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Hi, I'm still alive.

Just busy with some jobs, website layouts and whatnots - of course sleeping. And honestly, I don't know what to blog here :_: Haha!

But here, I'm blogging! So far summer vacation is fine. I hope I'll make the best of it. This Saturday I hope me and the boyf will be able to go out. He's always too busy with work so it's a bummer lol~

I stay at home unlike my best friends, my boyfriend, and so me and my netbook is in a relationship. LOL. I want to buy a laptop though, one with awesomestatic specs! Hah! But I don't think I can buy it now, I hope by June. LOL I wish.

I'm busy like them though, with whatever I do online. So it should be fine :) I miss blogging here :)
Well, til next time folks! Kiyaaa!