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The best hobby there could be

When you get bored, what do you do?

When I get bored, I usually turn on my laptop to browse for cool downloads I can have for my mobile phone. Other times, I browse interesting blogs and leave comments and lastly, to kill boredom I hang out at social networking websites or play games.

But before, I used to waste time reading articles of every kind. When I found out about this auto approve article directory. I got interesting of reading their articles, because most were really informative. What’s cooler you ask me? Well, because you can submit your own! Somehow, it made me feel like that I want to share what I know and what I knew the long run that I have been blogging, after all, bloggers are writers as well right?

You should check their site, you’ll find great articles that will really help you gain knowledge, and if you want, submit your own! Share your knowledge and enjoy your time.

Car love

Are you into cars?
If you’re a girl, most probably not, but if you’re a guy – definitely, and most likely!

At home, my dad is the one who always care about car matters and stuff– when our vehicle was just knew, he’d clean it everyday and he always made sure everything stays shiny and clean, and even up to now. I always wonder what’s up with cars. That even these little things that carry us around are almost can be treated like art. Why say so? Well, because you can customize it the way you want to! Just like dressing up, maybe when I have a car on my own, that’s what will happen.

Anyways, to make my dad happier I shared to him about, it’s a website where you can find discounts on car supplies, a variety of them, and those that are really cool!

Their website has a good interface you wouldn’t mind browsing around, so are you a car lover like my dad? I assure you, this website is for you!

The Road to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very popular among bloggers, and especially the professional ones. According to my friend, if you know the work around in this field, chances are that you’ll earn much than you usually do by doing sponsored posts and other online job.

I wish I knew about this. Once, I tried reading a book. But I didn’t have much patience in reading such things, guidelines, or how-tos but I did remember one thing that helped me improve my blogging a bit more – KEYWORDS play a big role.

I read choosing the right keywords will help you be targeted by search engines more especially with Google. And now, even though I really don’t have the patience in reading, I’ve been reading the Detroit Search Engine Optimization article I’ve recently stumbled to while researching for better sources regarding SEO – and I can say, I’m starting to learn more and become better, well, thanks much to this website!

I hope one day I succeed in this field, but for now, I’ll be reading more to gain more tactics!

Hmm, what to do?

I still can't sleep. I always get this trouble with sleeping so I always hunt for things to do to make my self sleepy. Luckily, there are actually SO MUCH TO DO! That I end up not doing anything in the end? LOL. I'm a slacker, really.

Anyway, since I can't sleep again tonight I think I'll just look for Ebooks I can read through my favorite Torrents Search Engine. I wish I can find lots! I've been missing a lot of reading lately, blame blogging. Just kidding! This has been my way for me to get tired and luckily, I enjoy it! It’s because I find games, softwares and songs I couldn’t find in a normal search engine – and what’s the best? They’re free!

I hope I get to sleep soon, I'm tired. It's just my eyes that won't close!
How do you spend your night to fall asleep easily? Anyway, I just hope I’ll really start falling asleep now, or getting sleepy. When your mind is really restless, going to sleep is a challenge. I’ll just wait until I feel drowsy while I browse for downloads I really want to have. Then, maybe later I’ll feel tired and have a peaceful rest.

Don't be lazy, move your body!

It’s okay to set things aside, but when it’s too much we can consider it as procrastination. Do you do the same?

Having this habit isn’t actually cool, in fact it’s bad especially if you get used to it because when you grow up procrastination won’t help to your job, and it won’t help to have successful life!
Everything needs motivation, so as early as now, let’s start changing for good!


How do you describe comfort?

For me, comfort is when you’re at home. You eat normally, you talk normally and you act like you usually should because you know you’re at home. But when you’re outside, sometimes you have to be formal, sometimes you have to know how to ride other people’s opinions or the things they do.

Isn’t it so true? That’s why one day, when I grow up I want to build a nice house wherein we'll have Down Comforter Sets, and where we can sit peacefully with no disturbances and but with the feeling of being home.

And if I’m lucky enough, I wish I can get a bed such as Hotel Bedding sets. They could be expensive, but if I had one at home I’d definitely have more sleep!

Why do you love the internet?

If you'd ask me why I love going online, I'll give you a hundred reasons! The internet is like magic, you meet people virtually and it's as if you're talking to them! And I also discovered so many things, just like when I got to Free Press Release where you can get the latest news and useful articles anyone can relate to, and which can be of help for everyone!

So, how about you, why do you love the internet?

I love life

Do you love life? I think everyone does. No one would ever dare end his or her life unless he or she is hopeless…but even in those cases, I feel bad about them because they don’t see the beauty of life.

Life is like a book, wherein there are chapters of trials and triumphs. And if we don’t take care of our health, we lose life span more and more. That’s why they invented health insurance! And it helped me big time once, it’s a life saver.

So if you love life, as early as now you should prepare in case of trouble such as that with your health. Merry Christmas!

Think about risk taking

Taking risks is one of the things I hate to do. I always want to play fair and make it possible not to lose anything; however, it can’t be always that way.

That is why, when I heard about this website filled with very good articles – I learned about smart risk taking. I didn’t know about it at all, and before, I didn’t think much of things I did but now I am starting to realize things a bit.

When one takes risks, he or she must be responsible and he or she must be ready in whatever consequences are to be faced.

Such things make me realize how fragile life is, very fragile that we need to think even more than twice when we try to do things – just to make sure it’s a life worth living, and that you made something out of it not only for yourself but for everyone else…

Never lose hope!

Right! These are my last words regarding essays (hopefully). When you’ve lost hope on what to write about, never lose hope because you can always try browsing sample essays so you can have new ideas.

Never lose inspiration and think, relax, concentrate! And for sure you can do it!
Looking forward in seeing your essay compositions!

Take care.

I just gave up.

There was a time I almost gave with essay writing during the time my teacher asked me to join our school essay contest. You ask me why? Well, at that time I had a bad cold and was sick – then she assigned me to be the EMCEE of the program, and assigned me to join for our class. Tsk, imagine how tired I was and was almost pale.

But I remember how much nice she was, she treated me like her own daughter and kept asking I was okay. Yet I wish she just let me go home! Haha. Oh well, I’ll never forget this teacher, even if I tease her sometimes (influence of my classmates). If I had the chance, maybe I would buy essays, instead of writing them when I don’t feel like it. I’m really choosy, when I write; I always want to be inspired or full of ideas. Because when I’m not, I find it meaningless.

How do you write?

I write with all my heart, patience and inspiration. How about you? One of my favorites even before and now is writing a personal essay. They’re so different among other types of essays or those found in the exams because they’re filled of things more about “you” and not anything else.

It’s also great I saw this website informing me more about how to write one,
it will help me improve my skills in this field and do better. I hope it helps you too!

Essay again!

Essays, like I said are headaches and now here comes another “about essay” post. But what I’d like you to be informed is about APA essay format type of essays. Actually because of thinking of essays I already dreamt about it last night! Haha. I didn’t know there were different kinds of essays, glad I stumbled to that website which informed me more, and if I’m lazy I can just let someone do it for me. But hopefully, I won’t be lazy!

Essays are actually fun, well, if you’re full of ideas or if you’ve experienced it. But if not, and you’re totally clueless? That’s a big problem! Better hit the books or see essay samples for you to get new ideas on what to write. You don’t want to miss that activity and especially if it’s required right?

Happy essay writing!

Is essay a headache for you?

For me, not really! But there are times I admit my head just wants to quit especially when I’m not in the mood to write or in short, I’m not inspired. There are also times I don’t like the topic, but essays are always requirements in school curriculum. In fact, it is one of the easiest part because all you have to do is say what you want to regarding your opinion or explanation.

But yeah, we can always look for custom essays. We can also browse sample essays such from various websites and this one that I know even lets you buy essays.

No matter what happens, there is always a solution.
If ever essay is becoming a headache to you, I hope this helped you.

Better be ready!

Christmas season means reunion! And if you’re lucky enough, what if your house is where the reunion will take place? Oh no! That’d mean you should clean your house and get it ready.

One of the major problems during house cleaning that I know of are the carpets, yeah, there was once my auntie asked me to clean their carpet for me to help them with house chores, and guess what? I got so tired!!! So very tired, I had to use the vacuum, and repeat the whole process every time. I guess I’m no good in cleaning unlike the pros that I found in the World Wide Web, Naperville Carpet Cleaning. They do services efficiently, and anytime you can go to them! Unfortunately we can’t have their service here in our country, maybe someday they will? Hopefully someday!

If you don’t want to get tired cleaning your carpets (and it’s bad if you have so many) Naperville Carpet Cleaning will do that for you!

The answer to you questions!

There is never a day that I never have questions and questions I even ask myself. But anyways, like you and everyone else who has questions and things you want to know, I’ve been looking for websites where I can get answers right away. I wish I could ask an expert especially when it comes to blogging, because I really want to learn more on how to prosper in this field, or, how to be an effective blogger! And there are facts about things I want to be clear to me. Where did I get to? Well, I discovered about AnswerGator. Their articles and information are helpful to any reader, and after you read, you’ll surely gain knowledge, not only for academics but for your daily life.
How about you? Where do you go when you look for something? It’s great that almost can be found with searching via internet, isn’t it?

Love blogging more

I love blogging! But most of all, I love it because I get to write my opinions, simple thoughts and what I want to say – anything at all! But of course I wouldn’t able to do that if I also didn’t read stuff online which I find really useful. Free Press Release is an example of good websites where I get to read great and informative articles, they help me gain ideas for what to post in my blogs, they’re definitely a website to check out!

I didn't plan this

I planned to sleep again after I check my email but instead I stayed up looking for stuff. Ha-ha! If you wonder, I’m actually researching on what gifts I can give this Christmas! And one person was my uncle because I didn’t know what to give to him! NOOO! I’ve ran into so many pages but I still haven’t got any ideas. Help here?

But anyways, my boyfriend did tell me that maybe I should give something he’d love and at the same time find useful. That was when something hit my head, and yes, it was his love for cars! I saw a BMW steering rack he might like for his new BMW which was just bought last year. I know it’s still new but a spare wouldn’t be bad. Okay, but I’m not familiar with these things I think I’m going to ask my dad first! Oh well, so how about you guys? Already thought of Christmas gifts for Christmas?

Christmas gifts are way harder to deal with than I thought! He-he, actually it’s my first time to buy gifts, LOL. You must find it weird, what I mean is the one really full of effort gifts! I usually gave cards, I’m even uncertain I can buy gifts. Ha-ha. But I hope I can, I want this to be the best Christmas because lately, I’ve been giving to other people stuff, which really feels good in my side, and it is just a different feeling!

Mini Contest @ Loving Pink!

A little something I can do for Christmas and New Year, as you read, Super Mini Contest!

It’s just a very little contest with little prizes you might find useful.

I will give away three .info domains,

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I will be using Random.Org to choose the three lucky people!

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*Load prizes apply only if you’re from the Philippines
Contest ends on January 7, 2010.

How to join

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Mini Contest @ Loving Pink!

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I don't like fights, arguements or the likes. But to be told mean things you don't have any idea of is quite unfair. I checked on this blog while I was downloading then I see someone named "visitor" giving mean messages against me, i need to get a life? How about you? I think you're the one who needs that. I have a life already. Don't tell me to shut up I don't even know you and why the hell you got here. I've never seen your tumblr either, and puhlease, tumblr is for photos, not for blog posts. And the hell do you care if I'm on blogspot?


If you ever saw anything here pertaining to a copy cat, please be aware it was NEVER YOU! Everybody who knows me knows who that is. And it's been a long time since that issue's been done and fixed. I don't f*cking know you either or know your tumblr blog. I'd rather go to Wordpress Blogs oh please! I wish I've never saw your blog too because everything in your blog made no sense.

And if you feel irritated the my blog name is this, have you ever even given a thought which came first? Blogger! Stupid *ss.

The next time you're going to post anything against someone, think twice before you do okay?
And may God bless your poor sool. I pity so much. I suggest you try to listen to your parents advice to have respect from others, if not I guess why you're like that is because of them? Whatever! Get out of here because no one needs you here.

And please, you're younger than me, shouldn't you at least leave respect? Didn't your parents told you that? Maybe not. You even barge in somebody's blog not even knowing the owner and telling things you don't know either. I am 100% sure I've never seen your blog because I hardly go to tumblr. LMAO. Leave your little issues to yourself. My blog has never done anything to you. You're the loser here. Do you even read rules? NO SPAMMERS! You can't even use your name. What a loser. And you think I can't find out where you're from? Think again. And you shut up here. Your blog is just hosted by tumblr. You don't even have a domain! So who needs a life here? Get off my blog if you don't like what you see. I never did anything against you. FCK OFF!

I guess you want publicity huh?:D

What's up?

I decided to update this blog because I can't sleep again. Although my head is aching already :/ haha.

I'm bloggin via phone because Smartbroken did sumthin crappy again w/ our internet connection. So yeah, I'm again internetless.

ANW,back to topic I'm here to update this blog because i noticed I haven't posted any real post lately. Even with my othe blog, Loving Pink! I was too lazy and busy always. Most updated one is my private personal blog though (if you want to know where it is, message me via tagboard/contact form)

I wish my internet will be back when I wake up. Anw, it's Dec. 13 already!

..this kind of season reminds me of last year when finally got my laptop. It was one of my dreams to have one. Thanks dad. Even though I hate you most times.

Last year prolly was my best Christmas.

This coming Christmas, I know I've got so much more blessings, like that I'll be having a new phone and PSP I bought on my own and other source of income..

But there's someone missing. I miss her. If you've been at Loving Pink, you'd know who..

So. Until my next post. My hands are getting weary, turns out it's waaay easier to post using the keyboard. I really wish Smartbroken will be fixed later. If not, i will kick their ugly faces.

My eyes are starting to hurt too. Stewpid insomnia. I hope Christian won't get to read this. He probably won't anw, so i need not worry much..

Good Morning.ΓΌ

Blogdive, coolness!

I found out about blogging when I was eleven and I only knew little about the blogosphere. I found out about Blogger and other blogging services and soon I was already blogging with my own domain. But what if you were like me back then who knew less but wanted a cool domain name?

That’s where Blogdive enters. Blogdive is offers
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How about “”? I’ll definitely try this out, and what’s the best out of all reasons? It’s 100% free! Totally free, you spend nothing for a cool branding for your blog or website.

Let’s get blogging!

Ever thought about the best checking accounts?

Well, I haven’t until I find out more about the best checking accounts website. They have every information you need to know and their articles explained to me more what the purpose of checking accounts are and why we should be careful when we make our choice for our checking accounts. If you want safe transactions, you should keep in mind about this, the best checking accounts that there could be. Make sure you compare checking accounts before you try them out because some may mislead you and put your money at stake.

Just a little reminder here, hope I helped! The next time, think things over, because most of the times whatever we do is best planned, researched and understood.

My wish for Christmas

I do not want to wish any material thing at all.
What I want this Christmas is that my dad will get rid of his GUN ADDICTION.