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Towel wraps anyone?

Christmas Gifts?
Christmas is fast approaching; I can’t believe that time flies so fast. A year ago, I was just a newbie here in blogging and since then I didn’t expect I’d earn online. Now that I’ve managed to earn myself a bit of money, I plan to give great gifts to my friends, relatives and my cousins. So what can you suggest?

Posylane Terry Towel WrapsI’ve been looking for towel wraps because I remember my aunt once gave me one last Christmas. And it was of my favorite color green! I want to pay back and give a terry towel wrap as a present. I also saw personalized duffle bag which was really cool! I bet my cousin would love it, she can take it whenever she wants to sleepover here at our place!
Posylane Duffle Bags!

Oh well, there are many stuff online I can buy or maybe I can withdraw and buy offline. But yeah, the things I mentioned are a good find too, not to mention that they're very affordable. I wonder if they’ll like it. How about you, what do you think will be good presents for Christmas?