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Oh yay! I finally got a new camera! Finally after the long sleepless nights and brain killing jobs! Hah! But the thing is, I need to do something about teh face. I have some marks that were left by some pimples and I just want to get rid of them - as in, NOW! But okay, I know that's impossible. However, I upon researching a friend of mine recommended Oxis.This Oxis International, Inc. provides cure for skin problems such as Anti aging that needs antioxidant, glutathione, it's all penny stocks & free radical! So I've been thinking, maybe I should try this? Oh well, they've been trusted by many people and by the looks of their facebook account, they're indeed great!

Well, I hope these ugly marks go away once I get my hands on Oxis products! Since now I've seen enough proof that they're not just cool, but good!

If you want to know more, you can take a look at Oxis on facebook!