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i always wrote a song
when i felt sad,
i always wrote a poem
when i felt bad.

i thought then,
it would be okay,
but after all,
it never went away.

the melancholy,
it paralyzes me,
the anxiety,
it won't let me be...

further more questions,
and more unknown,
no use of suggestions,
more sadness shown...

the feeling stays,
i want to get rid of,
sarcastic ways,
i need to shut off...

would you be my knight?
or be my savior..
from this cold night,
from this strange behavior...

i feel lost,
and even more, depressed.
would you like a toast?
i think i'll be dead.. T.T

- - -

tula nananaman..
nagi2ng emo na nga rin tlga kuh..
kmuzta un dba..
ang daming words na nagaappear sa utak
ko na gustong public.

may kulang ='(