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My Laptop, before and after

It's 12:13 AM on my laptop, time is so fast. Only a few days and it's Christmas. Isn't it amazing? Two years ago, I was blogging about my laptop coming, my dad went home from Thailand back then.

Today, I'm still with my laptop. I can't believe I have a laptop. I panic like crazy whenever it gets broken. When it was first broken by a virus, I was so much in distress! Luckily, I had two OS (Operating System) so I used the other one, it was a lame solution I know. But after it was again attacked by another virus, I finally learned to reformat! And to Windows 7. Thanks to my best friend Grace and Christian B my boyfriend :)

But the problem right now is my power supply. I think there's a twisted/broken wire inside it, making it hard to process at a position. Yes, a position my power supply chooses a position for it to function properly. I might need to buy a new one :( I don't know how though!

Yet I hope, it won't break down on me. At least, not until I get a new laptop. I won't get a new one in a long while. I just know it, but it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is my laptop, I don't want it broken, EVER! <3 It has so much memories :)

My laptop is my sidekick, because with him, I was able to make lots of money online, lots of layouts, meet lots of online friends and so much more. My boyfriend is even mad at my laptop. Heheh. My laptop holds my greatest tools - cellphone tweaks, psp tweaks, program tweaks and website tweaks. So much! That's why sometimes, I don't really mind not having a new laptop because I'm happy and contented this way. I just hope my laptop will be strong like a macho man to face all troubles - especially the power supply! Hehe :P