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Friends and Gifts

“Do unto others what you want others to do to you.”

According to the golden rule, in order to get respect, love and care from your fellow men you must always be right in the way you treat them too. Just think of it, everyday in our lives we see different faces, meet different people and eventually become friends with some. However, in some situations because of dislike and hate some of these people become our enemy, nemesis or whatsoever which we don’t want in our life.

But we all know that isn’t cool at all. It is in fact, a downside as a person. When you hate someone, you carry something heavy within your heart and of course you don’t want that! In the end, I suggest you just make up with your unlikable fellow. The truth behind all creations after all is that all of us are sisters and brothers, so try to forget hate right?

As an end to my little thought for you, a gift for friends and those you want to become friends with will be very nice. The likes of a towel wrap, laundry bag, and a nap mats preschool. Yet there are more suggestions of course, try giving gifts which is better than making enemies, it makes your heart feel supreme joy.

Make friends, not enemies everyone!
I’m sure you’ll be very happy.