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Gone eeEMOtional ;[

i'm glad i finished readin my book for my book report in filipino ;]
but in the end i am still not happy at all ;[ (crap)
i thought i was over my tantrums but i guess i'm still not.. who wouldn't be.

According to IV-5 account:
[kEviN] CAT tRoOp lEadEr, pEo wLa lng pRng hNde.. hEhe...
[ChRiStian] aToYs ng Bayan!
[jOhn] LOLO ng trEpOr dTi, ngAun kEa? hehe...
[jOvEr] mY gTas pa sA lAbi! jOwk! pEo SUPER cUtE & mAbAiT yAn! ^_^
[cArL] EINSTEIN ni sR pAsCuAl!
[nAthAniEl] nAt2 fOr sHoRt.. mR. "wHat's tHe pOiNt?"
[jAy-iAn] BUNSO ng fOrpAyB! pAcUte? hEhe..
[AIRNESTO eStE ErNesTo pLa!] mHngin dAw xa, dB mAam AURE? hehe..
[rEx]siMplY da bEsT! txtm8? hehe..
[sHeLla aNn] dEcLamAtOr nMen yan!
[gRaCeLyn] sOpRanO ng fOrpAyb
[gRaCe jHoy] ATE ng fOrpAyb..
[jEsSebEl] pUrE & fRsh dAncR!!
[jAniShia] jAni sBe ni mAam hErRera..
[mAry aNne] gagOng gUpit 4 d' mOnth, pEo sH!t, gNda n2 sObra!
[jEmaima]mEmai, bEaUty & bRains
[cHeRriE]SPRINTER ng fOrpAyb
[RoMeElyn]nEgGie ni dAve..MARIMAR
[pAtRicia] pazway 4 d mOnth, pEo lkAs mg3p nyan, mgnda..mchOrva..
[jEnNie rOse] sLba ng 3-3.. cHiCken nOoDle sOup?? hehe..
[miChelle] MASANQUE ni pAsCual..
[hArLene] mgnda.. mchOrva.. hehe..
[zErRadiEne] sTiCk daw xBe ni POGI
[nEsHeLle] mUy hErmOsa ng fOrpaYb!

that in bold, is my boyfriend. haha.
isn't that just so nice?
syota un ee, ano ko tanga?
syota ng bayan boyfriend ko shit!
haha.. yes, hard feelings..
sensitive ko ba?
eh sino bang di mabuwibuwisit,
boyfriend mo boyfriend ng bayan??
haha... terms.

tapos di man lang
nagparamdam nung gabi
si syota ng bayan!

eeeh, i'm so tired.
believing i finally found
someone who
whenever we are to go to school,
whenever he tells me he'll text me or call me
whenever he promises somethin'

UNLUCKYNESS, i am, not to have
any of persons of such kind.

Why wouldn't i feel so upset
after readin all that and
why wouldn't i feel like this
when your boyfriend didn't
even try to text you,
didn't even try to find out if
you're feelin ok..

this is all that i ask of a guy,
to take care of me,
and let me feel your presence
because if i don't i fall.

but it's my damn fault.
guess 'i never learn do i?'

i feel so much pain right now.

it isn't supposed to be this way..

i guess God's just makin me feel
the burden of jealousy that according
to my boyfriend, he had felt when i was
'flirtin' with other guys (which i never even did)
and when he said i liked other guys other than him...
(which again, i never did)

He even told me once that his
used-to-be-crush HUGGED HIM
and told him how naughty he was..
haha, well it's nice of him telling honestly
but it just made me feel more..

i don't think there'd ever be a happy
love story in my life..

so cruel neh?

anyway, we got no school again tomorrow.
i'm cryin right now, does that make sense?
i am no way of planning of sleeping cuz i can't.

i've gone indeed emotional..

i guess mom's kinda right, i should think
of MYSELF too.

i wish i could be really the flying ninja i dream to be.
so then i could fly away, far far far away...

then there'll be no need for sleepless nights
full of tears and fears..

a fear of being alone,
no one ever understood me..

fix me.