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Blog trouble. Ugh.

I decided to post here for the sake of blogging. Kidding. I wanted to blog in one of my other blogs, but I couldn't access them because of some ISP problem. I don't know why, but even though I've used OpenDNS, restarted and restarted and repaired my internet connection I still do not see my blogs - Loving Pink, The Fiery Angel, Fiery, 143angel. Along with that, I can't see some of my friends' blogs either, I'd have t o use proxy. It made me more lazy to blog. Yet I am coding my new layout for Loving Pink right now, but I wanted to post something because I have to post something (I don't know if that made sense?)

Tomorrow is our enrollment, and I don't really like it. Not that I don't want to go to school, but I wish they've chosen a better day. Not right now, it's not even payday today, yesterday and today. I worry not only for myself that I can't pay my tuition but for Christian too. His family is in debt, his mom not texting (she's in the province). He still even haven't paid for his tuition last semester because he was out of money as well. And of course, everyone faced Ondoy. Everyone lost money. I know I'm not the only one having this problem...I just want to speak out. I hope something good, a miracle would happen tomorrow. But I don't know if that's possible...maybe.

I hope everything will be okay soon :(
I have money in my Paypal, I just can't withdraw it. LOL.
As if my school accepts Paypal, my school lives in 19th century.

Love your pictures more!

One of my favorite past time before was taking pictures of myself. And even now, I still take pictures of myself at times of boredom. I also love editing and beautifying pictures with Photoshop, but then again editing 10 pictures every time is quite tiring!

So I searched for websites that provided easy designing for your pictures! I didn’t fail to do so. Just look.

I like this site, the designs are really unique, and even I can’t do that design with Photoshop or I guess, not yet. They've got a collage maker to collage photo in any way you like. It’s definitely a must if you’re looking for picture designs. I’ve never seen any website providing these designs. And it’s really helpful especially to those who don’t have Photoshop or any photo editing software because some are really expensive – this one is for free!

You just have to choose a design, upload your picture and then poof! There goes your amazing picture with an amazing photo effect! You can choose over many designs by the way.

I hope this helps, as for me, it helped me! These pictures are undeniably cute!

Now, if I want to edit my pictures, I can just go to their website and everything’s more colorful in a minute, within a couple of mouse clicks! Their collage studio is outstanding.

Best part is, everyday, they have new photo effect for you to use!
I wonder what's for tomorrow...

They save lives

Like many teenagers, before I entered college I wanted to be a nurse as well. However, I chose a different course which I was more interested with. But I look up to professional nurses, and medical assistants for they are kind, gentle and they save lives.

Maybe they might not be as good as the doctors, but they play a big role in saving a patient’s life as well. They assist, they provide and they listen to their patients.

Not only nurses but also medical assistants do a pretty good job to keep patients safe. They help the doctors get information, and cure any disease.

Nurses & M.A.
Be it a nurse or a medical assistant, one good place I look up to is St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. They give quality education; provide good information and help medical assistants-to-be to become the best they can be. And actually, if I had a chance I’d go study at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants.

I may not be taking up this course right now, but if you are going to – I hope you hear my advice. I hope someday, you will be one of medical assistants, nurses and doctors who will save many lives, and endlessly serve your nation.

Avoid computer crash, earn money.

With the internet, we are all able to find so many things. We find knowledge, information and even ideas.

But not only can we find that, we can also find downloads which we can get for free rather than getting them for an expensive price. In some cases, some people thing that’s wrong since it’s truly considered as “piracy” but anyways, it brings good to those who aren’t wealthy. Like me.

Putting that aside, if ever we do get to download all the media files we want, where can we save it? What if our computers can’t take all those, especially with videos and etc.?

Don’t worry much! Luckily, we can find free upload file online. Now, that’s another plus for the amazing things to be done online. We just need to sign up, and then voila! We can store images, videos, and even mp3s. This way we can save more space in our computer, and will easily put them up to our websites because they provide codes to use. No need for HTML language so much.

What’s great is there absolutely free! And they’re secured, you just have to make and account and that’s it!

There are other more wonders the internet can do, for free and no hassle. And the best part, there are some of these services that not only serve you, but help you earn. That’s something!

Bath robes, anyone? It's hot!

Until now, even though the rains are continuously pouring the weather is extremely annoying. What I mean is, it’s so hot even though it’s late at night. It’s been really hard to sleep. My parents keep complaining about it and I keep telling them to take a shower instead to cool off! Ha-ha. Exactly at that time, I was browsing the internet and I stumbled to a website full of fancy but great bath towels.

Since I mention to them about taking a bath because of the bad weather, being so hot and all – I thought, why not go get some new bath towels! Most of our stuffs were also dirty too because of the flood, so yeah we need towels and bath robes. Thank the internet because it’s where I found awesome terry bath robe and other towel wrap to try. I even found one called “waffle bath robe”! Reminds me of waffle, but it’s some good quality bath robe, soft and really nice to wear.

I hope the weather changes for good; Christmas is coming close after all, right? It shouldn’t be this hot, it’s not summer! But I don’t wish for the bad rain of course, just the cool air.

Insulated Lunch Tote and More

Hooray, yay for no school! But soon enough, school will be back. As of us, we have a week to rest our minds and bodies away from school works and physical education stuff.

But school can be exciting too. Even though kids love holidays, they admit it some ways school is fun! It is most especially fun during back to school days. On those days, they get to buy school materials. And as a little girl this was what I was most fond of. I loved buying crayons, bags and notebooks!

So now, if you have a kid or someone dear to you who goes to school I’d suggest you buy them an insulated lunch tote! It’s very handy especially to those who bring home-made lunch to school. For little kids, personalized toddler backpacks are also cool! That way, they stand out and are unique. They wouldn’t even have a hard time knowing which bag is theirs.
Posylane's great products!

And lastly, a nap mat for them will also be great. If they have this they can take their nap during nap class with comfort!

Gifts are really great, and I think they fit it too even though it’d be for a school come back.


I talked about web hosting, then I talked about domains. And now, I will talk about domains again! I recently stumbled to Yahoo! Domains. You know what's cool here? Domain for a year costs $1.99! Awesome right?

Yahoo Domains!

Well anyway, in picking a domain, you must always remember to choose a good one. Remember, once you buy a domain, you make it the best because domains are actually important in some way. They serve as your website or blogs' addresses And remember to be sensitive because there are domains that doesn't sound so good that nobody visits. In other cases, some domains are hard to buy which is the sad part because most of the times these domains are only parked domains. Parked domains, meaning they're just using it for ads revenue! It's quite sad for those who badly wants domains!

Good news, is their are helpful websites such as Yahoo! not only providing domains but also some tools. Pretty much the same with Google. I'm glad these two exists because they're really handy!

So, I hope my little info about yahoo domains helped you think over about domains! Until next time folks.

Go rapid with Rapidshare Search!

Hoooray, finally, our semester break is starting! No more tiring days from school, no more sleepless nights for projects and stuff! But sadly, of course, no allowance! Oh well!

This semester break, I plan to spend my time resting to catch some lost sleep. But I’m actually having a hard time to fall asleep, which reminded me of music. Music was my best friend back then and who accompanied me during my sleepless nights. I was younger back then, and I used a disk man and bought CDs just to hear some songs!

But today, we live in a new era full of technology’s great magic! To be exact, thank the internet there are mp3s, mp4s, wav, and other media files to be downloaded easily. Now, the hard task only is looking for that stuff. Yet, it becomes easier which is thank to Rapidshare Search. They help me search downloads in a second, I just type in anything I am looking for then they give me results and voila! I can download!

I trust Rapidshare very much because ever since, it was my favorite download station. Sometimes, resources for free users are limited, but all in all they’re great all you need is patience!

Web Hosting 101

Blogging is famous, blogging had changed many lives. And whatever the glories and wonders of blogging, count me on that! But to have a good blog, or what you consider as your online home is a challenge as well.

One of the biggest things we should think of when we start a blog or own a blog is our web hosting. Our database of files, posts and etc. depends on our web host. We may find some cheap ones but are we sure they are reliable? We might find expensive ones, but later find that maybe they’re expensive because of their quality. But shame on the scam ones, because they fry our money up!

Well anyway, I am here again to remind you guys that you should think over things if you want to have a blog. Regarding reliable web hosts, I’d recommend you check out websites that provide information about trusted web hosts. That way, you may be saved from scammers, and those that trick you with their cheap prices.

Until next time, happy blogging every one!

Got perfume?

Scents? Credits to Google img Search
What’s you’re favorite perfume? As for me, my favorite is Ellipse. I don’t know if it’s available in other countries but it is in Philippines. I like the green one very much because it’s sweet and it smells like candy but the scent which is won’t get you drunk. You know what I mean? Some perfumes that smells too much because of their scents.

I was amazed when I found “Scent” where they sold cheap perfumes. Now, this site offers a variety of perfumes. I haven’t tried but I soon will, maybe I’ll find something better than Ellipse!

Well, for me the best perfume will always be those with candy scent but won’t drive your nose crazy, right? So, how about you guys?

Organic Dark Chocolate Gift Baskets

What do you do when you feel upset? Or when you feel someone? Me, I eat chocolates! Haha, and I don’t know why but somehow it makes me feel better. However, not all chocolates are great because some have too much sugar. But I found out about what chocolates are okay to indulge on.

Credits to Google Img Search

Most of you probably know, this type of chocolate I am talking about are dark chocolates! Every time my mom would buy me chocolates she keep saying I should buy that instead of the usual which has so much sugar and everything bad for the health if eaten too much.

As a result, I did some research and I stumbled to Intentional Organic Dark Chocolate . They're a shop with great dark chocolates, to be bought as gift baskets. They’re pure Hawaiian infused chocolates which are gluten free which will surely make anyone happy. The best part is they're organic, kosher, ethical, gluten free. You can see everything about them in the Intentional Chocolate Blog if you want to know more about Intentional Chocolate. A dark chocolate is better than the usual chocolate we see because they are safer to eat.

So, what chocolate is your favorite? One of these days, I might try out giving a gift basket of chocolate to my mom or dad. They love chocolates as well.

What's up with a blog?

Nowadays, blogging has been a way for us teenagers to speak out our minds. Not only did it help teenagers but even the older people. Some were able to write their thoughts, opinions and the best of all, some were able to earn money. That’s why blogging has been so enjoyable for me. I’m sure it is as well for many others out there.

With the money earned, we can buy the things we wanted to. And like me, I was able to buy things I couldn’t before. Right now, I even plan to buy a PSP for me when I get all my earnings.

But do you know what it takes to have a good blog? Actually, blogging may look easy but if you really want to earn, it’s not. Or if it’s not the earning you’re after for, even gaining traffic or visits is a big mission. Everyday, you have to do blog-hopping, and you even have to comment just so they’d comment back to you. And even before you can have a decent blog, you have to choose a blogging platform you might find suitable for you. I know two famous ones which are the Wordpress platform and Blogspot platform. This one I’m using is with Blogger (Blogspot Platform) it is for free. But if I were you, I’d try Wordpress as well; they support a variety of add-ons than that of Blogspot.

The next thing you will need is the domain, it’s like the address of your blog, for example, . You can buy in famous domain registrars like Go Daddy, Namecheap and Just remember, choose a good registrar because some aren’t trustworthy though they maybe very cheap.

Lastly, if you’re planning to try Wordpress instead, it is best you’d have a Reliable Hosting. Some websites may easily fool you by their looks but it’s actually not the looks of the website!

You can always find a Cheap Hosting but better if it includes Cheap Windows Hosting, ColdFusion Hosting and other programming used widely in the internet world.

Blogging is not only a way of expressing one’s self. It’s becoming more popular each day for the power of words being used through it. Others even make their businesses become better this way.

Fix your cars.

Image Credit : Google Image Search
The terrifying storm “Ketsana” has brought so much disaster to our country, Philippines. There were many lives lost, and as well homes and collaterals. One of the most destroyed was the cars. So now, most people are clueless how they can revive their cars at its good state. This is why I found out about vw turbocharger.

They have the best service anyone could get. Dad was having a problem with our car because he said it might not work for a while. But since I was active in searching for resources online, I told him about this and he was curious because it might indeed work.

What I like about this website is not only do they give good service; they have all the car parts most people would need now, especially who have lost their cars during the flood.

I hope we get to fix our car, because it has been really useful to us for a long time now. It would be a shame if we weren’t able to fix it anymore. I hope others who were unfortunate will be able to fix their cars too.

Away from school...

Our semester will soon be over. For a week, we can rest our minds and be away from all the stress from school. During these days, it is really great to go at the mall and hang out with friends. It might be a chance to get some sleep too, because I lack sleep a lot.

But if only I could go places like other teenagers or those who live in other countries, every semester break will be way cooler. Just like in New Jersey, they’ve got places that are really great. During free time, people there can just hang out at Seaside Heights. And if they want to stay for a night, they can. Imagine how soothing the air there could be…


When we feel pain, what we mostly do is take hydrocones to feel relief. But did you know, too much in-take of hydrocones can cause bad side effects?

Some end up having hydrocone addiction, which most people disregard. It might be not known but actually, it is very harmful.

To back us up if ever we have problems or we have overdosed ourselves with hydrocones, Hydrocone Addiction Help provides the information we need.

Thanks to this website, we can now find out more about hydrocones. Should we trust them or always depend on them? I think not, but the rest and truth about it will be given to you through the mentioned website. I hope this helps you, everyone!

Free for your computer!

Right now, even though I’m an Information Technology student, I still need to know many things regarding computers. After all, my mom did tell me that this course I took requires continuous studying because technology changes now and then.

Aside from that, I don’t know all sources for applications, and other programs I need for school works. But luckily I found a website that has open source applications, not only that, free games were also offered there.

This makes me appreciate the world wide web more. There are always free stuff and goodies if you really look for it.

Bike! Bike! Bike!

Ever since I was little, riding a bike and owning a bike was one of my biggest dreams. Of course, I was very young that time. My mom even bought me little plastic tool kits and since I was an only child, my only game was fixing the bike with those. There was even a time my mom thought I was missing then they end up finding me at our garage trying to “fix” my little bike. But I grew up, so yeah, I had to go bye-bye to my tool kit and my dear bike. After that, my mom never bought me another back eve. I’m still hoping though. So instead of hoping endlessly for that, I made use of the internet and found Bike Games online instead. I guess that can ease up a bit my hopes of playing bike someday? The good things is they’re free online Bike Games. No sweat, no price to pay! I’d love to try out Mountain Bike Games.

I guess times fly so fast, I wish I can own a bike still, someday!
Credits: Google Image Search

For dad!

Dad might need this!December is coming so close I barely notice the time. Yep, we all know December means gifts and stuff. As for my Christmas, I wanted to give my parents, friends and family gifts they’d find useful and great. How about you?

After hearing dad’s plan to renovate our house and add up a floor and build my room. I was very thrilled; of course it’s my first time to have a room of my own. I’d love to design my room with plenty of my favorite things to make it show my personality even more and I’ll personalize it! But enough about that, the thing is I want to check out bib overalls for my dad. Luckily for that I found overalls where I can find stuff dad would like where I even found work boots that’d be handy on rainy days such as that last week that we faced. I haven’t thought of what to give mom and my cousins.

But I’m glad everything can be found online now, I’ll work very hard to save enough money for everyone and so I hope that will like what I’ll buy him from these overalls I found online, that are sold for a really good price not to mention their good quality.

How about you? I’m still counting the days to save, and even before Christmas is my hubby’s birthday. Oh my. Anyway, God bless everyone!

The importance of having a garage storage.

Car Garage

Sometimes, we don’t know that we already have too many appliances, items and many more at home. This make us end up to lack space at home. However, we’ve got an option to do something about that. And I think you have the idea.

The thing is we can build up garage storage. With garage storage, we can just pack there our unnecessary things that make our houses look messy. As for others, they build car garage to secure their cars and of course avoid blocking the streets. I found myself thinking, and realizing why a garage at home is important. And if you’d have problems with your garage, you should never forget to go for a garage repair to keep your garage as it is and not mess up home even more, right?

When I get to have my own house in the future, I’m sure I’ll put up a garage so there will be less hassle if ever I can’t place things or appliances anywhere anymore.

Snoopy the Beagle!

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with our famous beagle Snoopy. Before he was my favorite character and I collected anything with Snoopy designs. But I’ve out-grown it though, but I still remember those days because I’ve got a sketch book full of Snoopy drawings! Well anyway, beagle dogs like Snoopy are really adorable.

Lovable Beagle, aww!

Like any other dog, beagle training course is also available world wide for beagles to enhance their talent and show that to the world. And if you have a beagle, I suggest you check out some beagle clicker training found here and there. Then I’m sure, you’ll have fun spending your time with your pet. Actually, up to now, I still want to own a beagle! But I don’t know when. Oh well.

Shoes and school

Back to school! After the long rainstorm that some of the Filipinos faced, we have to face school days again. But what can make our school days better? New shoes!I lost one pair of rubber shoes which I badly needed for our Physical Health class, so now, I’ve got to save money to buy new ones or maybe ask my dad and mom.

I wish we had something the same with Timberland Schuhe. They’ve got really good shoes like Markenschuhe and Converse. Their company is also great because it’s globally known, and nothing beats a good pair of unique designed shoes right?

Plus for schools like where I go to, good shoes are a must. My school is pretty strict with shoes to wear. They won’t allow you to enter the campus if you wear slippers or sandals. Timberland gives you the choice over a number of cool shoes to choose from. They’ve got in variety of colors as well! Their website is even great for never failing details customers needs, and what’s more your friends may find it a great gift to have.

And of all reasons of reasons why schools are important is because our shoes are to protect our feet from harm and a bunch of bacteria. It’s also bad if we use shoes that soaked in water, so in those cases you should either wash your shoes or get a new one which is with a better quality.

If you were to ask me, shoes are really helpful and lastly they are the finishing touch to your attire for the day. Just think of it, without shoes we’d walk barefooted and step on the dirty ground where germs and all sorts of bacteria dwell. A cute pair of shoes from Timberland won’t fail to make you stand out too, so I suggest their website! They’ve got great offers for you.