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(^_^) pick a little star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day..

but it didn't actually rain =]
today was great, i spent my whole day
wit my family. so it's great. i `kinda missed
spendin my time wit `em.
today i wasn't just wit my pc.

that's really sumthin,
cuz usually, i sleep late,
wake up late,
and just do it wit
the computer!

`actually, my computer
is my ex husband. haha. lol

- - -

and i'm glad
the nokia
pc suite worked,
now i'll be able
to post sum of
my new pix at fster,
cooler now cuz they
can store 100 pix..
- - -
the other
reason why
i didn't
hang out
wit the pc
today cuz i
had load,
and was txtin
`lotsa new friends!
but actually chiara, the most
because charisse texted when
my unlimited txt expired
`awww sad ;(
also sherlyn i even mistaken
her name as sheryl, she was
my ex-bestfriend, when i was
in first grade. Gawwd, i remember
me back that time..
`people we`re fightin

over me, wahaha..
i remember how

that felt, so torn!

and ofcourse,
my honey. (the only reason i did have load.)
- - -
we went to the church
me accompanied by almost
the whole family
`tito panget (tito mark)
`tita helen
`baby deanne (`nak!)
only papa wasn't wit us cuz
he preferred to stay at home.
then we headed to the mall,
we didn't stay too long but
we had interesting conversations
even before we went to the church
i was hangin out
wit my fave uncle (tito mak)
i `kinda missed hangin out
wit him, i was too busy wit
my own life and so was he. (wit DotA!)
deanne is `kinda fun takin care
of too and tita is really nice.
so much more wit mama.
- - -
dad and mum
bought me my new
school bag, i love it! <3
so much.
then i told them
about a girl from
section 3 demoted to
section 13. how's that?!
that must be so
mine was so
much more wit
that, right?
then mum&dad
told me not
to compare
myself wit
those kind of
people cuz i should
compare myself
wit the better ones..
so now,
i think they
finally understand me.
it's for me to do
my best now this
last year of mine
in high school!

- - -
we had donuts and ate
some jollibee stuff.
(i never get tired of jollibee do i?)iloveit. (with all my heeeart! XD )
- - -
btw, last night
i watched shrek 3 again,
wit tita, tito panget, deanne
and mama.
then we watched Duplex,
that story is wacked!
Drew's movies are really
goood! haha and fun.
- - -
and i just fell inlove
wit my prince (honey!)
even more, it's hard when
he's actin too possesive wit
guys around me, but i'll get
used to it i know, and so would he.
what's good is that our trust should
never fade, so our love too!
it's hard makin him believe but
i'll try my best to be felt.
i know i hurt him a lot,
specially when i talk to
other guys, i don't know how
and why but `em tryin
to be just me, and i don't do
anythin bad? i don`t cheat,
i hate those, so i hope one day
he'd believe me that
he's the only guy in my life...

`other than my dad and GOd.

- - -

i had a weird outfit too, oh, so girly if you could've
just seen me. but i still look cute. haha. i hope
tomorrow will be the same. and i hope it won't rain.

`i love the sun
- why can't it just be cold weather wit the sun, neh?

- - -

last one week before school starts!!
`june 04, 2006
is the date!

`june 07, 2006
Thursday! - - 5moz! wow, hope we stay long as forever.

- - -

God Bless you all,

Nanyt! (Got tiz expression from tito mak)
and advance Momow (Morning, it's another term for me of Good morning =] deal wit it.)

- - -
i knew i had to go here
before fster, so i could tell `lotsa stuff.


- - -
btw, Sayonara to Kuya Isda (Kuya Joseph - Christian's friend, been close to me too. )
it's sad yet i hope he'll be happy, he is so dramatic but i hope he finally gets over his dramatic self. but he's really nice despite the fact he's dramatic! hehe, really nice to talk wit. but it's weird whenever we see each other he chickens up and won't talk to me. haha. he's so much talkative when textin and on the phone. hope he'd have a safe trip goin back home! and hope he gets the chance to come back here.