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anxiety XD

sad though..hihi^^
but it's the way i feel right now..
i posted this in my fwenster cuz i knew nobody wud see it here...
nobody goes here >_<

--- i Like bein in the dark & the rain,
so no one will see me cryin..
i try my best to ease the pain,
but i always see myself dyin.

i need affection,
i don't need perfection,
i need attention
i really hate this emotion...

everyone thinks i'm happy
but i never really was,
i had always been empty.
i don't have what everybody has..

i am weak but i give out strength,
i smile all the time yet it's a trick
-when i show them a joy of no length,

i try to never whine...
i cry when no one sees me,
and i really feel cold i am dyin though nobody knows,
i have the sorrowful story ever told...

i wish every feelin inside would just end,
for me to feel at ease.
that way, i won't have to pretend,
and then the pain would cease...

--- see, i told you it's sad.

i'm feelin anxiety for...nvm