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Oh Hai!

It's been a long time since I blogged here. I was always blogging at my Wordpress Blog(s). But, I really miss it here. It reminds me when life was still simple, because now I have to update like 10 blogs or so @ _ @ It's so hard. Well, blame my domain addiction!

Summer is almost over too, can you believe it? It was just awhile ago, I even hated summer because 1. It is so freaking hot. 2. I can't go out because I don't have money - but in the end I liked it. I got to hang out with my long time bestfriend, and another bestfriend, Karen and Grace :)

I hope this school year will be better too. I also feel happy because I got accepted to this scholarship I applied, it inspired to study harder. And even know life is hard, everything will be okay..that's how we should be, positive, think positive!

So, uhm, sorry for not dropping by your blogs. And if this blog seems to be full of sponsored stuff. I'm trying to earn bucks T_T even though nowadays, it's been hard to earn in the WWW too. Oh well, things will get better in time.