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Color Me Rainbow is back!

Hurra! Finally, CMR is once again opened. For some reason, this old blog of mine
gained PR 2 which I don't want to go to waste. So now, my plan is to use it for SPs
(haven't applied to SP sites though) I hope I get approved. But I really
don't know how since I don'thave any paypal account yet o_o . I did plan to reopen it but not this soon. Harhar. I was just overwhelmed because for me,
it is an accomplishment or achievement to get PR 2 LOL. Even Pongpong Planet,
~my oldest blog @ diaryland

My main blog is here though. I hope you guys link me here too, as I have
told all my blog friends here to relink me with my main blog. Wahaha. So there.
Thank you every one and take care :] I hope you all had some great vacation!