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And so, for the vertical blinds!

Okay, I recently posted I want to buy some blinds for our house but I thought again and again until I thought about Made to measure Vertical Blinds. I said to myself maybe they’re even better!

Since I thought about it I didn’t actually know there were tons of kinds of blinds. I only see blinds at school. I guess they’re the normal ones. Then I stumbled to the online shop I told you about. I was like “whoa!” when I saw the designs and the blinds that were available. Maybe if my mom knew about it she’d be overjoyed.

Now if you’re wondering the real reason why I would love to have blinds at home is because of the hot weather. I seriously think that will help a lot. I just hope what will enter inside the house is cold air, not pollution nor hot air.

What can you say? I haven’t seen blinds for a while now - call me a noob or what. Tsktsk. But I’m still clueless on what kind of blinds would be good to have at home. But I guess a little more browsing and researching will help a lot. What are your thoughts in buying blinds for your home?