. Because I love music, I want to learn playing all musical instruments! Then I found out about djembe drums. They’re cute at the same time it’d be great to play them! It’d be useful to wake up the sleepy heads too, lol. Anyway, I think you should check some other african instruments like this one. They’re really cool!

I need some hair care.

Right, I think it’s been a month since I gave my hair a hair spa. So now, it’s dried and it doesn’t have style anymore, I hate it. But I can’t do anything about it now…

First, I’m always too busy. Also, mom takes me with the salon with her, and yes I do not know how to go on a haircut on my own. I know I’m silly. My hair is so long I don’t know how to keep up with it anymore. I tried cutting some to have bangs the other week. However, I think this time around my talents in cutting bangs isn’t delightful anymore. It made me look like an elementary kid more.

I want to go on a makeover but my mom is busy too, so yeah no time at all. I think I’ll try to go on a hair spa (which I do on my own) this weekend. This is also the result of too much stress and sleepless nights (and I can’t do anything because I have insomnia, now that sucks)

Luckily, I can still keep up with my hair with the help of hairpins. I want to buy more online because I found cute designs in this website and some that looked really lady like – so they won’t call me elementary kid anymore! GAHH! The next mission would be my height (but I don’t think that has hope).

Business talk

Do you plan to start a business? But now you don’t know where to get bucks to start! Well, I have good news for you! Here’s something you can run too in cases like that…none other than, this website that offers online investment. They have been in service for 5 years, and they’re reliable than those regular websites you see who claims they will help you gain more but in the end, disappoint you!

Avoid this kind of fooling, and get to know what company will really support your needs. They will really give you the chance to have real money making opportunities. Plus, this is real hyip!


Have you heard of the song “Everyday” that was an official theme song of High School Musical 2? It’s one of my favorite songs right now.

I love it very much because it reminds us that life is important so we should value it. As much as we can, let’s the make the best of it and if we can we should get a Life Insurance for the assurance that we’ll live longer lives…

Life is really wonderful no matter how many sad, troublesome and painful days there are at times. There might also be times that we get lost and we don’t know what to do, but at the time when we realize things we don’t want to be late right? So if we can, let us take care of our lives. God gave it to us and just think of how lucky we are. We are, very lucky.

Once in a lifetime...

I believe in the saying that “everything is once in a lifetime”. Life it self only happens once, so the best thing to do in that span of time you’re still alive is make it worthwhile and appreciate it, and if you can make it longer – that’s why we have Health Insurance.

Well, actually this didn’t matter to me until my mom used what their company provided her and for us. It helps a lot especially in times of emergency. Honestly, you cannot guess what can happen next to you. To live a better life you have to be prepared.

While you can, don’t just spoil your health by doing weird and tiring things all of time. Give time for yourself to rest too. Too much can cause trouble in the end, so too much work, too much sleepless nights cannot do good ever.

I think it’s good as early as now you read something about Health Insurance, so when you get the chance, you should get one. You’ll be able to keep your health in case you get ill or something.

Everyone falls in love..

And often times, we find love in the most unexpected situations, events, ways and even places. Don't you agree? And that's the same thing that this Russian dating website is promoting, falling love with a person you meet in the World Wide Web!

Most often assume these kinds of relationships may be tricky and dangerous, but then again some really did find true love through internet, I heard some televised a long time back, years ago..

I guess, love does move in mysterious ways!

I need a movie update!

I think the last time I watched a movie was only last night, and last Christmas vacation I haven’t watched any at all! I mean none! I miss movie marathons that I had before.

I felt even more bummed about being not updated of great new movies when my friend told me he will go to Watch Legion Online to check out new movies. I envy him; I wish I had all the time in the world like he did! I’m so outdated when it comes to movies.

When I get time, I will sure drop by there and get myself some marathon and to lessen my stress a bit. I think it’ll be fun!

It should always be Christmas!

As a student, everyday I am required to budget my allowance, time and schedule. It’s one of the hardest tasks in the world if you ask me and I know everyone most probably became a student. I admire those who graduated well, and those who managed to survive all the school trouble.

Now, I know Christmas is over, but do you know what would lighten students’ lives? By simply buying things such as a laundry bag and insulated lunch tote you already helped a students’ life hassle free. First of all, instead on carrying their things in a hassle with those things, they will be less tired and have more time to rest after all the stress from school.

You might also want to get them personalized duffle bag they can use especially if they’re students who stay at dorms. Or if they’re the once who are rarely home because of duties especially if they take up nursing.

So, what do you think? It’s better you make plans as early as now for Christmas, even though last Christmas season has just passed by and especially for your child who is a student, or anyone related to you that you know needs some refreshment because a day at school could be tiring sometimes…

Get that domain!

Are you domain-a-holic? Well, if you are I was once like you! It’s only that now I can’t afford buying too many domains. Haha. So now, how do I enlighten myself?

I recently found out about cheap domain names! That’s right, domain names that are highly affordable yet coming from a trustworthy website unlike some domain registrars I know of – you can get a domain as low as $1.99!

Thanks to them, domain-a-holic people of the WWW can have more domains than ever!

Their website interface is also slick and cool, and there are loads of more great stuff coming from their website, and it’s for you to find out!

So what are you waiting for? Get that lovely domain of yours now!

You have to love being a girl!

Girls love being pretty and to be beautiful we do sort of stuffs to make ourselves stand out. I’m not really into beautifying much but all I know is it’s also one reason why you got to love being a girl!

When you’re a girl you can use stylish hair clips and especially if you are like me with a very long hair. It’s really nice, you’ll look cleaner and wouldn’t be cool to have cute little clips, beautiful hair pins and many more? Other than that, wearing awesome dresses, pretty skirts and cute tops are really fun!

As a girl it’s actually a responsibility to take care of yourself and stay pretty, even if you have a partner or not – and even if you’re already a mom don’t forget to keep yourself fit and beautiful in your simple ways. Stay elegant and keep that shining smile!

You have to love being a girl!

Heh, been a while :)

I've been lazy to do websites stuff no matter how much there were = so much. Anyways, happy new year my dear blog! I suppose you're already 2 years or something..

Everything wouldn't have happened w/o you, so I thank you :)



Do you love writing, telling stories or sharing tips? Well, I guess if you do you’d own a blog right now or maybe own a simple notebook to write on whatever pops out your mind!

But here’s something cooler, and I know I’ve been telling you guys about this before. It’s none other than Free Press Release, it’s a website where you can read interesting articles to spice up your day or maybe a place where you’ll be able to share your simple thoughts which others may find helpful!

You’ll really find their Free Article Submission Service useful, soon enough you’ll have enough readers and have helped many people in the World Wide Web.

Want to be a nurse?

Right now, even though there is a financial crisis all through out the world – we cannot deny that everyday, more high school graduates decide to take nursing instead of the college course they really want to. Most of the times, they do this for the sake of their families because still, most believe that being nurses can save them from scarcity.

And just recently, my uncle participated in the license exams for nurses who want to be able to work abroad. I don’t know yet the outcome because I haven’t talked to him, but one thing I know is that every year hundreds of nurse graduates try hard to succeed in passing it.

Next in line to my uncle are my other two cousins, in fact, I think three. Actually, my mom insisted I took up nursing too but instead I took the course I really like – of course, I don’t want to do something my mind and body doesn’t like.

But for those who plan to take up nursing, do not be afraid no matter how many trials there may be – financial, emotional and even physical. God never fails to help and stand by your side, you might also want to take a
cna training to improve your skills and knowledge more and to be ready when it’s time for you to take the licensure exams to be a valid nurse to work abroad, and be able to help his or her family.