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What's up, dog?

Dogs are very great as pets. But the problem is when they bark so loud that it gets annoying! Now, everyone gets into situation (especially if you have a dog) wouldn't it be cool if there was something you could do to stop your dog barking? Or what we can refer to as making your dog Bark Off?

I didn't know about it until my friend told me. It was awesome. So now I will live a peaceful life without noisy barking dogs. I just hope there was something like that for cats too. Haha, but needless to say dogs are always barking so it's better you have something to keep them from barking because their barking always interrupt and disturb people and even neighbors.

What's your thought about this? I think it's cool! I'm recommending it for everyone because I know you all would think the same :))

Dogs are great best friends too, but then if they're really loud I wouldn't like them around.