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The Wedding

One of the important events in a woman’s life is a wedding. At this day, our dreamy imaginations come true which we never thought would. However, before we proceed to the wedding we make so many preparations first.

Those preparations would be almost everything that makes up the wedding. The place, the food, the people, the special numbers, games, or whatsoever plan you want for your wedding to have. And even before the wedding, there could be a wedding party favors by the couple or those invited. A party before the wedding will really be great. Brides can give their bridal shower favors as well be it before or after the wedding. Lastly, the couple would want their wedding favors granted because it’s their wedding.

Well, I assure to you it’s not really how expensive or extravagant the wedding is. What matters is the matrimony, because this is the day two souls unite as one not only for a lifetime but forever, and until earth fades into dust.