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The Power of the Wind

Back then, people didn’t rely on electricity. People in factories worked manually, and people did things by hand. However, as years passed by great new things were discovered, machineries and the likes.

But one discovery that amazed me is how the wind can be powerful with the wind turbine. From the windmill, they discovered a fascinating way to produce electricity that can do a lot for people already.

Imagine, how cool it is that the wind, unseen yet felt can produce electricity which have become a big problem because there are times electricity from the local company is already too much expensive! And isn’t it great that other than solar energy there is an alternative, and it’s nice that it’s just within our nature – think of how much blessings God gave to us with this.

It will be a good help if broken windmills in local towns with farms would be replaced by the high-tech wind generators so there will be less hassle and the less they pay for electricity!

Sometimes, when I look back to the old days even though the world today is as they say, “in crisis” there are always positive things we can ponder on. It’s just that some people are corrupt that these things are being forgotten, and unnoticed.