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Mini Bungee Jumping!

Yesterday when I was with my parents to meet our relatives we stopped by this mini-bungee jumping stall at the mall. Yup, mini because they only have a trampoline that is used for those who want to try to go up and down. That’s when I remembered needak rebounder. It would be nice if they had that instead because it’s stronger and it has better quality than any other rebounder or trampoline.

My little cousin wanted to try but too bad when we got there we just ate, it will make him sick if he did. I told them about needak and I must say, they were impressed and they’re thinking if they should buy one! Well, it’s definitely would be cool because it’s something new for me. I don’t know how about my cousin because I heard he’s already tried it before, and my he’s only 6!

Oh well, I hope if they buy a trampoline they make sure it’s that one with good quality and one won’t break easily so no accidents will happen!

It won’t hurt to buy something that can be a new hobby at all. It will be great to be a family activity to bungee jump using a trampoline!