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Visiting my best friend..

Today, I visited my best friend whom I haven't seen for almost 5 years or so. Naturally, I would be a shy person to people I haven't been with or to those I barely meet but it was really fun because it's as if it was like how we were in high school!

Not only did she spend time with me jogging, but she also told me how everything has been in her life. Thank God I caught her online in Yahoo Messenger, and now it's as if our closeness have been more stronger, like we weren't even a distant away! Well, it's because she is in a different school, and the only time we got to hang out and talk about things was now. I feel ridiculous a little because I feel I've been so talkative now!

Anyway, she also told me of her friends who she hanged out with at their house. And I can see how much she, who used to act like a kid but now, almost a lady, more lady than I am! Haha.

She also told me about her school friends, and those who had cars. Which reminded me anyways of my other friend who always preached about cheap insurance quotes online, and how he always told me about car insurance rates that made my head spin. But I know in the future it would be really helpful to know about these for they can help me have ease in my life.

Overall, I hope I can hangout more with my best friend. Although right now, I'm facing more financial problems which is keeping me away from that hope :|

Oh well, things will get better soon. Fighting!