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I miss playing the guitar

When I was in first year high school, my uncle introduced me to guitar playing. I was so in loved with playing the guitar – I made my own songs, sang my favorite songs while playing the guitar and so on. But then my passion for it faded until eventually, I just quit.

Well, not really quit. But I haven’t used my guitar for already almost 2 to 3 years. I’ve been thinking maybe guitar lessons can refresh my mind on my lost passion for playing guitar.

Actually maybe one of these days I will buy a new small guitar. My old one is really huge, it’s acoustic but I can’t use its “acoustic-ness” anyway because the wires inside the guitar are broken or something. It’s an old model guitar but I kept it because my parents gave it me and of course – it was my very first guitar!

Will I have another? Well I don’t know. Maybe you can let me borrow? Hehe, anyways if I were you I’d go for those lessons so I’ll enjoy having a guitar and who knows maybe you’ll become a star with playing the guitar and singing just like a few famous ones we know of.