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My experience in shopping with a Chinese ebay seller.

It sucks that some goodies are not available locally so you've got no choice but to buy them online and from another country which I did. Recently, I bought a gorillapod and also Domokun headsets. It was my first time to shop for products from another country and I must say...

I still like shopping from local sellers. The thing is, I can't go out because I don't have anyone to go with lewls~

Christian can get them for me I suppose, but I just got the 2nd notice just this time. He told me that they were closed at 5 pm and that's the only time I can go there because Christian would be out of their office. Arghh, I want to get my stuff already :(

Plus the bad thing is you get them at a very LATER date. In fact I almost forget I did order something, the excitement is gone. Haha.