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Tell me.

Who do I run to when no one in this world will understand me? When I go home, happily expecting I can have bonding time with my parents and all they do is blame me things that are just senseless.

Who do I go to, to tell all my problems at school because of our STUPID STUPID STUPID REGISTRATION OFFICE. Who is going to ask you for money that you don't know where it will go after they already cancelled one of your major subjects. Tell me, who do I tell how hard it is?

Tell me, who do I go to for help with my clients' problems because my stupid main host won't do something about what they've caused that.

I am doing this alone. I am doing this with no one's help. But I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Just so you know I am going to give up already. Maybe a day or two, then I'm down. I cannot take the pain anymore that all I can do is cry, because nobody listens.

You got home late and all you wanted was rest and happiness and this is what you get, THIS SPECIAL KIND OF TREATMENT. You thought you'd be happy this night.

Tell me, are you satisfied and happy?

Because I just want to take suicide because I cannot breathe this pain and burden anymore. WHAT WRONG DID I DO TO YOU? TELL ME!