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awfully weird.

~nadine here! (who else?)

anyway, today was - pretty much.. normal?

But for the first time of my life last night, I slept 9pm
-that's really early o_O (yea, believe me when i say so)

then i also woke up 9am...

and all we i did was play with my cute little pups..
"pudding" haha.. that's what i named my puppy
~weird ne?

I just remembered about the food called "pudding"
like "that!" and there!

~it was so freakin hot, i really hate summer yknow..

then dad was using the computer, so i didn't have the
chance to go online earlier. He was browsin songs
to play at imeem usin my account, i keep wonderin
why he can't log in using his account ...i really wonder why?

So I enjoyed myself..
playin with the puppies...

when i got tired i took a bath.

then dad finally got tired, then i stepped in the pc.

i did nuthin much
just the usual...
friendster, blogger, imeem, yahoo, google.

there. XD

- then at 5pm we went out.

I really hated what i was wearin, it was plain PINK.
and I looked really fat. also, i hate the way
my ugly pimples show up my pretty face XD


Whatever, so, we went to the church (Pasig Immaculate Church)
as usual.

I was wishing of seeing my prince
- instead, I saw, my first ever crush! nyak!
Adriane .. a.k.a .. Kuya Kenji..

there, I saw moments of flashbacks...


He looked kinda cute, I'm wishing I was the only one who saw him.

well, I'm over him ~ and i don't know why i ever did
but I'm just glad i did, cuz i'm happy with my prince.

then we went inside the church, there was a large crowd.

My prayers:

Please help me not think about Christian for the moment
*atleast, not every second, i could think of him once a day, not the whole day please...
but tomorrow is an exception ~ happy monthsary ~ yey!

it is driving me crazy ~ not that i don't want to
think about him, it's just that, i'm starting to forget my
own priorities for my own little sexy self... haha XD

honestly, i don't even want to think of any other guy
than him, that's something i want to keep.

Also ~ i hope he'll be the same, not thinkin of other
girls cuz it would be really mean if he did, and if i he did,
or would, or does, i'd dump him - no matter how
hurt i will be cuz it will mean he's not deserving...
for the sexy little pretty me... (i am vain)



i pray, that whatever rumor my friend told about
the sections, aren't true ... i'm begging You.
I want to make up to my parents so bad, so, so bad!
and i don't want them to feel so bad either.



we stayed pretty long and i was kinda irritated cuz
we used to stop by the church for about 15-20 mins only.

there -

then we went to Pure Gold for shoppin...

we had Shawarma ...
it was really messy eating that thing
so i hated it. but i managed to eat it all up. it was good really, but just so messy to eat XD
then, i bought some fishballs, i asked the fishball girl
(haha, that name stinks, but it's what i could think of XD sorry miss.)

-to make it chilly but when i tasted it, it was not even mild chilly! i hated it. oh well.
-then we went to the grocery..
-then... ends!

*there're so much more but
i want to do something else now,

i hope anyone comments. =)

Good night everyone, I hope I get to sleep earlier!

tomorrow's a big day ~ or not XD