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Color Me Rainbow

This blog used to be named "Solitary Escapade".
I started that blog during April i think? Around 2006 or so.
I made it as my come back to blogger, because I had many blogger
accounts before, you see. Eventually I transferred
to Pongpong Planet (that was after my hs graduation, about may 2008.)
It was at diaryland.

I've been blogging since first year high school actually,
but I stopped due to lack of interest.

I also blogged more in my Friendster Blog before.
But I eventually deleted that and went off somewhere to
blog (i can't recall where! Haha)
I wanted to have a website instead, using WP so I also
made a blog there, I haven't got rid of it.

It was called "Obscure Realities"
Until, I went back here to my old blog SE and
renamed it Color Me Rainbow because I
fell in love with the mixture of different colors!
RAINBOW and started studying how to layout blogger blogs.

At current though, I consider ILOVE-PINK.INFO
as my main blog. Although CMR is still open :)

That's pretty much the story of this blog:)


bukas nalang ulit.
tinatamad nako
naaagawan kasi
ko ng idea eh.
pogi ko :D

ay kawawa si mata kooo.

oooo bwuset den plurk.
kj. hhhmmm. tataas den karma
ko. 2day unli ko bukas :D

awwwwww excited na ako
makatekz ka mahal ko :D




A lot has happened.

My family and I have been too busy laaately. Going to malls and malls and more malls.
Often I was too tired to type anything hurr. Plus, I just recently had my wifi connection abled.
It wasn't that much of an absence :]

Well, I didn't have that grand christmas but, I was still very happy:
>knowing that I have the most important people with me, mum, dad, and my yanyan.
I wasn't too sad even if I was upset because of my grandma, i got over it as soon as i was
upset about it. I was too overwhelmed of the joy of finally having a laptop because it was
one of my dreams i never expected would come true. i even worry cuz i accidentally uninstalled
a program because of that stuupid BlueSoleil. Grr. I hope it doesn't malfunction in a way. I wasn't
able to see what program I accidentally deleted.

What do I think about nowadays?
Other than school stuff, it's dad. It's sooo unlike of me to be so appreciative of him
cuz before, I hated him actually, not totally though. I used to hate how he yells at me
and mum. I used to think of him as an enemy. But now, things have greatly changed.
I can't believe how much dad has changed. He's become sweeter, thoughtful, and unlike before, he'd give us everything. He isn't the guy who used to care about his shades, cellphone or gadgets, and be vain as ever anymore. Which makes brings me to tears at the thought that in days, dad will be going back to Thailand. *Silence*

I want to go to Thailand but it tears my heart because a piece of me wants to stay
here. I don't want to be far from my yanyan too, but I don't want to be far to dad either. Sometimes, I pity myself for hating dad before. Maybe, I should've been nice even before. Dad is dad, even if he's changed I should've given him my best hugs and kisses while he could stay with us everyday as it used to be.

But I'm happier than ever, cuz i feel that dad has found himself. Thank God for His guidance, blessings and love that my dad really did embrace. That unlike before, he
believes God more than we do. He is even a choire member! :]

If ever my dad is reading is, I want him to know that I LOOOOVE him so much.
More than anything else. I'll try my every strength to give back to him all his hard work as a reward. In time, I want to go to Thailand too and be with dad, mum, and Yanyan will be there.

Tomorrow, I will be doing the laundry. Wish us all the luck that tomorrow or should I say
today will be a great day. And I think I'll work on my layout now, or later. And do my assignments after we send dad back to thailand, I want to spend my whole vacation with dad :]

Godbless everyone and Happy New yeeear :]

Dropping by :]

cuz i'm tooo laaazy to post.
haha. and i hafta create a new layout
for this blog again xO

i'm happppppppppppppy
today :]

glad i now have inet thru my laptop :]

laterr happy neeew year to all in advance!

I had to post for Christmas :]

how was your Christmas? Mine wasn't that much celebration.
But I was happy `cuz Dad is here Christmas and New Year :]

I also have my laptop now, but I still need a router to have
an internet connection. Too bad that there're no stores open
today (are there?).

I was able to make the internet work
through my cellphone but it was uuuber slow so I quit.
Hahahaha =]

I was also pissed of a bit last night because of my grandma.
I hate how she acted when I got my gift from my Tito. So
unnice. When she show the shorts he gave me some guts of her,
she said i was too fat for it. Like duh, I'm not that fat and I know
that! And I hated her commenting, and even asking of giving it
to my younger niece. Dumb asss. If a gift is for you, it is ONLY FOR YOU!

Let's forget about that. We'll go to mass later.
And go to our relatives. Honestly, I don't like the going
to relatives part. Cuz I hate it when they
compare, and endless bad mouth.

What I love about Christmas,
is my dad. my mom and my hubby.

They make my Christmas happy.
And o yea, friends and plurk friends:]

it's kinda sad though, I couldn't
register to UNLITXT. I should've registered
earlier. Hahah. Ow. but good thing there's sulitxt.

I made this especially for christmas,


PLURK. Kalye. Christmas. Wish. O WTH these are supposed to be in the labels! haha :D

Why are you so addictive?
I can't do other things while
doing you! Hahaha.

I wish tomorrow (or today, to be exact)
Will be a happy day as yesterday. Yea.
I made my own christmas tree
cuz we couldn't buy one (so expensive eh!)

..hmm, have you heard?
people are already going ga-ga over christmas.
Buses are already full that there were no tickets left.
Malls are so damn crowded (yea, i've been to SM, so craaazy)
Parks are up until late hours in the MORNING, mind you, MORNING.
Ahhh. this is so christmas. there are also kids caroling outside now,
unlike the earlier weeks. but not as much as before.
Just telling ya. haha. i've heard it through tv.
it's too obvious anyway, cuz it's usually like
this during christmas.

I also watched "Kalye" awhile ago while waiting for mom & dad
with their chatting. I wanted to use the pc sooo bad eh. Unfortunately,
I was not able to catch Karen online, she was already off line. luckily
Rica was there, so it wasn't that bad.

BTW, i'm thanking karen for joining pluuurk for meh =P

Okay now, back to "Kalye"
theirr episode for today was really touching.
What iloved is how they helped
the people who didn't get to celebrate christmas
as much as I do, and you do.

They're living such hard lives, collecting recycled materials
asking for alms, homeless, hungry and cold
every christmas night.

To the point that I promised myself, that once I become rich (or not, or not so)
I will feed street children during christmas:]

I feel, that way I'll have a great christmas.
I wish I could do that wish now.


there are only 3 , no, 2 ithink, days before
Christmas. After all this time, Christmas is still my favorite event
of the year. I really don't know why. Maybe I want to se Santa like jimmy neutron
did (I was watching their christmas episode this morning)
Hahah :D

i really made looong letters to santa long ago.
hmm, i don't recall having any of them. haha. i
must be on the naughty list. hahaahah :D

quit the laughing, i am so excited to see mydad.
and christmas. and i hope i get my christmas wiish.

oh yea, try going to THIS SITE
Actually, I've tried this before. Before, none of it matched to my personality
(what i know of myself) but when I tried again, it was quite changed.
Haha. My favorite number is 7, and I chose Thursday.
Christmas is on Thursday aaayt?
I wish my wiiiish would come true, fact: it's not material :D

May we all have happy holidayss everyone :D

Oh, here's a quick drawing

i was in a quick hurry.
I know, it looks like a MUFFIN or CUPCAKE
but my friends, it's an icecream!
Hahaha. well, it really doesn't matter :D

Merry Christmas dayyys everyone :)

merry christmas everyone.
i made this drawing, hope ya like it.
comments are highly appreciated. whoaa :)

visit my deviantart account too :)

i was goin to scan more drawings but boom!
our scanner suddenly wouldnt work.
it was working before, it was newly bought
and brought home by my mom after goin
to thailand to see my dad. i was greatly mad!
because i finally had my drawing spirit back then
it blews my plans. luckily, my cp had a camera,
and luckily i was able to take a good
picture of my drawing

then the one i first shown is the edited one.
Thank God for the Adobe Photoshop CS4 portable I have
haha. I'm just so happy to finally have it :)

..i also drew another one last night
but i won't be able to scan it. So instead, I'll
be waiting for my laptop. As soon as I get
my hands on it i'll install our printer/scanner/photocopier
to it. it'll be easier. I didn't want to reinstall it to our
current pc since we are going to reformat it sooner
or later, plus it's a bummer.
and i was going to have my laptop anytime now.

I want to relive my passion of drawing, and the same
with my weblayouting/designing, even the pixeling which
i didn't get to practice. the same with my inclination to music,
i want to play the guitar more often once again like i did before.

oh well. hope i do!
and accomplish my new year's resolution:)

yeay, advance no?

I love taking this kind of test from Blogthings :))

Your Christmas is Unique

Your wish for the New Year is more happiness.

For you, Christmas is a spiritual holiday. You can't separate it from your beliefs.

You are very impatient when it comes to Christmas. You like that decorations go up earlier and earlier each year.

Christmas traditions aren't all that important to you. You participate in the few you like.

You like to celebrate Christmas your own way, and you don't like to have to compromise.

You enjoy Christmas, but you find it to be a bit of a burden at times.

You like giving to your friends and family during Christmas. You focus on the people you're close to.

Last day of school.

Today is the real last day of our school, yesterday, we had our college christmas party, and today, we had our school party. nothing much exciting with the parties which i'm not
interested of.

I woke up at 10 am finding out Christian was already outside our house waitin` for me.
Jeeez, I thought he said we'd leave @ 11. He said he thought I was mad because I didn't reply to his text. I wasn't, I was just to lazy to go to chikka and text back. Haha. Well anyway, he waited for another hour (he was already there since 9.30 am) for me to get myself prepared to leave.

Went to school then before we went home, we bought an "Okoy".;A street-food found @ school. We were really hungry and as soon as we got back to my place we ate a lot. We have emptied our rice cooker! Haha. My, so much hunger. Later then we decided to roller blades;. It's been a long time since I've had those in my feet. I barely did this before too. But I had so much fun! And I found myself really weary. (wow, I can burn fats through this!) Haha.

...I also heard that our Professor in PCL conducted a class, well, I was asleep.
Not my fault. Duh, he already gave his Christmas farewell then that? They said
he asked for an attendance though. WTH xD

So now, now, now. How do we spend our Christmas my friends?
Hm. Well I'm just looking forward my new year's resolution. my laptop, and most of all, dad coming home this 24th. I can't wait to see him. I'm not good at telling to him how much I miss him `cuz I don't like how corny myself would be. But, I missed dad a lot:)

Ciao. Nothing much today, really.

Much awaited Christmas break :)

Finally, our Christmas break starts!
How `bout ya? So now, how am i going to spend this Christmas? I really don't know. Often, I end up `messin it up
consuming all my time for nonetheless things. Come on, that's the best thing in Christmas - you are allowed to
do nothing, and just be lazy all day. Haha LOL.

I haven't got any great plans at all for Christmas, but I'd like to do one thing first :
A LIST OF MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. Wow, isn't advance? Well here it is...

  1. I will be on greeeat diet (I need to loose a lot of weight)
  2. I need to be on time with regards to my sleeping time.
  3. I hafta save money, everyday. (I'm glad the "PALUWAGAN" i've joined is over)
  4. I need to read. (I haven't read books in a while.)
  5. I need to have more patience. (Christian said I'm too impatient, hot-headed)
  6. I will be a good girl. Hahaha:)
  7. I will exercise at least 3x a week. (wow.)
..will I be able to do this? Hopefully I will, I named a few because I made a few.

a fresh `come back'.

Last night, I decided that i will come back to bloggi
` at blogger. So, here i am!

I am just goin` to do lots of editing, but i aint`
going to bedeleting my old posts.
`Cuz they're still a part of my precious
memories for me to hold.

I'm glad to be back :)
btw. Advance Merry Christmas Everyone.Ü

Almost done editing layout, well,
except for the header image. errr. it's so
hard to find a nice image suitable for the
christmas theme. might as well just
draw or take a picture of one

na lang. haha. merry christmas
yippeediiedoo. lilipat nako dito.

it's good to be hoome :)

Let's play an online game..

Facebook might be full of great games, but sometimes they go through down times such as now so I couldn’t play Farmville. Anyway, my friend instead recommended online gambling. I know, gambling is bad. But it wouldn’t hurt to try right - just as long as we don’t get addicted.

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And online gambling has also become popular today because it lessens your effort of going to different countries, places and even expenses! Just a click a way and you can play the game, and you can have fun the way you want to. But remember to check online gambling websites that are to trust, and find out what you should know first before you join, like their payout and their rating which are some information that can prove to you if they are trustworthy.

As for me, I need to learn more! For now, I want to enjoy. And soon I get the hang of it, I’ll surely love start loving this game.


Here are the things about this blog/site :)

Layout Changes

Color Me Rainbow v1 (clouds)

The first layout wherein all the graphics I used were
made by myself, so i thought it should be the first version
of my blog. I was inloved with clouds :D

When we blog..

When we blog, we make up a place we call our own.
It is where we express our highest pressure and tensions
to calm down ourselves. Or if we're just too happy it's
where we can share and spill out the bursting joy :]

Why do you blog?
I blog because simply I want to,
I want to let you know what happens
to me everyday (everyone, rather)
I want them to know how am i feeling'
and what is occuring in my restless mind.
Yes, it is restless. Often, I stare at the ceiling
thinking of what to think. Hahaha :]

I blog because I want to talk
silently in a way that I can tell
everything. When we blog, it's
like announcing the whole world
"what's up" with you, or plainly
anything, or anyone else involved
to you, or whatever.

Some don't understand the
so many reasons a blogger has
but one thing is for sure.
We blog, cuz we love to.

it's a place where we can
tell everything, and I MEAN
EVERYTHING. Occasionaly,
there may be hurt feelings by
some words. But they end up
as realization anyways.

And besides, a blog is like
a paper. It's where you can
note everything that you're
thinking, no matter how crazy
it is :]