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When we blog..

When we blog, we make up a place we call our own.
It is where we express our highest pressure and tensions
to calm down ourselves. Or if we're just too happy it's
where we can share and spill out the bursting joy :]

Why do you blog?
I blog because simply I want to,
I want to let you know what happens
to me everyday (everyone, rather)
I want them to know how am i feeling'
and what is occuring in my restless mind.
Yes, it is restless. Often, I stare at the ceiling
thinking of what to think. Hahaha :]

I blog because I want to talk
silently in a way that I can tell
everything. When we blog, it's
like announcing the whole world
"what's up" with you, or plainly
anything, or anyone else involved
to you, or whatever.

Some don't understand the
so many reasons a blogger has
but one thing is for sure.
We blog, cuz we love to.

it's a place where we can
tell everything, and I MEAN
EVERYTHING. Occasionaly,
there may be hurt feelings by
some words. But they end up
as realization anyways.

And besides, a blog is like
a paper. It's where you can
note everything that you're
thinking, no matter how crazy
it is :]