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rain <3

the rain used to remind her of sadness,
-of endless pain and worries,
but today was full of happiness,
"nothing can be better than this" ;]

it rained as they walked,
and then she ran.
with no hesitation he followed.
"so much fun"

he told her sincerely,
that he wanted her,
she said positively
"yes" it made them both feel better.

they smiled,
and look at each other's eyes...
they felt the warmth inside.
they saw it with no lies.

and there was the best kiss,
ever had entirely,
couldn't measure the bliss,
what a feeling, really.

there was a moment of silence,
as he stepped away,
she giggled and laughed,
as he started to and stopped.

and they went home,
both with loving hearts <3
i guess you'll never know,
until it starts.


aww i suck doin poems right now!

today, i showered in the rain wit my prince.
i loved it. ;]
i wish i could freeze every moment.


now i got to be busy wit effin book report..

aww weell. and i got to review for effin upcat too.

poor blog ;[ nobody comments to.


anyway, sorry for not postin, also..

hope minasan had a great day today like i did!

;] yes, concluded.