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I really hate the rain =,=

I always get wet and my shoes always get wet as well as my feet =,=
And because of that, I'm clueless today what to wear tomorrow. It'd be okay if we didn't have class tomorrow like before but our Philo had to be on Wednesdays morning. And tomorrow, we have to participate in some recitation thingy. We don't know anything about his topics! @_@ although I'll try to research later, I'm just a bit lazy, errr, really, lazy :))

So, I hope this rain will go away except for the cool air :>
Makes me feel Christmas is coming closer, but if the rain continues to pour
everyday, my cold will become worse. I always can't breathe well because of it.

"Rain rain go away...DONT COME BACK for now =P"

Oh well, at least there are RAINBOWS after every rain!:D

I feel the sun more nowadays no matter how HOT the weather makes me feel irritated..

Kay,short post. Just updating here to keep this blog alive and kickin!<3