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As a kid, all I thought was that using the computers was for games and homework only. I barely touched our keyboard back then. I was already contented watching cartoons on television. However in a span of time, maybe, because I was growing up I learned the internet world’s twist little by little. I discovered reading about many things through internet, meet online friends, enhance my language and talents, and then I met blogging. I was probably at high school, when I learned blogging. I was amazed of those who blogged to earn. I wondered if I could do those too one day. At the mean time I kept myself focused on observing how this people wrote, and their techniques. I also studied web designing to make my blog stand out. I practiced even more with the use of my communication skills. Lastly, I worked hard learning new things at a time.

After that I stumbled to different web pages of how to make money blogging. It was a challenge for I had no idea at all how it worked. During my blog adventure, I met people, local and international who taught me of how and where. It took a lot of challenge, effort and brain juice. Not to mention the time to learn things.

Using blogs we find a comfort zone. Not only an outlet of your ideas, but also the home of your financial aid. This way, we can lessen your money trouble and even have fun interacting with other people. There will be the hopes of earning by doing simple things that can touch a heart of a person. Using blogs only not even does that because it also informs. Some may find blogging boring but let us face that blogging is one of the trends today.